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Jase kept one ear out for his apprentice and heard Hakan tell him where to get moss. Good. Wow the lad must be greased lightning he was so fast. Still working on the pup, Jase watched out of the corner of his eye as Alex mixed the various herbs. He did well, mixing them exactly as he should and making Jase proud - he knew his friend was a good healer, and perhaps Jase should give him a tad more leniency, after all he was very much emotionally involved to whatever extent with Kyra. Even Hakan was nervously pacing outside. Nah, Alex will make a fine healer, and though his memory isn't perfect, that's something that can be improved with time and patience.

Jase's breath was becoming a tad short and his legs and shoulders ached from working on this pup. He heard Kyra lapping slowly at the concoction force-dribbled by Alex. Good, that'll help. It has to help. There was always this fear as a healer, that his arsenal of herbs and knowledge were sometimes just not good enough. He still worked on the baby girl pup, refusing to give up hope yet. She was still glowing and he took that as a sign that the little thing was fighting to get her first breath. He was about to call in Hakan, needing his expertise because heaven knows he's running out of ideas with this pup, when: SQUEAL!

"Woah!" Jase exclaimed at the volume coming out of those teeny lungs. It was so loud she even got through to her mother, who reared up with a roar, took the pup from him and pushed her and her brother against her teats. Mother's instinct wins again! Panting Jase watched the two pups suckle, and then let his eye rove over Kyra, feeling the temperature with his senses. She wasn't out of the woods yet, but it looks like she's out of immediate danger. Jase sensed more than saw Hakan in the entryway, and he called out softly:

"Hakan, come and meet your grandpups." Jase's voice was a bit hoarse, and his limbs trembled from exersion, but his handsome face split into a grin at his friend and mentor. Making room, he let Hakan in, and said: "as you can see, Kyra is struggling with a fever. the little glowbug - err - female, she'd come out underneath her bigger brother and had been unresponsive. Lucky she's got kyra's fighting spirit, look at her go!"

Turning to Alex, he added:
"Well done, dude. You did me proud. Keep on forcing her to take those herbs." Hakan  interjected and told them to add Usnea and Fennugreek to the mix. Jase nodded his thanks: "You're right, that would do the trick. You stay here with Alex and keep an eye on her. We'll have to keep a tight eye on her for the next few days until we're sure she's out of the woods and the pups will be fine . Lucky there's more than enough healers, I'll draw up a roster."

Gathering up his herb pouch, he stretched his neck and the muscles audibly popped: "I'm heading out, gotta tell Merc about this joyous occasion and will organise some meat for you all. Will also go get those herbs - Hakan you probably have some in your store, I hope? I'll be back soon as I can." On his way out he paused by Kyra's head, lifting her lips with his paw to note the colour of her [teeth flesh can't remember the word]. He gave Alex a congratulatory pat on the shoulder, and told the fox to go get some more water before exiting.

Outside he first stretched out his legs and back, noting the pops that resounded in the still air. Shaking his blue fur, he glanced over at the cat lady and grinned:

"Thanks for the use of your island and your foxes, m'lady. We're blessed with two healthy pups." With a parting wink he loped off and swam across, first going to find the herbs, and then making a beeline for the Queen's chambers. Light green orbs noted all the assembled, and lingered on the soft, so invitingly comfy looking pelts. His limbs begged to drop his form right there and sleep! Oef, a healer's work is never done. Surpressing a yawn as the adrenaline was starting to wear off, he trotted over to Merc and smiled, announcing:

"Congrats, Miss Queenie your pack's been blessed with a big black male pup and a little white glowbug girl. Be a dear and send one of your hunter minions out to take some meet to the new mom and her attendants? For the next few days the healers will have to keep a close eye on her."

Tired but proud, he'd wait for her reply.
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Hakan walked in as Jase beckoned him and drank it all in. The head healer was exhausted, so was Alex, his daughter asleep and overly warm. He pricked his ears at "glowbug" and gave Jase a strange look.

"That must have been the squeal I heard earlier..." Hakan mumbled as he nosed his daughters cheek comfortingly, but also to check her vitals for himself. Force of habit.

The elder interjected about adding Usnea and Fenugreek to the mix of herbs for her. A powerful antibiotic growing on the trees in strange pale green fibers like long fur, and the other was an herb to support milk production. Hakan nodded absently as Jase suggested he stay here with Alex while he drew up a roster of the other healers. He wasn't going anywhere for a bit. He knew how Kyra hated to be alone.

Hakan nodded about finding the herbs in his store, "Yeah, the Usnea is hanging in a back corner. I got a nice clump it after the last storm. Half should be sufficient." He replied, his eyes following Jase out the door, "Make sure you get some rest too." Hakan said after him, giving his old apprentice an appreciative nose-shoulder nudge just before he left.

It was quiet in the den, it was warm, the smells were all mixed and strong. He couldn't help but finally peak over to see what he meant by "glowbug" and beheld where the strange lighting in this den was coming from, this tiny strange pup. She was very small. Smaller than even Sarajevo had been if he remembered correctly. Luna too, all of them white, all of them runts, but this one was the only one that... glowed... Much like the strange rocks and plants they had found in the Tendrils of their previous territory in the Crater???

How could this be?

Hakan was silent, the girl was so small he wondered if she would survive passed her pup hood. From what he could see she was also underdeveloped, disproportionate... She was going to have a difficult life. The other one was strong and healthy for sure. Possibly took most of the nutrients of the womb.

"Alex... Watch that one. She's not likely to survive, she's too small, undernourished, disportionate. She could have a very difficult life ahead, she could be sickly... Kyra will be devastated if we lose her..." Hakan said lowly, knowing Kyra was more than likely in a deep sleep but still he was hushed nonetheless as he exchanged a look with the prince, "I don't know if we should prepare Kyra for the potential, she could be defensive and obstinate about it. She could hate the idea and hate me for voicing such." Hakan mumbled and tucked his paws in, "The other one then could potentially be overlooked and pushed aside while everyone worries about the little one. We can't let that happen either..." Hakan was serious in his musings. He had seen it before.

Kyra was likely going to push back on anything he may say to her. But perhaps if someone else could broach the subject, or help her with the idea she may have a better time. He was worried. He was worried about her infection, he was worried about the pups. He was worried about the stress of the whole situation around them. Kyra and these kids were all he had left. True he had Burdock as well, but Burdock was set on his own path. Not a homebody, a drifter.


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Buckshot dug the cache of meat out the ground as fast as he could.  He already dragged a large piece of broken log and was getting tired.  Maybe, the foraging wolf thought, at seven years old he was getting to old for this.  Arrgh!  He wasn't ready to accept that!  When did age catch up to him?  He looked to the moon--

There it was!

He froze for a moment.  He didn't know what to wish for!  Think think think!  From the heart Buckshot, think from the heart!  At once, Buckshot howled into the night air.  His body faced the island.  How many puppies would Firecracker have?  Hopefully they would be the first of many to come in Nardir's future.  Then all the kids would have playmates, including his older ones.

At least he wished.

After a few moments, the wolf trotted to the log where he placed the meat in the middle.  He was about to give it a go and see if it would float when he noticed a blue blur run up the castle.  Waaaaait a minute.  Buckshot ran after him (why wasn't he as fast as he usually was?) and caught him as he finished his words to Leader.  He remembered him!  He was there during Invidia's birth in the mountains!

"Minions?"  Buckshot placed a paw to his chest.  "I'm devastated.  Food's ready, but if you need any herbs Speedy I can add them to the log and get going."

The 'hunter minion' made his way back down with any other necessities that were needed and did a final check of supplies.  He pushed the log in the water carefully.  It floated.  Success.  So he began to swim to the island to deliver presents.

If Buckshot didn't know better, he was sure he heard a screech from the island...

By the time he got there, he was winded.  He at one point held on to the broken log's edge and floated for a few minutes.  Okay, he was exercising, starting first day of spring.  The first dude he noticed was his buddy from their night time adventure.  Even from the den site, his golden brown fur was distinguishable.  His tail wagged despite his exhaustion.

"Hi Honey Hunter!  I'm just dropping this off.  Tell Fi--Kyra congratulations on the kids.  Just think of me as the official Food Log Operator and Transport.  Or FLOaTer if you want."


When Arik called for Adolph, he jolted.  When did he fall asleep?  He stood and shook his body as he hobbled to the patio.

It.  Was.  Beautiful.  It was brighter than the first time he saw it.

Rarely would a wolf see this twice in one lifetime.  Adolph's eyes were wet as he heard his son howl in the distance.  He gripped the ground for a moment before lifting his head to howl to the red moon.  His wish was simple, but complicated.  It wasn't for him, though.  He thought about his family in the pack, the loves that ignited, those he lost, those gained, all the while there were strong leaders who led alone, or as siblings, or mates.  He was humbled to see it all.

He wanted Mercury to experience that...with someone to grow old with.

His ear flicked.  He side-eyed to see Arik pull away from Leader.  Adolph stepped further forward, stepping on the patio's edge, looking over Nardir's territory.  The secret wolfish smile on his face couldn't get any bigger.

The son of Storm entered and gave his report.  Two babies.  He turned to listen to the exchanges between everyone.  Moonlight slowly returned to normalcy as night time passed.  Adolph was past his bedtime.  But he didn't want to miss this moment.

"Well done," he said to Jase.  "Give her and Hakan my congratulations.  I hope the new family will rest easy."  They were so close, yet far, considering they were on an island.

To Leader: "Quite a night, isn't it?  If you wished, I hope it comes true."

You deserve it.

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"Alex... Watch that one. She's not likely to survive, she's too small, undernourished, disportioncate. She could have a very difficult life ahead, she could be sickly... Kyra will be devastated if we lose her...I don't know if we should prepare Kyra for the potential, she could be defensive and obstinate about it. She could hate the idea and hate me for voicing such. The other one then could potentially be overlooked and pushed aside while everyone worries about the little one. We can't let that happen either..."

Alexander watched Jase leave, his attention turning to Hakan as the elder spoke. He nodded, his body draining with exhaustion as the words the elder spoke of hit his ears. What did he mean, the other one? The golden prince finally turned his attention back to Kyra and her children, ears perking as he beheld the glowing pup for the first time. How had he missed that? And Hakan was right- she was much smaller than the large mass of pup next to her. The prince's ears lowered slightly as he looked at them and the job that he was suddenly instilled with from both Jase and Hakan. He was ready though, he was sure of it. The boy inhaled sharply as his head swung back to face Hakan, a weary smile playing upon his face.

"Of course," he said in a low, gentle tone, his tail wagging gently behind him, "I will make sure all are tended to and cared for." He tried to sound reassuring, his brain suddenly working in to over time on how he was going to manage keeping Kyra alive as well as the pups. He had...a very long night ahead of him. He could already feel his body trying to lure him to Kyra's side, to monitor the babies as well as his friend, but he fought the urge for just a moment longer, his gaze locking on to the old wolf's gaze.

"I meant what I said, Hakan," he rumbled as the smile faded from his face and was replaced with a look that was much more serious. Even his tone had grown in a way that he'd never really explored before. It wasn't like him to act like an authority figure- even in the presence of his newfound family- he was a quiet soul but something deep within him stirred as he looked the new grandfather in the eyes. He couldn't, no, wouldn't let Hakan down, "I will protect her...I will keep her and her children safe." He meant it. With all that he could muster, he'd hoped Hakan would understand that he wasn't just talking about being his apprentice- he meant it with his entire being. Alexander lifted his head a little higher than Hakan's, smiling at the old man.

"Go. Get some rest. I will call if I cannot handle this. She will be fine. I will be here until she is able to make the trip home."

The golden prince took a step back, his attention turning back to Kyra and the two pups, the smile slowly fading from his face once more as it was replaced with worry. The next twenty four and forty eight hours were crucial to everyone's survival and well being, and well, Alexander had just signed himself up as the first line of defense in making sure all parties would return home alive and healthy. There was something in his chest aching at the thought of failure, a strong tugging sensation that left him on alert even as his body begged to curl up and sleep. He would comply, even if only partially; his body trudging back towards Kyra, his head dipping down to nudge hers gently before curling up behind her with his head resting on her back and stomach. It would be easy for him to keep a tab on her breathing and heart rate like this, as well as listening to the pups and their small whimpers as they suckled and slept with their mother. It was...perhaps scandalous in some right, but for now it was how the prince was going to care for his patients. He would multi task and watch over them all with his head resting atop her.

Things were seeming to calm down as well- Jase having taken his leave and Hakan monitoring the doorway when the sudden footsteps of another came bounding through the den entrance.

"Hi Honey Hunter! I'm just dropping this off. Tell Fi--Kyra congratulations on the kids. Just think of me as the official Food Log Operator and Transport. Or FLOaTer if you want."

The prince's head shot up as he looked Buckshot in the eyes, his tail thumping behind him and a small smile creeping up on his face. Ahh yes, it seemed even the old coot was able to make his way to the den and he'd brought gifts of food! The prince rose, his limbs carrying him to the entrance to greet his strange friend, his head bowing down to the elder.

"Thank you, sir, for the food. I will let Miss Kyra know that your well wishes have been sent her way." He rose his head to look at both elders, smiling widely at them both. "I will see to it that Miss Kyra eats and drinks well tonight. I will call for more food tomorrow." He swung his head to look at both of them again before bowing and grabbing the log of food and bringing it closer inside the den; pausing only once he'd placed it near enough for Kyra to reach should she find the strength to sit up slightly and eat. If she didn't touch the food by mid night, he would attempt to help feed her. But he was sure the smell of meat would rouse her once she had a bit of rest under her belt.

Once more he'd curl up behind her and resume his position, eyes watching the mouth of the den as he carefully listened to the trio breathing. He would not rest until she was able to find her strength; even if that strength was just eating and drinking within the walls of the den.

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"I have a feeling... That... he may be right. I have a few theories but I believe that after tonight things will be either be more clear... or... not."

So much out of her control.  They called her Queen, but how did she combat things like these?  She was no better than any of them.  How did she explain how absolutely incapable she felt in times like these.  Arik stared at her, and for a while she searched his moonstone eyes for the answer.  She opened her mouth, but instead sharply sighed, lifting her head to stare at the moon.

"I fear I am ill prepared." She confessed as the light turned.

"Elder! This is it!" Arik alerted Adolph, and another moment was gone.

Those seafoam eyes locked up onto the moon, and she stared at a surface that was both muted and starkly contrasted in the red light.  A wish was a heart's dream, formed into a spell, and sent out to shape the world.  On a night such as this, as power cascaded across the heavens... Whatever was cast tonight would ripple through time.  In the infinity of the cosmos, who was she?  Compared to gods and prophecies and magic, what was one mere mortal soul?  So many thoughts, so many wishes, so many different spells she could try to cast... and no way of knowing what it was she should choose.  Her brow furrowed as she concentrated, once again losing herself as the noose of her crown tightened around her throat and agitated the old ache of her scar.

"Mercury?" Arik's quiet voice whispered in her ear, snapping the spell of the moon. "You know you can tell me anything..."

She jerked her gaze away from the moon to catch his, their eyes tinted in the crimson light. He respectfully withdrew, but for a moment, she leaned with him, as though they were magnetized.

I do not wish to be alone.

The thought ripped through her with a deafening silence.  Then the shuffle of paws and scrape of nails as Adolph made his way onto the patio. Mercury froze, but she and Arik were connected for an instant more before Adolph howled, and she looked away. Lifting her head to echo his note into a pack song, she was unaware that she was echoing so much more.

Jase, dripping wet and clearly exhausted, came running up to the Patio, Buckshot trailing, trailing? behind him.

"Congrats, Miss Queenie your pack's been blessed. Be a dear and send one of your hunter minions out to take some meet to the new mom and her attendants? For the next few days the healers will have to keep a close eye on her."

"Minions? I'm devastated.  Food's ready, but if you need any herbs Speedy I can add them to the log and get going."

Forgetting her own worries in the face of such drama, Mercury breathed a sigh of relief that turned into a laugh, transforming her normally steely voice into a ringing bell.  Her face, normally so serious, showed how giddy she was with relief.

"You are out of sync with pack life, Jase." She teased the healer. "Adolph anticipated as much before his nap."

Looking at the blue healer, she could see that he was worn out.  She couldn't risk him being too tired to make the swim and drown his foolhardy self.  And he would too, she just knew it.

"Rest." She ordered, indicating to the furs. "Buckshot will take the supplies to Hakan. I am sure he is more than capable of tending to Kyra until you are fit not to drown on the return swim."

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