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The rainforest was everything she had dreamed of and more.

It was noisy and busy, almost claustrophobic in its essence when compared to the peaceful woods that she had been born in. Mother's stories had been true, for the most part. There was no volcano, however, so that'd just have to be something that was left to the imagination. But there was an abundance of life and activity from every level - she'd found giant red ants that scuttled across the ground and up the tree trunks. Strange little creatures - monkeys, she thinks they are called - hung lazily from the branches with one arm before swinging away. Birds of every colour squawked in the tree tops, certainly an improvement from the now dull pigeons that she used to chase as a child.

She found a particular beauty in the fallen branches that had become tangled in the vines between the trees. They had been hanging there for so long that moss had grown and swarmed it as the wood rotted away beneath it.

She felt like she was home. But maybe that was because there was a familiar scent in the air, faint against the onslaught of new smells. It was only when she wandered towards the springs did she spot him - and when she did, she bolted forward in a sprint. Leaping through the air, she aimed to playfully slam into her brother, knocking them both into the water. The only warning he would get of her surprise would be a single bark: "Illy!!"

Her head popped out of the springs as she laughed, water falling from the leaf upon her head (which, mysteriously, had not fallen off). "What are you doing here?" She reached out with a paw to tap him on the snout. "Silly Illy! Did you follow me here?"

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Like most days, the boy was already up and ready for the day, waking up a little earlier than his most recent schedule. There was still so much to discover and now that he was striving for a job, he needed to work and become familiar with his surroundings. Where certain herbs grew and how they worked. His memory was of course sharp, but he still needed to study if he expected to become part of El Dorado fully and serve the people.

The heat was already rising, Illidan walking along a path that hugged the bank of a clear spring. He could see the bottom, the grass waving as if there was a small current, the fish swimming in and out of the watery forest. The fairy prince smiled at every beauty in this magical place, but what he didn't expect was to hear his nickname called by a familiar voice. By the time he paused his step and looked ahead of him, it was too late.

The ground left him and he felt the cool water flow through his fur. It felt good against the suffocating warmth, but as he came up for air and shook his head, Illidan blinked in surprised confusion. Blue eyes landed on the dappled coat of his sister, the leaf comically still on her head and bounced a few times. "Bea?" he asked before getting tapped on the nose. "Oww... what was that for?" he questioned as he rubbed his nose. Now his hair was wet and heavy, it would take hours to dry with how long it was getting now.

"I didn't follow you here, I didn't even know you came to this place." In fact, he didn't think he'd find any family here. A solemn smile grew then. Maybe he worried for nothing. "I could ask you the same, honestly. What are you doing here, Bea?" Illidan glanced to the side, almost expecting another one of his siblings to appear, but no one showed up. Now that he was in the spring and he felt more comfortable, he'd lean his elbow on the bank. "It's nice to see you. I've missed you, and the others. Mom... dad..."

That smile faded as he thought about them. Maybe it was a mistake to leave so soon, but Illidan shook his head. No, this was his journey and it was an amazing one. He was sure mom and dad were proud of him. So the smile came back, sweetly this time as he watched his sister. "How do you like El Dorado so far?"

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