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Carbine she/her
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       It was a bright, sunny day in Alteron and Carbine didn't want to waste the day in the cobblestone tower. She wanted to run around and stretch her legs away from her many siblings - five seemed like a big number to the young girl - which made the tower quickly seem cramped. Her siblings were also a bit weird - even though she grew up around them - and she wanted to explore her home. This was her kingdom, Alteron was her life and blood. Her father was The Chariot which made him very important and as daughter, the scion was important too.

       The tri-colored child knew the boundaries her mother had set which were basically "don't wander too far". The girl rationalized that as long as she could see the stone structure, she wasn't too far. Her fluffy fur protected her body well against the winter air and everything was so white and clean. Her stubby tail wagged as she excitedly headed out to the great outdoors.

       Only to miss the small drop from the entrance to the ground and the green-eyed princess fell flat on her face. A muffled, indignant yelp came from her as she quickly righted herself and looked around. It didn't seem like anyone noticed so she continued on as if it never happened. A flurry of oversized paws crushed the snow as she began to wander from the tower and explore the land on her own.

       The Progeny trotted around, looking for something interesting to see. There was little she could see from her height but the scents of others quickly drew her head to the ground. Her nose bumped into a hard object - it looked like the things from the food her father brought them. Bones, right? - and she wondered where it came from.

       The fledgeling began digging near the bone, thinking that if there was a bone, then there was food nearby.

I left it fairly ambiguous for the most part. Carbine probably didn't get very far

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Crocus he/him
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Well things were going just swimmingly. Crocus had managed to meet one of the other pups in Alteron, and he still hadn’t decided how he felt about that. Regardless of that fact, he still craved something more.

He tried to hang out at his den more, to just hang with dear old dad, but the man was busy. He was Alteron’s Sun, after all.

So Cro found himself pawing at the dirt on the floor of their den once again, mindlessly flipping little rocks over and flicking them out the entrance. Huffing excessively out of sheer puppy boredom, a cloud of dust kicked up before his nose, causing him to sneeze.

UGH.” He grumbled, rising to his paws in a swift motion. “This SUCKS.” Furrowing his brow, he stomped out the mouth of the den, peering around him as though he might find something exciting happening right now.

Dad was nowhere in sight, and the green boy could only assume he wouldn’t be back until closer to dusk, hopefully with food. Sighing dramatically, he decided screw it and took off on another adventure.

Cro followed his nose today, finding a scent and sticking to it. He trotted along on oversized paws, nose to the ground as he tried out this whole ‘tracking a scent’ thing that dad mentioned now and then. What would he find at the end of this scent trail?

He followed the scent for what felt like ages, and it finally paid off.

A pup, a few months younger than him – it showed, physically – was found pawing at the ground mercilessly. As the hefty green pup neared, it became apparent that she was digging around a pile of bones.

There were so many different piles of bones scattered all throughout Alteron. It quickly became normal to the royal kiddo, nothing extraordinary in his eyes any longer.

What are you digging for, twerp?” He asked abruptly, his voice bored and seemingly uninterested. He approached the girl and sat near her, cocking his head as he watched her dig, dig, dig away.

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