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She had stood there, unable to move within the dim light of the parlor room. She had called out to him, surprised and irritated at his mad dash to escape the temple. They were not finished with the ritual yet. She sill had to interpret what he saw. She took this very seriously, as a true Aviari should.

But the mark on his head stopped her in her tracks.

It was the mark of a leader, a mark bestowed on an individual by the gods who deem them worthy. The shape was unmistakable. She knew what she saw.

And yet, it just couldn't be true.

The Crystalline woman fought a raging battle inside herself, a civil war. One side knew that the gods' word was law, and that whatever they say, goes. Yet, the opposing side could not fathom (or refused to) that an outsider would be destined as the new Phoenix. He was still just a boy. He was not Aviari. He was not one of them. A true Aviari was more than capable of leading the tribe. They were capable of picking up the pieces that splintered during the conflict. Why did they need an outsider? An OUTSIDER. Just another common wolf. What was so special about him?

Claws repeatedly scrapped against stone as Miriam weighed all this in her mind. Her blood was boiling underneath ruffled feathers. This...this wasn't right. It couldn't be...there must have been a mistake. Yes. Or an accident. But the gods never made accidents....

There was no helping it. She knew what she needed to do, and immediately. No time to wait. Sprinting into the tunnel, she hurried as quick as she could through the darkness. This wasn't the first time she had been inside the temple, and she anticipated when the stairs would arrive and when it would flatten out into the long stretch to the outside world. Eventually, a rectangle of light appeared, beckoning her to join the living. Not stopping, she whisked through the entrance and ran straight to her cozy den amid mossy rocks and thick foliage.

"Kai? Saline?" she panted out, catching her breath as she cooed out the names of her beloved companions. Within seconds, the weasel (now a brilliant white with his winter coat) and the blue tree snake appeared from the between the rocks, scurrying and slithering over to the woman. She greeted them with nuzzles, but quickly got down to business.

"My dears," she began, her voice gentle, hiding the calamity of emotions raving inside her. "I need you to deliver a message. I am calling a family meeting." Miriam gave a pointed look at them. Kai and Saline looked at each other, curious yet holding a sense of anxiousness. Whatever this was, it was urgent, which meant it couldn't be good. "I need you to visit the homes of every Crystalline. If they're not home, seek them out." Her tone was still gentle, but now it held weight. Kai and Saline sat a little taller, anxious, yet ready to carry out the task.

Miriam leaned down and gave each another affectionate nuzzle. "Be safe, my loves. And stay hidden." Miriam wouldn't put it past other bloodlines to strike her beloveds just to spite her. She knew she wasn't well liked among others outside her own family, but that didn't bother her. What did bother her was how dangerous it was for her companions because of her reputation. However, she was prepared to defend them with everything she had.

"I'll be here. Now go, quickly." She ushered them away, weasel and snake swiftly disappearing in the undergrowth as they set off in search of the Crystallines.

Taking a seat next to her rocky den, she awaited the arrival of her family. Normally, she would have prepared tea for the meeting, but this was urgent. No time for gallantries. They had much to discuss.

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Something had happened near the cliffs, Pearle could tell by the commotion she heard in the distance but she had refrained from involving herself in it. She had only just started coming back out into the tribal lands and as much as she often fed on drama, Peep felt no interest in venturing so near the outside world. Plus she was sure if it was anything to know about, she’d hear about it soon enough.

Saline confirmed her thoughts, slithering near as she sat with her paws delicately cleaning a teacup near the entrance of her den. One of Lady Miriam’s companions? Her brows furrowed at the snake but offered it a polite greeting. It explained it’s presence and the small Sparrow grinned a wide grin. So something HAD happened. The Crystalline nodded to the snake and bid it on it’s way to gather someone else, rising and setting her teacup aside to head to the elder Crystalline woman’s den.

Upon arriving, Pearle offered Miriam a polite curtsy, eyes calm and concerned but her insides boiled with curiosity.
”Lady Miriam, you have called for us?”

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Almost Sparkles
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Inside him burned a starving fire that burned with the desire to benefit himself, his family, and his pack. Without an idea of where to begin with feeding this fire he paced between the pyramids. Here and there another member would intervene with his path, but no heed was given to them, he would redirect as needed and continue trying to joust a thought from the dark corners of his mind. His family seemed more accredited for craftsmanship, but he barely was nimble on his own feet, let alone using those paws in delicate tasks. Plus, that seemed just a little too feminine for his taste.
He whirled in a tight circle as he neared the pyramid that housed much of the public. As he did, he happened to bump shoulders with another pack member, he caused the other’s pack to drop from their mouth and hit the ground, and out spilled a collection of bones, bits of leathers, and feathers. Inquisitively he looked at the trinkets then looked to the wolf, “What are these? Why do you have this?” The other went about shuffling their belongings back into the bag and without looking up replied, “Its for crafting, I just picked them up from a vulture” Now the wheels began to turn and crank in his head.
“Uh, well sorry you don’t know how to walk!” the boy said with a snarky tone and toothy grin, the other looked up with a twisted grimace. Without letting the other, reply he pivoted in the opposite direction and dashed off. An ear flicked back and listened to the shouting, and obscenities, which only made him laugh.
Into the jungle he sprang, he knew just where he wanted to go to hunt for his loot, that was until a white blur dashed into his path. Hitting the breaks, he skittered to a stop, while he didn’t bat an eye at bumping into another wolf, he dares not let himself touch this smaller mammal in any way that may cause it harm. It was Kai, a companion of one of the Crystalline family members. “Oh great, let me guess, Mrs. Miriam beckons?” His eyes rolled, all to familiar with the companions of his family being sent to retrieve him. Did word of him being rude to that Magpie really get to her that quick? No matter how vast their territory seemed, Miri seemed to always know when shit had been stirred.
Much like a toddler not getting their way he rolled his eyes, huffed, and slinked off in the direction in which he was told the family meeting was to occur. It didn’t take him long to arrive, Miri sat perched all prim and proper by her den, and he saw little Pearle courtesy to the older wolf. Barf, they all acted like they didn’t sleep in the dirt. He loved a good dirt nap himself. To play the part he marched regally up toward Miriam. Pinkish nose titled upwards, tail curled up, and stepping high. When he was a few feet from her he took a deep bow, both legs extended until his elbows met the ground and head tucked to his chest. To build on the dramatics he kept his place bowed before her for a much longer than necessary time, then sprang up, chest thrust out, nose once again pointed proudly upwards, and eyes mostly closed, “My lady Miriam! It is my most honor that you have requested my presence here today.” he bellowed, “And if you don’t mind, M’lady, I shall now take my seat.” Another dramatic bow, then he popped up and pranced away from her and went to sit by Pearle. Maybe annoying little sis will help this go by.
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Pan. He/Him
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aesthetic and art goes here when he got some

Sleep had become increasingly hard to come by for the battle-scarred veteran. If it wasn't the physical pain of his front leg, it was the nightmares of the civil war that frequently came back to haunt him. Pandion had almost given his life to defend the former rulers of Syn Cardrys, placing himself between the extravagant royalty and the furious members of the other bloodlines. It had been his duty as a Crystalline, but even Pan had been shocked at how far they would go.

He twitches violently in his sleep, his chest hitched as his breathing grew heavy. When a noise finally shakes him from his slumber, the reaction is aggressive, lips curled in a snarl as his head whirled around to face whomever had snuck up on him.

It was not a wolf who had woken him, but a weasel. It's snow white coat make him blink, muscles relaxing as the shock of his nightmares settled. He mumbled a quiet apology to the little creature, knowing it to belong to his niece, Miriam.

"I'll be there. Give me some time."

Having to move after spending a long time being idle was always a struggle, for his damaged leg would suddenly have to move again and it would always protest. Pan growled as he found his footing, a now familiar ache blooming in his joints. It was likely he would have to travel past the members of other bloodlines to reach Miriam, and he wouldn't show them weakness. He couldn't.

(For they could smell weakness like blood in the water, and Pandion had learnt the hard way that they will not hesitate).

Eventually he emerged from his den, able to ignore the discomfort from his old injury. He strolled past any commoners he came across, who were smart enough to steer out of his way when they saw him coming. He was able to put on a front for long enough, but when the eyes of the pack were no longer on him, he had relaxed by the time he reached Miriam's den.

Only to be bombarded with noise.

“My lady Miriam! It is my most honor that you have requested my presence here today.” he bellowed, “And if you don’t mind, M’lady, I shall now take my seat.”

His ears folded back as he limped in, a glance to the two youngsters as he quietly nodded to them in acknowledgement. He hobbled up to Miriam, and gave her a quiet bow of respect - nowhere near as dramatic as the previous lad had done. "Miriam." He settled down nearby his niece, letting out a breath he didn't know he had been holding as he sat down carefully. In this setting, the other Crystallines could see the scars beneath his fur, but they had already known about that.

He trusted Miriam wouldn't waste his time. Especially to have woken him up from a power nap.

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