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Avinalora she/her
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       A tiny figure padded from the jungle in sight of the pyramid and amongst the ruins. She was tiny for an Aviari, and for an Algerim by some standards. She was silver with a darker saddle that extended downwards in stripes. Her body was marked with black scars that covered most of her body, the most noticeable ones were the one across the empty eye socket of her left eye, the one on her right cheek, and the many scars stretching around her left hind leg which was held above the ground as she walked with a three-legged gait. Her long, green feathers matched her single green eye and her long, bottlebrush tail almost brushed against the ground as she walked. A silver ankh with wings and a smaller ankh carved into it hung around her neck on a black cord and a satchel clinked with her movements.

       Avinalora had just returned from her herb-gathering trip into the forest. She had always been an early riser and found getting up with the sun was natural for her - it could also be her aching leg - and often completed these trips before the sun was high in the sky. She moved slower than she used to so having a lot of time was beneficial to her. The Algerim didn't dally on getting back because as her mother always said, "A healer must always be ready".

       As usual, the winter wraith's visage was always set into the beginnings of a scowl and close to glaring at anyone unfortunate enough to gain her notice. She didn't give a damn what other people thought of her or what they would say about her, reputation be damned. She had patched them up or healed them sometime in the past or would have to do so in the future.

       The argent healer padded into some well-kept ruins that were near the Pyramid and became her clinic of sorts. She had a smaller living quarters above the clinic that had two entries from inside the clinic or outside, hidden expertly with ferns. Moss and ivy clung to the stone, some hanging off to create a curtain for the entrance however it was clear that it was occupied when the small Aviari pushed the vines aside to made the entrance more visible.

       The silver Cardinal dropped off her satchel near the wall where she stored herbs and other medical supplies. The adjacent wall had a couple of beds for patients that needed to stay overnight - something that wasn't usual now - and the last wall had a slab of stone and some texts and journals for her reference. It was lit by a small stone fireplace with a natural chimney to let the smoke out. There were only some hot coals that the healer would have to remedy later.

       The moonwashed medic sat down at her stone slab table and pulled out a journal with the word "Inventory" scratched across its leather cover and began cataloging her current inventory with the new additions from her latest trip. A small pine marten with fur that was silvery instead of its natural hues crept from her hole. The monochrome female flicked her ear in acknowledgement and the small creature joined her on the table.

OOC: If anyone needs a healer or any Cardinals want to meet her, then that would be cool~ Or if anyone's nosy then come an annoy her I guess.
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