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Kukulkan he/him
the feathered prince
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f e a t h e r e d
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p r i n c e

      He was sprinting, long after he felt the strain in his muscles, long after hearing Miriam's voice call his name.

      He was burning, inside and out. The fire in his head muted his thoughts, but it projected the panic that had since consumed him and left him flying out of the temple's maze-like entrance. Debris flew up as paws pounded against the jungle soil, flinging himself farther and farther away from the hellfire that had consumed him. Hot tears flooded his eyes and were whipped away just as quickly, the air harsh against his face as he flew across the terrain. He rounded about ruins here or there, stumbling on roots or disheveled bricks disguised under moss, but he kept sprinting.

      Images of his family aflame, burning and bleeding, were heavy in his mind as Kukulkan increased the distance between himself and the temple. His face still stung from the fire beast's slashing, but he hadn't the time or thought to stop and deal with it. Instead the blood raced up his face, getting in his eyes until the young male was forced to stop. Dark paws fumbled over the slippery forest floor as he found a small brick stairway ruin, leading down to a small stream. Lungs heaving, eyes blinking, he followed them down, stumbled up to the waters, and plunged his head in deep.

      For a split second he savored the cool relief, only to feel his trembling limbs slip and his let his whole body collapse into the stream.

      All at once the waters wiped his mind, and he quickly kicked out to pull himself to the surface, breathing the first deep breath since he'd first laid his eyes on that dripping, flame-quenched beast. Hauling himself over the edge, K sprawled himself into a seated position, coughing and hacking until he managed to get his wheezing breaths under control. This place... it housed devils. No wonder, seeing with how small and frail the inhabitants were. But the inhabitants themselves didn't seem to be cruel, or cold, and the land itself was incredible. But what...

      No. Too many questions, it hurt his head, which he now realized was still bleeding. The cool stones beneath his paws, drenched in water, began to accumulate red drops in the most hypnotizing manner. K sat there, head hanging, answers missing, filled with a fire and a fear he'd never housed before - and now they'd made themselves at home.


ooc: open rp set directly after his trial w/ miriam.

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Avalon She/Her
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There had been some commotion gathered somewhere within the land and Avalon didn’t give much of a care toward it; at least, not immediately. From a distance she could see that there was a flock of Aviari’s during the whole kerfuffle but she couldn’t be bothered to investigate. It was odd, actually, considering what and who caused the fuss would’ve been more interesting to the self-appointed rogue if she’d known what it was about. However…. the cultivated crowd was enough for her to stay away. She wasn’t a big people person and the last thing she wanted to do was seeing everyone flaunt their bloodlines to whoever showed up at their door.

Avalon wasn’t far from it all, though, as she’d made it close enough to sniff out the disinterest before she retreated to somewhere more secluded. At least knowing a large group of her "people" were there meant finding some solitary land wouldn't be nearly as difficult. Where she’d found had been quiet and content, away from whatever situation was happening across the way.

Not all good things last, though.

Ava had been within a few feet of distance of the foot steps as she saw from across the opening a dark figure barrel down steps and land head-first into the water. It would’ve startled her if she were closer, but upon quick inspection she’d noticed one key difference from this stranger that she’d not seen very commonly: no feathers.

An outsider.

Without a second more thought she looped around the slightly elevated grounds before proceeding down towards the small stream, almost in the exact same path the boy had just rather ungracefully stumbled down moments prior. Waiting for his head to submerge from the water, she spoke loud enough for him to hear her, quite possibly before seeing her. “You look a little far from home—” Ava spoke a bit prematurely to start conversation, immediately after and almost cutting her off, hearing the curse word roll from his mouth.


And with no manners….” She murmured under her breath this time not intended for him to hear, walking up to be in line to the male but still keeping some space. It was clear she had little to no fear toward him, if anything; interest. Who he was and why he was here and…. is that blood?

You should probably get that checked out.” A quiet hum, before taking a seat and keeping vibrant eyes on him. “I can’t help with that, but….. I could help with something else?” That was friendly enough, right?
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Stella. She/Her
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E s t e l l a h

#7D0552 * profile

The starry woman busied herself this day by stocking up on herbs. She was starting to get low, which wouldn't do for a Cardinal. Even though the war was over, and there were no more conflicts currently inflicted upon the tribe, it was best to always be prepared in case some accident were to occur. Stella didn't want to be caught unprepared. She also didn't want to give other bloodlines the excuse to ridicule her more. Despite her becoming more jaded to their harsh words and prejudices, it was best not to give them ammunition. However, that paled in comparison to her actual job. She carried it out dutifully, and in turn didn't give much fuel for haughty Aviaris to mock her family.

Streams were great locations to find herbs. Any water source really, but this area was more apart from the high traffic areas. Estellah gently plucked the parcels from the soil, stowing them in her makeshift satchel bag. Her flying squirrel, Aerglo, held a check-list in his paws, and scratched off herbs listed as they went.

Suddenly, the Opalite lifted her head as she heard rustling brush, followed by a splash. Ears perked and on alert, she cautiously made her way toward the source of the sound, Aerglo hunkering down into the bushy fur on her shoulders. What she came upon confused her; a youngster, featherless, and a resident of the tribe whom Estellah couldn't recall the name of. However, the scent of blood immediately caught her attention, and she began making her way across the stream. It was shallow enough to cross, and within a few bounds she reached the other side with only her legs dripping.

"Good day," she said graciously with a dip of her head, barely taking her eyes off the young boy. His head was bleeding and he was obviously in distress. It couldn't have been more impeccable timing that she chose this day to work.

"Hello, I am a Cardinal of the tribe. A healer," she tacked on, never seeing this individual before and figuring he was an outsider. "I have herbs here in my bag for your head and to ease your distress." Crouching down to his level, she looked at his wound with scrutiny. Without looking away, she piped up. "Aerglo, could you fetch some chamomile please? Two should do it." At once, the squirrel dug into Estellah's pack, coming up seconds later with three white flowers. He hurried over and raised the flowers up to the woman. Estellah grabbed a flower and began chewing it into a pulp before spitting it out onto a paw. Raising it up to the boy's head, she began lathering it on. It was clear he had already washed it off in the stream, so she could go right into applying the poultice.

"Now," she began after finishing up. "Eat this last flower. It will help with the nerves." Aerglo turned to the boy and held the last flower out to him in his tiny paws.

Once the yearling had calmed down a bit, Estellah would sit, doe-eyes gentle as she gazed at him. "I am Estellah, part of the Opalite family." She didn't know how much those words would mean to him, but if he were to stay here, he'd find out soon enough. "What is your name, if I may ask?" Hopefully, apart from the herbs, making small-talk would ease the boy a bit.
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Bryonny She/Her
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|•| el dorado |•|
the flower child; cardinal & magpie

Rumors traveled faster than illnesses spread, something had converged on the border and twisted into the land of Syn Cardrys. As always, Bryonny looked to the sky above, saying delicate prayers to Eleuia and waited instead. Closing her red eyes, feeling the wind slip through her fur, dancing her feathers and petals on her flower crown. A single yellow daisy petal lost its grip on its flower and flew off into the breeze. The young woman didn’t notice though, instead sighing contentedly before hearing a commotion of splashing. Her ears swiveled towards the sound and Bri’s eyes opened slowly, blinked for a few seconds and then glanced up again. Was her Earth Mother sending her a sign? Was it time to move forward and see what events were transpiring? The scent of blood was faint but it was enough to prickle her fur ad bring her to her feet. Her duty to her tribe called and she would not be tardy in doing so.

Bryonny moved quickly, a small bag of herbs hung on her hip, wrapped around on a belt. A ferret resting on her shoulders, a snake curled up on the saddle bag. The Cardinal wasn’t the first one the scene, and thankfully one of them was a fellow Cardinal. The Opalite was already on the subject of the boy’s bleeding, the other was just standing there talking. The Quartzite pulled a face for a moment at Avalon but quickly let it go as she got a good look at Kukulkan.

Was that?


Honor mark… of a leader? The healer felt her heart in her throat, looking at the large boy. How could this be? He was clearly not an Aviari… The dappled woman pursed her lips, moving forward silently to come up beside Estellah. The woman nodded politely to the fellow healer, as if to say ‘I see you’ve got this under control so….’
”That is the mark of the Phoenix….” Bryonny’s voice was soft and calm, red eyes were gentle but curious, studying him. His breathing was still elevated, the signs of fear and distress were still on him, though they dripped away with each drop of water. There was pity for him, but it was buried underneath her curiosity.

”Have you meet Xiuhcoatl? Have you spoke to him? Have you had your trial? Had it judged? What did he say? …..” The woman’s words carried away into silence, looking at Ku with confused and sad eyes. Trying to not pry too much while he still bled and his heart still pounded in his chest. Instead she moved softly out of Estellah’s way and began to pray in a hushed tone. Not silent enough to go unheard, but not overpowering enough to drown out conversation. ”Xuihcoatl, I pray you have brought us a guardian who is fierce for our tribe and who is strong for our tribe and will serve our tribe just as we serve you and our other Gods. I have faith in your will and your decision, should this be it; please ease this boy’s pain now, let him find peace. Xuihcoatl, I give thanks for our blessings and our protection. Eleuia, I pray you wrap this boy in your Mothering Grace, and bring him comfort and your infinite wisdom. Bless the herbs your Cardinal Estellah uses; we do these things to your honor. To our Gods, I give thanks.” The prayer had spilled out like vomit, her mind racing still, fear and confusion were somewhat satisfied with her communication with her gods.

This boy held the mark of the Phoenix, if Xuihcoatl had seen him fit, Bryonny would gladly submit. If the mark had been obtained some other way, she still wished him no pain or fear.
”I am Bryonny. Quartzite. I too am a Cardinal, and also a Magpie, crafter. If this mark was bestowed by Xuihcoatl himself, you have received an incredible blessing. A blessing beyond imagination…”

[Moxie] He/Him
Almost Sparkles
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m o x i e//

Word did travel quickly, little birds carried the news on the breeze. News that did not settle well with Moxie, not only that the newcomer that he had greeted on the day of their arrival had gone through the trial, but the fact that he had not even been consulted about it. Miriam had the audacity to let the male go through the trial, and had not even said shit to any of the Rocs, not even Itai. Itai would surely have been the first to know, for his scrolls or whatever, but Moxie needed to know. He had to know what this Kukulkan had gone through, what had their God said to him. Moxie and the Obsidians were not much for politics, they despised the 'holier than thou' system, but, they respected the laws of the Gods.

Above all else.

Moxie had ran from the border cliffs when he had heard the whispers, he had been taken aback, surprised at first, then angry. The anger fueled his stamina as he made his way to the Temple. He cared not for the branches that reached out and cut his face as he ran, he blinked away the cuts focused only on what mistake or significance had befallen their tribe now. What destiny had Xiuhcoatl laid out for them now. The beginning of another war, another way to dwindle their empire further? Thoughts raced through his head, there were not enough Jays to cover the entirety of the tribe if chaos broke out. There would be no way the tribe would survive another war. These thoughts wouldn't have crossed his mind before, when he had no duty to Syn Cardrys, but now.. As much as he hated some of those that resided here, his duty was to Syn Cardrys.

Reaching the Temple, he realized it had been abandoned, the outsider had taken his trial, and was now gone. Skidding to a stop, Moxie sniffed the air around him, filled with the usual humidity, and not so usual iron. He tracked the smell, and soon began to hear voices, from a small brick staircase. He ascended them slowly, and quietly listening to what was being said, and peered into the small gathering, looking upon the trial goer, studying him. Yellow eyes focusing on the mark on the newcomers muzzle.

No. Xiuhcoatl would not bestow that to a mere outsider-

-or perhaps he would.

Someone that was ordinary, and did not brag about their lineage. Perhaps this was their God teaching all others about humility. Still, Moxie was skeptical. He had to be, to protect Syn Cardrys. He stepped closer to the group now, eyes not leaving Kukulkan, except once to snap at Bryonny, "Would you shut the fuck up? How the hell is he supposed to answer with you taking up all his fucking oxygen?" He spat at her, before returning his gaze to the supposed new Phoenix, and the mark.

While Bryonny did talk too fucking much, she had asked the right questions. "If you have been marked by Xiuhcoatl, speak boy, answer her questions!"

Moxie would not let their tribe fall because of a boy who had not yet grown into his legs, and perhaps only cut himself accidentally on a rock.

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Ragnarok. He/Him
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Things seemed... off. There was too much talk in the trees, whispers and hums that Ragnarok found awfully annoying. The twittering, the squawking. For a wolf that resembled the birds, the Jay hated them. Yet the rumors had been interesting, the Obsidian wondering exactly what caused all this flutter. Did Moxie know of it? Possibly, but now Ragnarok was curious and he followed the waterway.

It wasn't long before he found Moxie's trail and even a smell of iron. Blood? Oh, now this would be interesting. The Obsidian smirked widely as he pushed on, eventually hearing noises and the familiar and rugged voice of the boss. Ah yes, there he was. Ragnarok would approach quietly, though rumble a growl as he stood behind the Roc, eyes glaring at the rest of them. A quartzite was babbling on that even the Talon told them to shut up. "Taking up all of our oxygen, really." he'd comment in a snide manner.

Their attentions though were not just on the Quartz woman nor the Opalite or Sanguine. It was the outsider that bled on the stone of their ruin, a V shaped wound on his face. Ragnarok realized what exactly that was and padded forward a few steps as Moxie demanded answers.

Their new phoenix? A featherless prick? Ragnarok almost laughed, restraining himself hard as he blew air through his nose to quash the chuckles wanting to escape his chest. How fucking stupid was this? This was like if Wren had suddenly become royal, barren of feathers and cast aside by one of the most prestigious families. This was a joke, right? Xiuhcoatl had one sick sense of humor if this was their new leader.

My god, he wondered if the Crystallines would shit themselves over this.

Now that was funny.

Ragnarok would scoff though, nodding to Stella. "Should probably fix his face before he bleeds out everywhere." Wouldn't want that, would we?

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