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The tea leaves Pulsar had plucked before wasn't of her taste. There was something odd about them and despite tasting them for a while, she didn't grow to like them any more than the last. So she figured she would try to nab a different plant, one that smelled sweeter and more fruit-like. She wasn't used to taking care of the plants either, one of them died and the other didn't grow back as quickly. It was time for a change.

It was early in the morning, still dark out but the stars were starting to fade from the sky as the sun peaked the horizon. It was far too early for normal members to be up, but for the opalite, this was nearing the end of her day. She was a true night owl, able to sleep mainly through the day while staying up to study the stars on clear nights.

Just before she would head to her hidden domain, Pulsar would veer toward the pyramids and sneak into the back where the Crystallines hid their precious little stash of tea plants. For several minutes the Magpie would stand outside the garden and listen for any movement, eyes wide to spot anyone, but there was no one. The coast was clear.

Sneaking quietly through, she would start to sniff at the plants, nudging them a little to try to smell for different scents. There was one that smelled very sweet, reminding her of the raspberries deeper in the jungle and she smiled. "Jackpot." she whispered, carefully digging up a small root in order to take back to her home.

Little did she know that she would not be the only one tending that morning...

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