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Aeneas he/him
Pious Aeneas
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Pronouns: he/him
Location [IC]: Nardir
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Played By: Puffin

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    As the sun rose above the horizon, it's rays poked through the trees and foliage to find their way to the communal den. In the darkness, lit only by the dim glow of the entrance, he raised his head to stare accusingly at the light. Another five minutes, he thought. Another lazy day...but no, he had promised. Or, he had promised himself, and he was a bit of a pushover, but today he meant business. He had to. His family needed him to get his act together, even if they didn't say so. He could not keep hiding from the turmoil.

    Aeneas sighed, but rose to his paws and shook the sleep from his pelt. Closing the distance to the entrance, he was careful not to step on anyone. He tip toed towards the light with less grace than he might have had were he fully awake, but he made it. That would suffice.

    Stepping drowsily into the dawn, he breathed deep the crisp morning air. He stretched, nails clawing lines in the dirt. And then he was off, into the woods, alone.

    He kept the densites in sight, straying just far enough that he could still make out the clearing through the trees. Not too far, but far enough. Safety was key. As he crouched down into the foliage, following every scrap of advice he had received on proper stalking technique, he searched for signs of life. A squirrel wouldn't be too hard to find at this hour, right? Squirrels were everywhere. He crept forward, ears alert, until he found what he was looking for. He tensed as he took stock of a squirrel on the forest floor some distance away, tail twitching as it inspected something in its paws. Silently, he moved closer, placing his paws carefully on the ground. When he was close enough, he leaped-- only for his jaws to close on air as the squirrel darted just out of reach and scurried up the nearest tree.

    Aeneas laid down on the ground and sighed. "Room for improvement," he whispered into the grass.

there's a history through her,
sent to us as a gift from the future
to show us the proof;
more than that, it's to dare us to move
and to open our eyes
and to learn from the sky
from a cemetery
in the center of queens.

profile . played by puffin
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Alexander he/him
The Wayward Moon and Lost Prince of Nardir
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Morning was usually the beginning of Alexander's night and his time to sleep. He'd spend most of his nights wandering the borders of the pack, and as the sun rose above the horizon, he'd typically find himself slinking away back to his small lake cave and sleep until noon before seeking out his teacher for another lesson. His head hung low as exhaustion began to plague his muscles as he walked. Golden green eyes caught sight of someone in the distance stalking and he slowly lifted his head to look upon the wolf stalking after a squirrel before watching the other gracefully miss and stumble in his attempt. His ears perked as he watched a moment before his tired limbs pushed him forward. In his time here in Nardir, he had yet to meet this wolf. Perhaps this was another who seemed to know him even though he still didn't know himself.

"Hello, hello there!" he called out, tail swaying side to side slowly as he approached, sitting down once he got close.

"How, how are you? I'm- I'm Tobie; err, Alexander. It's nice to meet you." He offered a small smile, tilting his head in the hopes that he wasn't interrupting the other.

Down an unknown road
to embrace my fate
Though that road may wander,
it will lead me to you

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