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Artemisia She/Her
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Winter had been an experience to say the least. The forest was covered with thick snow, the daughter of fire experiencing first hand the utter cold that swept through the straits during this time. Her home had never experienced such a phenomenon, only rain that drenched the grounds to the point of flooding. Artemisia did not miss those times, and she was sure the bastards was getting watered out. She waded through the blanket of white, the biting cold soothing to her itching legs that still recovered. The wound on her back was already scarred over, the fur growing back ever so slowly.

The trees had kept her company for some time now as she searched, whatever it was that they searched for. Artemisia never wandered too far, not far enough to hear a call at least from Oriana if need be. The ex-Hawkeye was not one to sit idly by, she was a woman of ambition, one to work and do something. She was no pampered princess, she never had been. If her position with Knife had been different, then maybe she would've been different. Maybe she would've been a commander to sit and watch. Life had been difficult, however. She wouldn't even let anyone heal her wounds. They would heal in time by themselves.

The red ex-Hawkeye drifted into a meadow, one pristine in white coverage and a bare willow stood in the near middle. She wondered if this would be full of grass by spring with wildflowers blooming all variant of vibrant colors. Her mind would only allow her to see red, the poppies flowing in the jungle breeze.

Shaking her head, Artemisia waded further in, curious about the tree. She did not see the opening, not until she was halfway through the meadow did she spot the dark mouth of a den. She paused, head held high and ears forward. Now that she stopped and took in her surroundings, there was a scent ever so familiar. Eyes intensely glared at the maw, expecting someone to emerge. One of dappled coat and seafoam eyes, a woman as cold as the snow surrounding them. The ire of the daughter lit aflame in her chest, the furnace igniting flames that licked her core. Before she knew it, Artemisia was in an offensive stance, a snarl ripping through her throat as teeth shined in the dull sun.

Flakes of snow silently fell, witnesses to what was to happen.

"Where are you..." she huffed between growls. "I know you're there..."

I know you're there.

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Pull my heart out of my chest
Train my mind so I forget
Sink your teeth into my bones
Dig me out then fill the hole

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