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Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Charley - January 22, 2019

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K y r a,

Oh don't you dare look back, Just keep your eyes on me
I said you're holding back, She said shut up and dance with me

actions - “speech” - thoughts

The wind of midwinter bit into her fiery red pelt just as the sun sunk under the horizon. She bit her lip, shaking her head, she should have known...

Kyra blinked up at the darkening sky... she had been dozing, floating in the lake after her evening walk around it.

She wasn't going to make it back to the castle, she was floating too far away from the shore... She should have stayed close to her den. She should have known...

Her bi colored eyes were alight in a panic as she looked around for the closest shoreline, breathing through another wave of pain starting from her back and rippling into her thighs. Ahead of her she saw by the light of the rising moon the dotted dens in the clifface of the Castle... much too far away. Behind her though, an island had seemed to rise up from the gathering mists, offering her a respite, only a few strokes away.  It had trees, and fog, and rocky outcroppings. It spelled safety, away from prying eyes... privacy. There was no prepared den though, no soft landing place made just right.  

But Kyra could not wait. She swam the rest to the rocky shore.

She pulled herself out, heavy and soaked, shaking her fur to rid it of the dampness as much as possible, hissing through her teeth as a stronger contraction shook her body from the shaking and from feeling the sudden weight.

The full moon rose higher, larger than it usually was, and illuminated a path carved into the soil a short distance away leading into the mouth of a small cave. Step by gasping step she pulled herself onward into the strangely warm embrace of the rock. It felt very much like it was carved similarly to the dens and passageways of the castle, but it stank of fox.

She didn't care, it was warm and dry and just large enough. It was actually a perfect denning place. She grunted as she collapsed, her body shaking from the chill clinging to her wet fur and the pain of the rippling contractions forcing her body to push. She could barely get a breath in as she braced herself against the wall of the den and screamed as her body threw an epic tantrum she had never felt before.

The moon began to dim as it rose higher into the sky, a hint of red casting over the face of The Mother...

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RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Kimster - January 22, 2019

Foraging foraging foraging - it may sound humdrum to your average, everyday wolf, but to Jase this was heaven. He and Hakan had a meeting and Jase was relieved to know the original meadow had survived their absence. Speaking of meadow and herbs and healers, he still had meet all the others, touch base on their knowledge and skill level. He wondered if he should hold training sessions? Yeah, that might be a good idea, just kind of general stuff that the whole pack could use, and then more advanced stuff specifically for healers. The handsome face grinned as his brain ran a mile a minute, ticking off ideas while his nose and eyes constantly shifted from side to side in the ever continuis search for more herbs.

Light green orbs paused on the bright yellow petals of a small daisy, and the affable grin vanished like mist before the sun, leaving a sad, grim look to his thin face. That had been Mark's favourite flower. He called it a waisywoo. He remembered how ecstatic Mark had been when he met Shimmer. One offspring dead, two missing and presumed dead, and one that doesn't even know him. Seeing her everyday was torture, knowing that he could never establish a parent-child relationship tore at his heart in ways that he could never imagine. Seeing her look at Hakan the way she should be looking at him.. Jase grimaced and clenched his teeth, fighting back tears of despair. To have come so close to victory, but to have it forever elude him was - there weren't any more words to describe it, only raw, painful, searing hurt. He never let any of the pack members see this side of him. No one knew. No one would ever know how much this has broken him. He vowed that he would never again sire any pups. It was too obvious that he was bad luck.

He cleared his throat, scowling down at the daisy that made him look very much like his sire, and then looked about him. Huh. He was near the river, and off to the left was that island thing with the creepy cat on it. He'd only heard vague rumours about it, and he'd yet to corner Arik and ask. Wait. Was that? He squinted into the dusk, just about making out the red coat of Kyra climbing onto the bank of the island and waddling forwards. What was she doing there? Oh well, she probably had her reasons, though he would have to talk to her about taking a swim alone in her current gravid state. He shook his head, some wolfessess just didn't have a lot of sense.

Jase had barely turned his nose back towards his den when he heard Kyra scream. His paws left deep furrows in the soft ground as he sprinted towards the island, his full bag thudding against his chest in rhythm to his strides. Just before he plunged into the water, he paused to howl back towards the castle - Hakan! It's time! Get your ass over here! The cold water quickly saturated his coat as he swam easily across the channel and clambered onto the opposite shore. A quick sniff helped him find her scent, leading him right to a den that stank with fox smell. What the hell, Kyra - a fox den?? The moon was dimming and a cast of red was beginning to eclipse it, bathing the area in an eerie light. Jase scowled up at the heavenly monstrosity - don't you DARE let anything happen to my family and her pups!

"Kyra?" he called out as he neared the den, his voice a low, gentle tone: "I'm here if you need me." he settled down outside the entrance, waiting on her to tell him to enter or not. A birthing was highly specific to what the wolfess wanted.

RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Alexander - January 22, 2019


It was time.

Of course it was time.

It came through the still air first as a scream and then a anxious and demanding howl. Something was amiss in the pack of Nardir.

Alexander had found himself wandering through the pack lands, something he was quite known to do at night, taking in the scenery and the beauty of that which was still so new and so familiar to him. He'd managed to wander towards the lake when he heard it- a scream that pierced through the night sky. The golden prince stopped in the full moon's light and stood at attention as he listened carefully. He could have sworn he knew that voice, but it was quick and sharp; he couldn't be certain if it was who he thought or if it was merely a coyote having its way with dinner. Then came the sharp howl; it did not belong to the first who screamed, and it was then that Alexander's heart dropped. The call was urgent, and even though he knew deep down what it meant, he was hoping it wasn't so.

He tore off like a bullet through the forest towards the lake; eyes catching a figure swimming across to a small island having been illuminated by the light of the moon. Alex paused at the shore, panting hard as he watched the other figure disappear on to the small island before returning and resting on the shore. The male squinted as if to get a better look, but it wouldn't be the figure that drove him across the lake with a strength he did not know he had.

It was the smell of blood that aroused his nose as it leaked from the island and across the waters surface.

And it wasn't just blood. It was her blood.

He wasted no time as he jumped in to the frigid waters and swam across to the island, his mind completely forgetting about the figure that he had seen on shore. In his mind, there were only two things happening: One- Kyra was severely injured and had taken refuge upon the small island, or Two- the thing he had realized not so long ago with her was happening, and she had chosen the strangest place in the world to bring her young in to the world.

He'd known, oh of course he had known. From the lessons with Hakan to the slowly growing belly that Kyra sported- Alexander knew. He knew that she was someone else's. He knew that their friendship was a strong bond, but he knew that she would never be his. He knew, deep down that those feelings his heart found itself swelling with, were nothing more than passing wishes of a possibility gone by; he would never leave her, but he knew that his heart was breaking.

The golden male reached the shore, his fur matted and dripping wet as he bounded in the direction of the scent of blood. The prince didn't acknowledge Jase as he rushed past and in to the cave, golden green eyes wide with fear as he saw her laying on the ground. His heart sank in to his stomach as he pushed forward in to the den, his mind racing down the 'she's dying' route instead of taking a moment to assess the situation.

Yet as he padded closer to her, the stench of something else hit his nose and the boy recoiled; death was not the answer to his fears this night, and the sounds of her labored breathing confirmed his second hypothesis. She was ready.

Alexander dipped his head quickly down as he came upon her and pressed his skull against hers, nuzzling it gently in an attempt to let her know that he was there for her. He knew, of course, that he was breaking many rules by being in here. He was not hers; this was not his place to be. They were not lovers, they were friends. If anyone was to be here right now with her it was her mate and not him. Yet Alexander couldn't remember a time when he had ever seen her with that mysterious enigma that he knew was hers. It didn't matter though; none of it mattered. What mattered was that he was here and she was here and he would be there for her no matter what.

"Kyra," he breathed out in a low rumble as he pressed firmly against her, his eyes closed as relief and heartbreak washed over his entire body. They were friends.

"Kyra I'm here." He inhaled deeply, the fatigue of his adrenaline rush beginning to wear on him as he held on to that moment for just a minute longer. She was not his, but he would grant himself this one last fleeting moment of hope that she would have once loved him the way he was beginning to see himself loving her. The prince pulled back a moment, allowing his tongue to gently lick over her muzzle with a gentle affection. This was something she was going to have to do alone. He was not hers, and her mate was nowhere to be found.

Alexander licked her face once more before pressing his head against hers, though softer this time as he allowed the confidence of a prince wash over him through a shaky voice.

"You are so strong, and I will be here for you...I'll be here for you, right outside of this cave.." His voice hushed as he held himself there, ears lowering atop his head, "just call for me, and I will come. Always."

The prince pulled back and turned towards the mouth of the cave, ears perking as he took note of the other outside. He took a step back, and then another, before heading out of the cave to join Jase. He would look to the other wolf and dip his head apologetically.

"I...uhm...Hello.." he said sheepishly as he padded to the opposite side of the entrance and lay down awaiting the call of his friend.

Down an unknown road
to embrace my fate
Though that road may wander,
it will lead me to you

RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Charley - January 23, 2019

I hope you know what you're getting into...

Kyra // Hakan // Arik

Through the haze of pain she heard her name. She didn't have to wait long, despite finding herself so far away from her planned den, for someone to come find her. It was a calm professional voice reaching out to her. She could barely see anything through the tears clouding her vision. He smelled like lavender. Her Brother in law Jase had arrived.
"Jase?" She called out, how would she know if she needed him? If only she had paid any attention to her fathers stories, or asked him questions, anything about this process...

She wanted her mom.

She was breathing heavily and nothing was happening. Everything was just pain, she would have wave upon wave, some of them so close together she could barely breathe between them. She would grunt and groan, still nothing happened, but it had only been a moment when it felt like hours already.  

Then all at once she felt surrounded by a warm if wet embrace, his skull pressing into hers and it was like she could breathe again. Her body relaxed into his golden and ebony fur and the pain became somewhat bearable and more even. Why? Why couldn't he be hers? Why had he come home so late? Why hadn't they met before this incredible indescribable mess? Why was he still sticking around her, nay actually sitting beside her while she experienced the worst pain of her life? Somehow she hadn't chased him away yet, even after revealing the farce like mask of gentleness he somehow coaxed out of her.

He said her name, he said her name and it felt like a song. It felt like a wash of warm water, tears of relief fell as she pressed into him, braced against him as a new contraction that felt like something finally moved with effort.

And then he was respectfully leaving to sit outside like a good friend. No- A hard hitting contraction hit her like a ton of bricks, preventing her from reaching out and pulling him immediately back.

"N-o!" She gasped and reached with her teeth to grab the tip of his tail before another wave could hit. When was it going to end? She would try to pull him back, to press into him, to ask him never to leave. Stars she hadn't even asked her first lover that. "Tobes stay..." She was sweating and wet and already exhausted. She was a mess and bleeding and leaking from everywhere.

And by the Moon she was HUNGRY. Why weren't these damn kids already out yet so she could get something to EAT. She had a while yet to go.


Her father was taking a well deserved nap. Well, it was more of a crash landing ending in his face buried among the dried passion flower he had stocked with Shimmah earlier that summer, knowing he would need it for Kyra's birth soon. The sharp scream made Hakan jolt awake as if he was falling over some precipice. He mistook the sound for some vestige of fog from his half dreams and was about to give himself a better position to fall asleep in, this time without half his face smooshed into the herbs and his fur askew. But then a piercing howl directed straight at Him had him upright and scrambling before his brain processed meaning. His thoughts had gotten slower lately, it took himself a few seconds of waking up and blinking to parse together Jase's howl.

Time? Time? It was late, that was the time. He shook his head getting ready for some kind of new emergency. Maybe Kyra- KYRA and he immediately knew what "time" it was.

He gathered the important herbs and started heading toward her den... but that's not where his apprentice's call had come from. Hmmm... Graduated Apprentice... No, no he was Head Healer now... Monoceros. Bah, titles.

Her Den was empty... Why was her den empty? If she had gone into labour and stayed close like... she was... supposed to... But Kyra does things her own way doesn't she. Her pregnancy was extremely risky, she shouldn't be traipsing around like she owned the place. Hakan scowled. A face not many have ever actually witnessed on the elder healer. Now he had to figure out where she had gone and what was going on. He had lost track of the location Jase had howled from. She was going to need passionflower at the very least. Raspberry and fenugreek for sure. Lavender to get those contractions moving. If she was in a strange den she was not going to be comfortable and it was going to be even more painful than it had to be.

Hakan quickly walked to the courtyard but looked around in the gathering darkness, the moon climbing ever higher, but what should have been an illuminating bright white face of Mother Moon, a shadow had cast itself over it.

That... He didn't know what to feel about that. He saw signs and symbols but he was always hesitant to associate meaning to it, other than... it would be significant. He looked around, feeling a familiar rise of panic fill his ears. Kyra was out there labouring, somewhere in this strange half light, the Moon turning a strange color of red when he had never remembered this happening before, a wild and crazy phenomenon that MUST mean something, and he was getting confused, and Kyra's birth could be disastrous for her. Their genetics were riddled with complications for the women in their family and she couldn't even stay close! He had to be there for her! Just this damn once he had to be there for her, no one else, not even her own mate, not even himself, had been there for her on more occasions than they had been. He needed to find her.


Our resident Hermit had been up just before Moon rise, as he was for every full moon. He had watched from his perch, Kyra, start her waddling evening walk, and eventually lay down while she drifted on the lake shore. He watched as the current carried her close to his beloved Isle and he raised a brow as he watched the events unfold. So... Guess it was her time then. Perhaps Mercury might like to know...

He watched the one called Alex, Mercury's brother, clambour after Jase went to attend her. Interesting.

He settled in to his perch to watch the moon rise, but grew ever more concerned as the shadow grew and grew and started to cast the moon in a dark red glow. His brow furrowed in confusion, he looked down to the courtyard trying to recall his dreams lately. He saw Hakan looking around as if he was also confused, probably trying to find where his daughter was giving birth. Hmmm...

The giant fringe dire stood on his tall grey legs and started to make his way down to the courtyard. He approached the elder and dipped his head respectfully, then lifted his chin in the direction of the Isle before Hakan could ask him.

"The Island... She's there."

The elder looked like he was about to cry from relief and Arik watched as the old healer walked as quickly as his old bones could carry him to the lakeshore. Hmmm... Arik watched hoping Hakan would make it and ready to dive for his aid if need be, it was a hefty swim. The elder seemed to be just fine at it though. Arik was wondering if he should go too but decided starkly against it. Kyra was more likely to flay him alive than welcome him within her inner circle. Besides it seemed there was enough attending to her. Instead he decided to lounge on the Queen's Patio. Besides his own perch by his den, she had the perfect view of the lake and the interesting moon, and if she decided to join him he could fill her in, but otherwise he didn't think she really needed to be bothered. The kids would be born regardless if the Queen knew or not. This moon though... It definitely meant something, and the coincidence was certainly peculiar and he was certainly wont to associate one with the other, especially with the children being born on the Island.


Hakan was shaking his head as he followed his nose once he finally made it. Panting, out of the breath, shaking with adrenaline, he was certainly not as young as he used to be.

He nodded to Jase, thankful he was here, and dropped his own mouthful of herbs. He should really get a bag, but at least he kept these herbs dry, mostly, save for the drool. He sat to catch his breath and looked up to the moon for answers. He glanced inside after and was surprised to see Alexander. Though he was an apprentice perhaps Jase had called him to attend, good good. Hopefully Kyra wouldn't chew his ears off.

Her father completely missed exactly the situation here.

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RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Kimster - January 24, 2019

Hardly had Jase settled down when, with a massive splash, Alex heaved himself out of the river, past Jase, into Kyra's den in a wet, gold blur. Jase blinked, sneezed the droplets off his nose and just stared at the entrance. Really? Well! And it sounds as if Kyra wants Alex to stay with her. Alex retreated back out of the den and gave him a sheepish grin.


"I-um-hello yourself." Jase teased, a huge, cheshire cat grin stretched across his face, his light green eyes sparkling with amusement. He raised an eyebrow at his friend, the expression clearly saying so how long has this been going on? Actually, Jase quite approved. Alex tempered Kyra's fire, while she urged him to more confidence. It's a match that could work. Inside the den, Kyra's out of breath call for Alex caught his ears.Jase left off his silent teasing of his friend - now was not the time. By the smell and sound Kyra was in the thick of it, and she needed them. Nodding towards the den, he fished out some [CHARLEY INSERT HERBS HERE]] Lavender and Lemon Balm and gave it to Tobes, adding:

"She's going to need this, make sure she eats it. Keep calm, keep Hakan's training in your mind. Today you're her healer and her friend and it's your duty to stay calm. I'll wait for Hakan to arrive, and we'll both be right outside. If you see any worrying signs, call us." He gave his friend a nudge on the shoulder with an imperious paw, ordering him to move his ass. Speaking of hauling ass, where IS that old man? Jase looked around in the dark, hoping to catch scent of him. And..there! There ya go! He nodded a welcome and kindly ignored how the old geezer was huffing and puffing. Hakan looked inside the den, seeing Alex and totally missing the meaning. Jase snorted softly in amusement, deciding to let Kyra and Alex handle that specific conversation. It could just be that this sudden turn of events was because Kyra needed someone to lean on, after all that had happened, and Alex was there and willing. Who knows if this will last after the pups were on solids?  No one could say.

Now it was a waiting game. Jase glanced upwards at the threatening moon, then around him. with the fox smell so strong, the moon bleeding, he wasn't entirely at ease.

RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Alexander - January 24, 2019


”I uhm hello yourself.”

The golden prince gave an audible snort at Jase as his friend teased him, and threw eyebrows his way at the implication that there was something else going on. His mouth opened in an attempt to rebuttal the silent accusation, but the strained voice of Kyra emerged from within the den and it took Alex every ounce of him to not rush back in there within the second. He’d jumped to his feet as she called to him, his heart pounding as he looked wildly in to the cave and then to Jase- he didn’t know what he was doing! He had never done this before! And yet there was Jase already on task with what needed to be done.

"She's going to need this, make sure she eats it. Keep calm, keep Hakan's training in your mind. Today you're her healer and her friend and it's your duty to stay calm. I'll wait for Hakan to arrive, and we'll both be right outside. If you see any worrying signs, call us."

He gave a sharp nod, the anxiety and adrenaline pumping through his veins; but Jase was right. Alexander took in a sharp breath and grabbed the herbs before doubling over and rushing back inside.

He wasted no time either as he entered; the golden prince standing behind her as he lowered his head and placed the herbs in front of Kyra. The boy gave a concerned look at his friend's pained face- he couldn’t imagine what she was going through, but she had called for him and he was there. Alexander did his best to remember what Jase had said as he tried to collect himself. Be there for her. Be her rock.

“I’m here. I’m here. It’s okay. You’re okay...” the whispers erupted from him as he found himself sinking down behind her, his head lowering over her neck and pushing up to nuzzle her cheek. She needed reassurance- she needed a proper healer and Alexander had to fill those shoes somehow.

He shifted closer to her, pressing his entire body in to her as he reached for the herbs and brought them to her mouth.

“This will ease the pain,” he said with confidence, even though he was want actually sure it was going to do any of that. To be fair- he hadn’t actually been listening to Jase when he tried to ready Alex for the job. No, his mind had gone instantly to Kyra because she had called for him- and that was all that mattered. Nothing else mattered in that moment except her. And he had been too damn antsy to go inside that he’d only caught half of what Jase had said. But hell, he was here now and he was going to do his damn best. Besides, Jase wouldn't have given him something that would have increased the pain, right?

And like Jase said- he and Hakan would be outside if they needed anything...if Hakan ever showed up.

Alex lowered his head once more across her neck, his body half wrapped around hers as he began to whisper soft encouragements to her.

“You’re going to be okay. You are strong. You are doing so well. I’m here. I’ve got you. It’s going to be okay.” His heart was bursting at the seams; back of the mind thoughts about the mysterious mate that wouldn’t be there for the birthing of their children- Alexander didn’t know who it was but if he ever found out...there would be hell to pay.

The golden prince pushed back those thoughts though. There were more pressing matters at hand. He’d pepper Kyra’s face with soft and gentle licks as he continued to softly whisper in to her ear encouragements and praise. She was so strong; she had been through so much, and it was his absolute honor to be by her side in this moment.

“Try and relax,” he hummed softly, head coming up to rest on her own, “deep breaths. You’re doing amazing. Take it slow. I’ve got you.”


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Down an unknown road
to embrace my fate
Though that road may wander,
it will lead me to you

RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Mother Moon - January 24, 2019

Note: This is a Non-Player Character controlled by the Mother Moon Account

"Without execution, 'vision' is just another word for 'hallucination'."
- Mark V. Hurd

The Red Bear's scream did more than rouse the pack across the water.  The residents of the den she had occupied had been returning just as the sound echoed out of their chasm.  It sent them running, but not for the reason the wolves may have expected.  In the moonlight, the two marbled coats were bleached pale and they streaked like fallen stars back through the underbrush. Ducking into a crack between two boulders, they traversed a maze of tunnels, finally opening into a large chasm.  Despite it's depth, moonlight shone through small openings in the cave's roof, flashing off of the foxes as they dashed below.

But it was not the cavern they fled to. On they ran, and as the scene played, the audience would realize they were running to somewhere, not from their den's new occupant.  The wove back through another, larger set of tunnels, and finally, into a smaller chamber. All at once the two began chittering, their foxish yips and screeches bouncing off the cave walls and echoing in a cone of noise.

"QUIET!" roared the catamount they had disturbed. "One at a time! You know I can't make anything out with both of you yammerin'."

The Mirror-Eye stiffly got to her feet, and for a moment she looked around the cave in confusion.  Despite the darkness of the chamber, the foxes had no problem pinpointing her. It was only after they obeyed that she turned to look at them.  Her milky eyes stared, but she wasn't really looking at them.  Either way, the pair were now seated dutifully in front of her.

"What do you mean, 'the bear is here'?"

Answers came in more bursts of sound, although this time it seemed they were leapfrogging who got to speak.  The message was relayed:  The pregnant female from the pack was on the isle.  She'd found one of their posts.  She was in labor.

Mumbling a few words in a harsh tone under her breath, the cat turned and began stalking down a different hall.  Despite the haste, her first strides were stiff and slow.  The foxes ran ahead, then back to her, then ahead again.  A few instructions, and one streaked away, the other continuing to walk beside her as they exited the short tunnel and began overground.  The tunnels the foxes had used were too big for the cat, or a wolf, to follow.  Turning her blind head upward, Mirai looked to the sky.  While she could not see it, her eyes never the less focused on the bright orb, now stained a quarter red.

Back at the den, the males were coming to the rescue.  It was the first fox who arrived ahead of its mistress.  Walking up, bold as you please, the fox gave Jase's bag a sniff, then wagged it's tail at him.  With a yip, it ran towards the front of the den.  When it found Alex's rump in it's way, it began screeching, clearly upset that the prince was blocking Jase's path to Kyra. As soon as he turned, it shot past him into the small space, Sniffing Kyra's head where Lex had licked her, then rubbing it's own head against hers. Then, walking past her, it dragged a gourd from a nook in the shadows and back towards her head. It dipped a paw into the water, and then touched it to her forehead.  Again. Again.  The cool water slowly beading on her fur, then soaking in. If Kyra wanted to drink, she could, but otherwise the fox simply did it's best to keep her cool.

"Ahh, Healing Laughter. Medicine Hawk." Mirai's wizened voice rasped to Jase and Hakan as she and the other fox appeared from the surrounding forest. "You are already here... Good, good." She looked straight through them, her voice going distant. "You must not let The Black cast shadow over The Silver Light."

The cat slowly turned her head in the direction of the den, pausing a moment before nodding.  "The Wayward Moon will see to The Red Bear."

RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Pawprint - January 25, 2019

The cries of, “Wake up old wolf, Firecracker’s giving birth!” made Adolph growl and cover his eyes.  He waited as his son barked at him to sit up.  Then with deliberately slow movements, he removed his paws from his face, sat himself up, lifted one paw up and then quickly smacked his son’s face.  It felt like a rough twig hit him instead of a wolf’s paw, but it did the trick.  Buckshot shut up.

One word from the elder: “Slower.”

More fast talk.  Who was Firecr—Kyra!

Adolph stretched his body and walked out the den to the outside of the Castle.  He tilted his head.  He didn’t hear anyone.  A few splashes then alerted him to what was happening.  Hakan was swimming to…the middle of the lake?  An island?  Kyra decided to give birth there??  Safest place, absolutely yes, but that was the first place she could think of?  Oh, first time mothers.

There was no way he was going to make it.  He looked up.


He immediately went to Leader Mercury’s entrance.  To his surprise, Arik was there.  More importantly, he was laying there at the entrance.  Surprise was clear as, well, moonshine on his face.  Adolph narrowed his eyes, but shook it off.  Arik was too kind to be suspicious of; and besides, he was probably waiting to give Leader news of the guard’s birth.

“Hello, Arik.  I see you’re keeping a close watch of our Leader tonight.”

It was not a question.  If Arik paid enough attention, there would be a hint of cheekiness in the old wolf’s voice.  He turned to look up again.

“Have you seen this?”  There was awe in his voice.  “It is still a howling moon, but, my old pack told me it is a once in a lifetime experience. It’s when the sun and moon see each other in the latest part of the night—an impossible thing.  So impossible that if you make a wish and howl at the moon when it is completely red, your wish will come true.  It happened to me when I was a wee little thing.  I was so greedy, I made two wishes.”  He shook his head.
“I know it isn’t Nardir’s belief.  For me, I saw my wishes come true.  Well, one of them is happening now…”


By the time Adolph was done rambling, Buckshot made it up to Leader’s entrance.  “POP did you see the moon?  I get to see the sun and moon say hi!  Did you make a wish yet?  Oh, right, we have to wait for the moon to be fully red.  We should tell everyone at the lake to make a wish for Kyra!  Oh, oh, I should wake up Snowfluff and the kids!”

Buckshot was confused at his father’s misty look but dismissed it.  He went to Arik and bumped his head to his, similar to a high five.

“Hey dad, did you tell him about the—”


“Did you tell Leader?  She should see this and make a wish too!”  Buckshot smiled a great big toothy smile.  “I mean, yours came true!  I got to see a bright red moon!”

Then, "Wait a minute Big Guy, why are you outside Leader’s home?”

RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Charley - January 27, 2019

I hope you know what you're getting into...

Kyra // Hakan // Arik

A grunt was her reply as he came back in, murmuring and encouraging. The smell of the lavender hit her nose and she knew these herbs would help. She was a healers daughter after-all. She took the herbs without fight, she just wanted everything over with quickly and she never wanted to do this again. What the hell was she thinking. One night of fooling around and then this, never mind all the damned drama it caused.

She couldn't reply to any of his encouragements, she just braced herself against him when it came to pushing, completely oblivious to anything going on outside, thankful of his words and his presence.

Then as if out of nowhere there was a shrieking outside the den and suddenly a busy fox in her face getting between her and Alex. The surprise suddenly stopped all contractions as she snarled dangerously at the creature, getting ready to snap until her fogged over brain registered that A: this was its den and B: it was dabbing cool water over her brow and it felt nice. She watched it and it seemed to be encouraging her to drink. Didn't grandpa have a fox friend? She liked foxes for some reason but she didn't know this one and it had a weird cat smell on top of it. And the cat smell suddenly got very strong and a new strange voice came from outside the den that made her snarl again.

How in the name of the moon had she forgot there was a cat on this island? She pushed passed Alex and the fox and snarled viciously at the cat.

"Whoa whoa Baby girl, its ok! She's not here to harm!" She heard her dad's voice and she flicked her gaze to him thankful he had made it.

"Don't like it." She snapped simply, her fur still bristling and on end, standing half out of the den.

"It's ok, we've got you. You're safe. Deep breaths and relax." He said, walking up to her pressing against her gently to go back inside and relax. She thankfully missed the wary look he shot at the catamount.

She thrashed her tail as she went back inside to get comfortable. Little did she know that she had finally entered the stage where the real pushing would begin.

She laid back down heavily, but took a few sips of the water the fox offered but eyed it warily. She would lean against Alex, waiting for the contractions to begin again but she worried they wouldn't start back up. She felt like she was in a half daze, incredibly hungry, so hungry she felt nauseous. In this strange half lull she pulled back from Alex and looked at him, not as if she was surprised to see him but... grateful.

"Thank you..." She said, and bumped the top of her nose under his chin, tucking her head against his chest. Oh she would ruin him... It was far too late for pleasantries. She knew since that day in the garden. She knew and there was no turning back now. This time though she wouldn't leave it up to chance and forget to say-
Oh here we go!
The contractions were in earnest now. How had they seemed so gentle before!? She pushed against the floor bracing herself against him as the waves of pushing started.

She pushed and pushed and pushed. But nothing was happening and she was running out of breath. She started shaking from weakness, panting and getting to tired to push.

Alex should warn them.  
"Toby... it's too hard..." She said weakly between waves, panting.

// Roman is too large and positioned wrong and she needs to relax and be allowed to rest during a contraction. She needs Passion flower tea with ginger, lavender flower aromatherapy and some coaching. //


After the elder gained his breath, and shook more water out of his fur, he laid down on a good spot to wait out the long haul. He was allowing Jase to take point and be there both for his daughter, and for consulting.

"Jase... We have several complications in our family. You should know-" He started then stopped as he watched a fox boldly approach and sniff Jase's bag, then shriek at Alexander's rump in the doorway, then scurry inside.

"Hey!" He started, leaping to his paws faster than he probably should have, then over the ridge an elder cat mozied on up and greeted them as if she knew them, calling him Medicine Hawk. It always perturbed him when he came within speaking distance of a seer. He felt ill at ease and like a static was in the air.

Then suddenly the Red Bear was out herself and snarling ready to shred the cat. He tried to push her back and encourage her down. Remembering what Mercury told him of the Oracle. This must then be the Oracle. When Kyra was finally back inside he watched her recede and... The Wandering Moon... Hmmmm.......

He looked back to the Oracle and nodded a respectful greeting, unconsciously seating himself between the den and the cat.  
"Oracle, I presume?" He asked.


Arik was sitting peacefully on the edge of the patio looking at the moon. He perked his ears as the elder approached. Adolph mentioned that he was keeping an eye on the leader. He tilted his head and flicked his gaze to Mercury's den entrance across the patio. He hoped it didn't look like he was just waiting for her, or guarding her.

"... She... has a good view of the moon..." He said quietly, tucking his outstretched crossed paws under him, shyly, and dipping his head to Adolph with deference. Though he hoped she would join him soon. She didn't need guarding, she could handle herself against an attacker better than he could if he thought about it. Why did he come down from his own perch again?

He perked up again though as Adolph went on about the moon and his own experience with what this was. Where the sun and moon saw each other? Making a wish on it? He wondered how the Oracle saw it. He looked up at the moon, the red gathering more and more strength.

He nearly jumped out of his skin as Buckshot came bounding up the ramp and pinned his ears back and closed one of his eyes, ducking his head down some while the loud voice echoed through the castle cliff walls louder than the waterfall cascading in the middle of it. Buckshot was coming in for a head butt and he braced himself for it not really returning it but not immediately bailing since it would be the height of rudeness. Arik was not the type to be rude, or at least he tries as hard as possible to avoid being rude.

Then he asked... a question. Again Arik glanced at Mercury's den entrance, entreating it to reveal her coming to save him.

"I was..." He started even quieter than before, now all his paws where tucked under him like a cat and his tail was wrapped tightly against him trying to make his giant dire stature much smaller, "I was hoping to watch the moon..."with her... It automatically finished in his head before he knew what it meant. He like her company, she made him feel like he wasn't a giant moon headed freak.


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RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Alexander - January 27, 2019


Things settled for a moment. Had it not been for her labored breathing and subsequent amount of pain, things would have really been looking up. Alexander had his head resting over Kyra's neck and shoulder when the soft skittering noise had come from behind him. Golden fur bristled as the male in turn whipped around with a loud snarl, teeth bared as the fox entered the den. Green eyes watched the fox as it nuzzled Kyra and proceeded to drip water over her head. The wolf reflexed with claws digging in to the dirt as his friend settled down for a moment under the foxes care. Who was this strange creature?

Then it hit him. It hit both of them; the smell of a cat. Kyra was on her feet before Alexander could protest and was marching out of the den.

"Ahh-Wai-wait!" he managed to utter as he jumped to all fours and began to charge after her. The voice of his mentor Hakan was the next thing to catch his ears, and the prince paused at the entrance.

"Whoa whoa Baby girl, its ok! She's not here to harm!" He'd said.

"Don't like it."

"It's ok, we've got you. You're safe. Deep breaths and relax."

The prince watched as her father talked her down and her reluctant return to inside the den. It was his turn now, stepping out in to the cool air of the night, looking to Jase, Hakan, and the mysterious stranger. His own teeth protruded from his lips as he watched the blind cat for a moment, fur bristling. If Kyra didn't like this cat then neither did he.

"I am not sure what the meaning of this is," he growled at the cat, "but perhaps it would be best if you gave some distance. I am sorry if we are using your home for this, and I am sure there will be some way we can sort this later, but I am...I would appreciate it very much if you could respect some distance from this den...for now." He held his gaze upon the cat, lifting his head high for a moment before swinging it to look at Hakan and Jase. There was a split second where the realization of Hakan's being here hit him and the golden boy's demeanor changed as he lowered his head quickly. What could Hakan possibly be thinking? If Jase could think there was something else going on...surely Hakan must also be wondering the same. Alexander felt himself growing sick in the stomach but with a thick swallow he lifted his head slightly to look at his teacher.

"I will protect her and keep her safe," he said matter of factly, his face not bearing a smile nor any emotion for that matter. The prince gave his teacher a small bow as he turned to return to the cave, pausing only a moment when the next wave of realization hit him. The world around them was turning red. Alexander's head snapped up to look at the sky where the large moon sat, now half bathed in a blood red color. He squinted at it for a moment before returning his gaze to the party that sat outside. Whatever strange superstitions were about to unfold out here, he wanted no part of it. There were more important things happening inside the den.

When Alex returned, Kyra was laying back in the center of the den still being cared for by the fox. He couldn't help but reflectively flash his teeth at the small creature before settling back down against Kyra's back. He'd listen to her breathing, feel her push against him and then finally pull away. He looked to her with concern as she looked at him. The den itself was slowly becoming encased in the red light of the moon.

"Thank you..."

Her nose met the underside of his chin and it took every ounce of him not to shove his head under hers and pepper her with gentle kisses and continue the encouragement. They were friends; friends were allowed to be overly affectionate when another was in a time of need, right?

"There is no need," he said as he dipped his forehead to hers, eyes closing for just a moment, "it is my honor to be--" but was cut off as she reeled back in pain and began to push.

It was time.

He watched her for a moment as her body began to shudder and she pushed and pushed but to no avail. His ears perked as he watched her carefully for a moment, unsure of what to do, but it was Kyra who knew exactly what she needed.

"Toby... it's too hard..."

That was all that needed to be said. Alexander was on his feet before she could finish, adrenaline pumping through his heart and veins as he felt it subsequently drop in to his stomach. It was time, it was time and there was something wrong. He had to warn the others. He had to let them know. The golden prince dipped down and gently licked the top of her head before bolting out to the front entrance, nearly toppling in to Hakan as he did so.

"It's--It's time. It's time but I need, I need, I need, I need," he stammered, wild eyed and furious that his mouth wouldn't work with his brain, "Passion...Passion I need passion....she needs help! She needs help! She needs passion and she needs help!" He shot a worried and frantic look to Jase and Hakan. He was supposed to be a healer and yet here he was, terrified because he didn't know what he was supposed to do next.

"Please! Help! She needs help!"

He looked to Hakan, a sudden wave of defeat filling his entire body. He'd just...he'd just promised to keep her safe and protect her and now she needed someone more qualified than him to help...Oh how he hoped Hakan would forgive him for not being a better student.

Alexander looked back up to the moon and then the entrance of the cave.

'I'm sorry I could not be better.'

With a start, he ran back inside to help try and keep Kyra calm while the others came to help with the pain.

Down an unknown road
to embrace my fate
Though that road may wander,
it will lead me to you

RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Kimster - January 28, 2019

The air surrounding them took on a red tinge as the moon became ever more saturated. Jase's light green eyes narrowed as he scowled at the heavenly body, not liking this one bit. He snorted and flicked an ear at Hakan as the elder started to tell him of his family's medical history. Hardly had Hakan said that there were usually complications, when a small fox darted up to Jase. Flabbergasted, he stared at the teeny thing smelling his herbs, then jabbered at Alex's butt that was in the way before it scurried into the den. Hakan was on his feet quicker than you could say flash, and then, as if that wasn't enough, a cat strolled up! A cat! Jase's mouth fell slightly open at the audacity of the female until he remembered - oh, right, this was HER island. Merc had said something about some mystic blind cat or something. This must be her. He took a breath to say something, only to have the pregnant fairy herself appear at the entrance to the fox's lair, growling at the cat. Hakan managed to intervene and get his daughter to go back inside, then positioned himself between the den and the feline. Wait, what had she called him? Healing Laughter? Hm. Not a bad title. Of course, Alex also had to make an entrance, posing all dominantly at the cat and politely asking her to step back, then catching sight of Hakan his whole demeanor collapsed, like a fart bubble reaching the surface. Jase didn't know what that all was about, and frankly now was not the time. 

Jase rolled his eyes so hard he almost saw his own brain. Yeesh. Drama drama drama. Time to calm things down. He stood up, and shook his pelt. Smiling, he addressed the feline:

"Well now pretty lady, nice to meet you. Thank you kindly for the use of your island in this instance, but as you can hear the patient is uncomfortable with you this close. I would appreciate it muchly if you could just plonk your lovely behind few steps away, just to put her at ease?" as usual, his flattery wasn't empty, he sincerely thought her pretty and she did have a lovely deriere.  Walking past her, he gave her a wink then turned his attention to his mentor.

"You were saying something about a track record of difficult births? Bullet points please, we don't have much time." he prodded, keeping one ear cocked to him and slowly walking closer to the den. By the time Hakan finished talking, Jase would nod his understanding and take the final step into the den. His nose reflexively wrinkled at the sharp smell of fox inside, though the smell of two wet wolves and birthing was vying for dominance over the foxy odour. The male fox was dribbling water onto Kyra's forehead, helping her to stay cool, and he'd placed the gourd close to her maw should she be thirsty. Good, good. Jase murmered a thank you to his little helper. Alex was curled up protectively against the labouring mother, and it seemed to bring her comfort. Jase nodded at the apprentice, well done. 

"Well now, you have picked quite the luxury pad for your birthing." he grinned at Kyra, giving her a gentle lick on the cheek. From his little bag, he fished out a few stalks of lavender, the petals immediately starting to suffuse the cave with their scent. He also rootled out a small, smoothed pebble and used it to gently crush the petals. Looking at Tobe, he said: "Lavender scent is most efficacious as a relaxant, by crushing the petals it intensifies the odour." Leaving a few more stalks and the pebble with him, with he glance telling the male to crush as needed, he turned back to Kyra. 

"Ok, letsa see what've we got here." Many would think Jase to be too much of an airhead to be able to perform his duties, they would be surprised by his demeanour now. Reassuring but confident, adapting his bedroom manner to the patient's needs. He placed a paw on Kyra's abdoment, gently prodding and feeling, using all his senses to get as much information as possible. Hmmm Hakan was right, the family history of medical difficulties will be repeating tonight. What he felt worried him, but he did not let it show in his expression. Light green eyes glanced at his apprentice, but realised that Kyra's need for his presence is stronger than his need for him to run around, And also 'Lex was still likely to panic. Luckily there was this little foxy thing right here...

"Fox-dude," He addressed the male fox: "I need you to take that gourd and heat the water,please. I know Merc has a fire, but I'm hoping you mystic lot have one here, too. Get back quick as you can." 

As the fox scampered away, Jase took out passionflower and ginger, putting it to the side ready to get thrown into the warm water. "Kyra, now you need to breathe, hun. Slow, in through the nose, and out through the mouth. Again, slow. There you go. This is the breathing exercise Hakan had told you about, Alex. Always keep it slow and steady, do it with Kyra. slow in through nose, out through the mouth. Good. Good." Jase kept a running commentary of encouragement going, waiting for the fox to come back. He kept one paw gently resting on Kyra's abdomen, feeling every twitch of the babes within. If a contraction hits, he would tell Kyra to push, and once the contraction passes the breathing exercises began once more.

RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Mother Moon - January 30, 2019

Note: This is a Non-Player Character controlled by the Mother Moon Account

"Without execution, 'vision' is just another word for 'hallucination'."
- Mark V. Hurd

The catamount stood completely relaxed as Kyra roared out of the den.  The mother to be was already showing how fiercely she'd protect her cubs. Mirai was pleased, both as a female and as one who sees.  The Red Bear was indeed a formidable force. She smiled at the wolf, who was now being soothed by her father and the others.  Mirai did not make any move to approach from her spot near the trees.  Never the less, the males came prickling back.

"I am not sure what the meaning of this is, but perhaps it would be best if you gave some distance. I am sorry if we are using your home for this, and I am sure there will be some way we can sort this later, but I am...I would appreciate it very much if you could respect some distance from this den...for now."

"Well now pretty lady, nice to meet you. Thank you kindly for the use of your island in this instance, but as you can hear the patient is uncomfortable with you this close. I would appreciate it muchly if you could just plonk your lovely behind few steps away, just to put her at ease?"

"Oracle, I presume?" Hakan asked, calmer than his younger proteges.

Mirai just chuckled.

"I will protect her and keep her safe,"

Mirai's grin widened into a full Cheshire smirk, an 'I told you so' look on her face.  Her words had not been heard by the prince, and yet he spoke them sure and true.  If that didn't answer it for Hakan, what would? The pair watched the prince pause at the entrance of the den looking up at the ever reddening moon.  Jase and Hakan began their discussion, but the Mirror Eye was staring blankly up at the moon.

"Please! Help! She needs help!"

"It's time." Mirai said to the blood red moon.

The fox attending her entered the den on Jase's heels, and took the place of it's mate as it rushed to follow the Monoceros's orders.  From here on out, he had two obedient and capable nurses.

RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Mercury - January 30, 2019

The Dark Moon Queen of Nardir                 ☿
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"Being brave means to know something is scary, difficult, and dangerous, and doing it anyway, because the possibility of winning the fight is worth the chance of losing it.
- Emilie Autumn

Mercury began her running return to the Castle as soon as she saw the first shadow cross the moon.  Time was up.  Whatever was coming in Arik's dreams, it was happening now.  Too soon.  The pack had been thrown for a loop with the unexpected desertion, monster attack and Kyra's pregnancy.  The red female was due any day now and- She skidded to a halt as the howl went up.  Kyra!  The Dark Moon's head sharply turned towards the howl.  Jase.  Thank the Stars.  Of them all, he was the most capable.

Resuming her course, with haste, but no longer fear, in her strides.  Instead, she turned inward, thinking back to what she could remember of Arik's dream. He hadn't felt scared... While her adrenaline had spiked at the beginning of the moon's transformation, the thought of what it was aligning to gave her a sense of joy.  It side-tracked her analysis. Pups!  This was a celebration the whole pack would partake in.  Just what they needed after all this sadness.  The creation of a new generation. A longing panged deep in her gut, twisting into a cold knot.  As she came into sight of the Castle, she sighed, then began up the ramp.

It was odd that she was more surprised to find Adolph and Buckshot at her den than she was Arik.  Over the few moons they had been home, she had come to form an easy friendship with the introverted moonkeeper.  Of course he'd be there tonight.  She hid her thoughts as she came up the ramp, instead, greeting them as though she wasn't the least bit concerned with finding them on her porch.

"It would seem it is time." She stated, turning her head to glance skyward.


She turned back to look at him, as though she was going to ask something.  Instead, she refocused on Adolph and Buckshot.  She couldn't very well leave them simply standing there.

"My apologies, Elder.  Would you care to watch the Moonrise?" She gestured towards the cave where she had the sitting furs.  Something softer for his old bones.  She looked over at Arik, catching his glance before the two of them awkwardly broke the contact.

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RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Pawprint - February 04, 2019

When Arik tucked to his greeting and subsequent question, Buckshot's face fell.  How could his former apprentice be nervous around him?  Did he hurt his feelings?  Call him a name?  Was he a bad mentor when Alana assigned Arik to him?  The younger wolf had the makings of a good Groundskeeper in the old territory, observant and smarter than he was in some things.  Did the loss of their old home affect him this badly?

"Oh okay."  If one looked close enough, a flush took over his face as he answered quietly.

The awkward moment would have lasted longer if Mercury hadn't arrived.  Well, she certainly WASN'T in the den the whole time!  Buckshot grew comfortable as Mercury spoke.

"I know right?  My kids are gonna be like big brother and sisters to them.  I can't wait!"  His voice didn't quite sync up to his enthusiasm yet.  His mind still dwelled on the past minute.

The idea of sitting on pelts still wierded Adolph out.  He could try it again he supposed.    What really got him was Leader's greeting to Arik.  So he wasn't guarding the den he was waiting for her.  She meant to join him.  It could have meant nothing.  Or perhaps it did.  The old Relic stretched his legs as he contemplated his Leader's request.

"I would like to."  But he knew she was being respectful.  Seemed like she was expecting party of one.  And being the wink-wink grandpa he was, he wouldn't mind nudging that into existance.  He turned to his son.

"Buckshot...we should see about food for Kyra and the healers."

Buckshot brightened up.  "I got a cache with deer meat.  Aaand maybe there's a big floating chunk of bark that could carry it.  Um..."  He scrunched his face.  "Some of the deer have been hiding in the fallen tree area where dad was...found.  Whatever's stalking Nardir, the deer feel safest there.  Be right back."  With that he trotted off.

Adolph walked to what he hoped was deer fur and plopped on it (did someone chew on it?).  It was further back from the entrance, giving Leader and Arik space to themselves.  He did recap the story of the red moon to Mercury* and told them they should make a wish when the moon turned fully red.  It was a little over halfway there.

"If I fall asleep, please wake me up when it happens.  A night like this for Nardir means good things I believe."

RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Charley - February 04, 2019

I hope you know what you're getting into...

Kyra // Hakan // Arik

Hakan frowned at the cat as the drama went on, seeing Alex say his promise with some weight made the elder narrow his eyes. But he didn't mean to narrow them at Alexander but it may have come across that way, poor boy. He was glad Alex was here, Kyra needed someone to touch and brace against. It was good experience for him.

Hakan turned back to Jase to finish his thoughts.

"Wild abnormalities, birthing backwards, sideways, waterpups, runts, singles, you name it, my family has had it. Keep an eye on her temperature, especially after her swim. She could develop an infection after the birth. If it gets too hot give her feverfew and thyme, if she gets too cold give her more ginger and fireweed." Hakan dipped his head as Jase went inside. Alex's show of concern and panic was to be expected of an apprentice with amnesia for half his life experience and lessons. He tried to smile warmly and encouragingly to the prince but his concern for his daughter clouded his expressions. He always had a harder time keeping his head cool when his immediate family was on the line. He was grateful Jase was here to take over.


Oh... oh no... Arik could see the strain in Buckshots eyes as he mentally reacted to how Arik reacted and the large dire had to admonish himself for being such a dunce. He liked Buck! It was just... he wasn't expecting him... And he came in so suddenly and loud, and... this was why he hated to be around more than one person at a time, he couldn't figure out how to react to each person and all their feelings and energies would overwhelm him at once... and mostly at this moment it was because he hadn't checked in on his mentor for some time and he was blindsided by the sudden guilt about it. He'd been so distracted by the Isle, the Oracle and the Moon and Mercury and had practically almost forgotten Buckshot entirely- it was really disgraceful and shameful and he never wanted to show his face again- how could he be such a horrible apprentice nevermind friend, where they friends? Could they be called friends? Well maybe just now he tossed that potential down the waterfall with his dumb reaction...

Arik unfortunately audibly sighed as the Queen finally came into view up the ramp. The bristles of his fur that had started to rise from the anxiety from the questions and overthinking his own reaction to Buckshot lay flat with his breath, visibly relaxing as she spoke.

"It would seem it is time." She commented, looking up at the moon. He followed her gaze, the moon half red. So she had also gotten the idea that this was what his dream had been pertaining to. He was about to curl an agreeable smile to her, when she spoke his name and he perked his ears and turned toward her, expecting her to ask him something. He tilted his head at her as she shifted her attention to Buckshot and his father and he looked away as they conversed, hopefully he could at least shoot Buckshot an apologetic look... maybe... maybe find him later when there wasn't so much going on.

He caught her glance again and this time he felt a different kind of stirring within him. The kind that caught his breath in his throat at the way the strange moon reflected off her eyes. She needed him for something but with present company she didn't want to talk about it. For some reason his adrenaline spiked at the notion and worry crossed his features, was something wrong?  

He then watched the exchange between Buckshot and his father, moving over a touch for Mercury to find a spot next to him, not really thinking about it but also trying to encourage her, and watched Buckshot leave the terrace. If Arik was a more talkative person he would have tried to stutter something after him. Ugh that was far too painful, he hoped he didn't hurt Buckshots feelings, he was going to be thinking about that awkward exchange for weeks until he would finally face the man again, and probably have another awkward exchange. Arik felt like hitting his head on the wall of his den later.

As Adolph filled her in on the customs of his pack he tried looking at the moon. Why was he settling down so far away? Oh he might nap until it was time... Mother give me answers... he asked the moon. The moon was silent but moving and growing ever more red. Closer and closer to reaching its zenith. The time was soon.

When or if Mercury settled next to him he would take a deep inward breath closing his eyes for a moment, the buzzing in his head finally settling down. She would have his full attention.


Kyra was raking her claws into the dirt with each wave. She was tired but Jase's coaching was helping her get a better handle on her own head. It was taking everything in her not to just give up and scream. Maybe she could run these kids out. Anything but THIS.

The lavender hit her again, this time much stronger and gave her a new wind to relax into. Why was this so hard?? Her mother did it didn't she? Each mother from time in continuum has done this why can't she?  

She leaned into Alex, minutes kept passing by and it was feeling like forever. She felt his paw on her abdomen and the pressure seemed to have relieved something. Then the warm water came in front of her, the tea. She lapped it up, letting her body go through the contractions without pushing. She just didn't have it in her, she was too tired.

Outside the moon continued to fade to red. More than half way... a third of it left... a quarter left...
Inside, after a rest the red bear left her body do the pushing for her and it was getting nowhere. Then she looked up after she felt some movement, a pressure on her abdomen.

Her father had come in, his face grim, his paw rubbing her side.


"Its stuck..." he mumbled, Hakan had come in to check on things and the look on her face made his heart plummet. She was too tired...
He apologized to Jase as he came in and placed his own paw on her but she had missed the exchange.

"Lets get her up and on her other side. It might be stuck in her hip, might be on the larger side." He said calmly stepping back and letting her shift and allowing the other males help her.

When she laid down again her head drifted slowly to the floor, it was like she couldn't keep it up.

Hakan then started to massage her abdomen, showing Jase and Alex to feel for the pup, find its head. It was sideways... Just like she herself had been, sort of, she had been backwards, but this kid was a monster in size. He honestly couldn't feel any other pups. It could be a singleton.

"Here, start massaging the pup when she has a contraction in the direction it needs to go, move the head when she's resting." He said and gave her a kiss on the cheek while he left. The space was cramped enough and he'd lose his own head if he stayed in there long enough. He didn't want to take all the charge from Jase, the healer was doing great.


Everything was a blur for her, she barely realized that she had gotten up and rolled over, barely acknowledged them at all. She opened her eyes though when her father kissed her cheek and half wagged her tail at him. It gave her a new breath again, she lifted her head and braced herself, hopefully leaning into Alex as another even stronger contraction came. Using Jase's breathing techniques and his coaching she felt like something was finally moving again in there.

It shifted! There! Something!
With all her might she puuuushed, her limbs shaking, breathing hard.

The moon barely had a glimmer of its face left.

Breathe breathe Puuuush

That last vestige of the bright Mother's Face disappeared, the moon was a solid Red.

Finally she let out a low guttural yell as she pushed with all her might then collapsed at the sudden release. She fell to the floor exhausted.
A large black shadowy pup behind her. Larger than most newborns would be. She felt too tired to clean it herself, but she lifted her head to find it anyway, instinct taking over. Breathing heavily she grabbed it, broke its sac and started to clean it. But she put her head down to rest half way through. The healers would have to finish cleaning the large boy.

As the boy would find his way to her teat to drink, Kyra would not lift her head, she would drift into an exhausted sleep and become unresponsive. Her temperature would start to climb making the small den even warmer.

The moon's red face shifted and a glimmer from the other side of the moon began to shine.

A very faint and strange soft white pink glow would be found under one of Kyra's legs. The tiny albino newborn must have been right on the Shadows tail. Her sac unbroken, her glowing faint, her features small and runtish, slightly disproportionate, skinny for a newborn, unresponsive... Just like her father had been... and she was glowing...

//Kyra's temperature is rising and she's unresponsive: she needs cool water, throw feverfew and thyme in the same tea, make her lick it by pouring drops on her nose, got some moss? The white pup is unresponsive and needs tending to.


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RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Alexander - February 04, 2019


He'd wasted no time as he sounded the alarm, bolting back in after Jase and settling down by Kyra's side once more. His head rested atop hers as he tried his best to calm her but then Hakan was entering and everyone was talking about things that could go wrong- things that were unusual for births but for some reason plagued all of Kyra's family even before her. The golden prince could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he did his best to remain calm, to remain supportive and to not get scared over what Hakan and Jase were saying. True enough, he knew next to nothing medically on how to help Kyra- but the thought of some complication resulting in the end of her life terrified the boy to no end. So he held fast as he softly talked her through each contraction, muscles tensing as she'd push against him; he would not move unless instructed.

And they were. Hakan gave the order to have her flip to the other side as one pup was stuck, and Alexander felt his heart in his throat as he helped her up, allowing her to use his body as a support beam as they shifted and she was back down in an instant on her side, and he was nudging her head up on to the top of his paws and gently licking her face and muttering soft words of encouragement. And then Hakan was gone. Alexander's head snapped up from where it was to watch the older wolf leave, allowing Jase to do his job and watch as the first pup came in to view, the whole room turning a blood red as the pup lay there in a fresh new world. He couldn't help but feel himself smiling with pride and joy at Kyra as she managed to lift herself up enough to tend to the large pup before falling back down on the ground in exhaustion. Alexander lifted his head a moment to watch the red moon begin to fade away in to the glow of it's pale old self, and his heart felt full and still in his throat. She had done it.

"You've done it. You've done it. Rest, rest," he'd mutter softly in to her ear as he licked her head again, though now as he caressed her head with his own snout, he felt something shift. The room had gotten warmer- she had gotten warmer. Golden green eyes snapped to focus and his attention shifted just enough from the lull they had been in as he turned to Jase. He looked to the head healer a moment, wondering if he could feel it too. It was a moment of silence as he tried to determine if the heat was coming from the stress of the birth or if there was something more to it. Alexander swung his head down towards Kyra again as he nudged her.

"Hey," he said, voice soft. At her lack of response, he'd nudge again. "Hey," Alex would say again, nudging Kyra's cheek a second time as fear slowly crept upon his face once more; heart sinking deep within the depths of his stomach. When she didn't respond, he was pulling his front legs out from under her head, gently setting it down on the ground before sitting up. He looked around to Jase and then to the fox in the room, green eyes darting this way and that as he looked for a solution.

Alexander dipped his head down and began to nudge the tea towards Kyra's face, before picking it up and attempting to feed it to her himself, slowly dripping a thin stream of tea around her mouth and nose.

", drink."

He looked to Jase with concern as he set the bowl back down.

"Do you have any thyme? Or, or, mmm," he huffed, trying to keep his voice calm and collected as he looked from Jase to Kyra then back to Jase, "I need...oh what was it..."

He furrowed a brow, slowly beginning to pace back and forth around Kyra's head, dipping his down to check her breathing before lifting it back up.

"Few...Few...Something," he finally sighed, growling at his inability to remember. Hopefully Jase would know, and have it on hand.

"Oh!" Alexander finally said after a second, paws already leading him half way out of the cave, "Let me get some water!! She'll need water!"

ooc: sorry this reply absolutely sucks also sorry alexander is an idiot and can't remember half of what hakan has taught him ever bc frankly im sure he just wasnt listening

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RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Kimster - February 07, 2019


Jase watched his patient, keeping his paw on her swollen belly, feeling each contraction and the one gigantic pup. He'd now idea if it was only one pup or more, but one was all he could feel. No wonder she was struggling! Pretty soon it was obvious that other methods need to be followed. Hardly had he thought that, when Hakan entered. The masterhealer voiced the problem that Jase had though: stuck. The younger healer's face was grim as he helped the other two turn Kyra over, and started massaging when a contraction hits. A stuck pup was always difficult. There was usually complications at birth for both mother and offspring. Hakan left the den, freeing up some more space. Jase let him do as he saw fit, not for one moment feeling as if he was taking over. Healers should always help each other, there was no place for ego and pride in this calling. jase lost track of time as he concentrated on his duties, only barely aware that the area was getting more and more red, until, with an almighty push, Kyra birthed her pup. The birthling was bathed in the red moonlight, the lighting accenting big feet and huge shoulders. The pup was massive. Kyra wearily lifted her head and started cleaning the pup but halfway through she lost energy. 

"Give her more tea, 'Lex" Jase ordered, quickly finishing the pup's cleaning and reassuring himself that the boy was breathing. He was truly massive! He placed the pup against Kyra's teats and smiled as it began to suckle. Gentle palpating her abdomen with his paws, he watched the afterbirth exit and felt sure there weren't anymore pups stuck in there. Just as he was about to turn away, a glow caught his eye. The red light was lestening, but there was something weird underneath her one back leg. He frowned. A glowbug? Lifting a leg, for a brief moment Jase froze in shock. A pup! A GLOWING pup! Like lightning he scooped up the tiny little runt, noting her slightly abnormal build and her thin appearance. Oh no... Swiftly he tore away the sac and listened. Nope, she wasn't breathing. Dammit. With gentle breaths he blew down her teeny maw, then held her firmly in his front paws and waved her in circles in front of him, hoping that the motion would get her breathing. 

As if that wasn't enough, her mother was starting to heat up with fever, he could feel it emanating from her in waves. Alex was muttering something about few and that she needs some. Jase frowned a little bit - he really needs to work on Lex's ability to remain calm. The other male exclaimed that she needed water and was heading outside, but Jase stopped him with a firm voice:

"Alex stop! First ask Hakan if he has some moss, if he has take it if he doesn't get one of the foxes to try and find some and then come back to me immediately. When you get back, in my bag I've feverfew and thyme. You're right she needs it now. Use half and mix it with the other tea." Looking at the male fox, has told him: "Get me some more water, heated and some more cold to bathe her head." Looking back at Alex, he added: "when the fox gets back with the warmer water add, the rest of the fewverfew and thyme in that and dribble it on her nose and gently down her throat, don't choke her. You concentrate on her, I'll focus on the pups."

The healer was all business, and he hoped his stern tone would bring Alex's flighty disposition under control. He unfortunately didn't have time to guide his friend into calmness, not with a pup unresponsive and Kyra unconscious with a rising temperature. He went back to breathing into the maw of the little girl pup, alternating breathing and oscillating her in the air, hoping and hoping the little glowbug would live.

RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Mercury - February 12, 2019

The Dark Moon Queen of Nardir                 ☿
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"Being brave means to know something is scary, difficult, and dangerous, and doing it anyway, because the possibility of winning the fight is worth the chance of losing it.
- Emilie Autumn

"I would like to. Buckshot...we should see about food for Kyra and the healers."

The Queen nodded as Adolph gave instructions to his son.  She was pleased again for Adolph's insight.

"I got a cache with deer meat.  Aaand maybe there's a big floating chunk of bark that could carry it.  Um... Some of the deer have been hiding in the fallen tree area where dad was...found.  Whatever's stalking Nardir, the deer feel safest there.  Be right back."

And the forester was just as quick to act.  Mercury watched Buckshot run off in the reddening light, despite his own desire to wish upon the blood wolf moon.  It further cemented her decision to make him Aquila. In their own quiet way, the Adolphin line was a steadfast pillar of Nardir.  It was time they were recognized for it.   She had not thought about how hungry the ordeal would leave all involved.

"Thank you, Grandsire. I had not thought of sending provisions to the Isle." Mercury admitted.

Adolph then told them the story about wishing upon a red moon.  Inadvertently Mercury looked up at the ever-reddening orb as he spoke.  Mercury had only ever wished to return home while she had been kept so far away.  Now that she had achieved that, did she even have a wish of her own?  She hadn't had time to consider it.  Now, the unspoken question buzzed in the back of her mind. When she looked back down, her eyes locked on Arik's.  For a moment the two just stared at each other before Adolph's movement broke the moment.

"If I fall asleep, please wake me up when it happens.  A night like this for Nardir means good things I believe."

The Dark Moon raised a brow as she watched the elder walk further into her den and selected to lay on the deer hide rug.  Hadn't he wanted to watch the moon?  She moved aside, shifting into the spare space Arik had made for her without even noticing she had done it.  Despite Adolph's calm attitude, Mercury was still uneasy about the rest of Arik's vision.  What did this all mean?

"I fear my understanding of your vision is no clearer in the crimson light."  Mercury said quietly, practically whispering to avoid disturbing Adolph. "Stars grant truth to Adolph's prediction."

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RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Alexander - February 14, 2019


"Alex stop! First ask Hakan if he has some moss, if he has take it if he doesn't get one of the foxes to try and find some and then come back to me immediately. When you get back, in my bag I've feverfew and thyme. You're right she needs it now. Use half and mix it with the other tea. When the fox gets back with the warmer water add, the rest of the fewverfew and thyme in that and dribble it on her nose and gently down her throat, don't choke her. You concentrate on her, I'll focus on the pups."

Jase's firm voice snapped the prince back to reality; his pupils dilated with adrenaline as he looked over to his friend. He'd nod quickly, rushing out to Hakan, body shaking as he tried his damndest to keep it together. He wasn't...he wasn't doing very well, but he was going to try. He needed to try for her.

Out of breath and shaking with the need to run a mile, the boy rushed outside, cornering Hakan for moss. When the elder said he had none but knew where to find some, Alex took off running towards the shore.

'It'll be on a rock, most likely. Just scrape it with your claws. Should work just fine.'

He made it to the shore in record time, his paws scraping at several rocks to collect the moss before gathering it in his mouth and returning to the den.

He'd look to Jase for a second before diving for his medical bag, digging out the feverfew and thyme, snatching the tea and separating the mixture half and half. He'd return to Kyra's side, following Jase's instructions and giving her the tea as well as the herbs, doing his best to pour slowly in to her mouth so she wouldn't choke on the liquid. He could feel his limbs trembling, but he'd firm up with his claws digging in to the dirt; the only movement made being his eyes watching the entire situation in snippets as he pulled back from giving Kyra tea and allowing her to drink and swallow before resuming a slow trickle pour in to her mouth.

'Stay with us,' he'd think to himself, watching her face intently, worry plaguing his face.

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RE: Super Blood Wolf Moon [CW: Birth] - Charley - February 14, 2019

I hope you know what you're getting into...

Kyra // Hakan // Arik

"I fear my understanding of your vision is no clearer in the crimson light... Stars grant truth to Adolph's prediction."

Arik nodded sagely, and glanced at the elder to see if her gentle volume disturbed him any. He turned back to the moon and nodded, his heart rate steady, and his breathing easing into a much more comfortable rhythm.

"I have a feeling..." He started just as quietly then turned to her, "That... he may be right. I have a few theories but I believe that after tonight things will be either be more clear... or... not." His breathing had slowed right down as she held his gaze for another moment, and he tilted his head in a quiet question. They had been exchanging looks this entire night. Something was nagging her... And it was nagging him to see her struggle. She knew she could share anything with him, and from what he knew of Adolph, he knew he was another member with who many could trust and turn to. Currently she was surrounded by the ones that perhaps supported her the most.

Suddenly the world went vibrant red, the last sliver of silver disappearing.
He called over his shoulder not too loudly, "Elder! This is it!" He said excitedly and getting to his feet.

He liked the idea of making a wish, but... he had never wished nor wanted for anything. Except a place to feel at home, a purpose. And... If he thought about it... He really thought he had. He had found a place, found a purpose... He should change his name. Like his parents and the other large dires from the fringe where his bloodline hailed from... But changing his name wasn't a wish. And that could come later...

He looked at the Queen with her eyes like seafoam, her midnight pelt broken by cream and gold, her rough collar sitting over a terrible scar... Had she ever gotten what she wanted? That was his wish. He felt a little silly somehow, using his wish for someone else... but... maybe she didn't know what to wish for, believing perhaps she couldn't. She had sacrificed everything, what then could a queen wish for other than something for her own people?

I wish Queen Mercury could have what she wants most...

"Mercury?" He asked quietly, catching her eyes again as they all looked at the red moon, hopefully subtle enough to not catch the elders attention as well, who had surely joined them to make a wish, "You know you can tell me anything..." He whispered close to her cream and white ear, his blue-gray eyes ensuring sincerity as he pulled away...

Hakan was trying not to pace. He was trying not to just barge in again and see what was happening. He watched the moon with a wary look, he glanced at where the Cat was supposedly resting, but maybe she had disappeared and he was looking at a bush in this strange half light. His ears perked as he heard his daughter give a low yell when the moon became fully overcast in red. He watched the entrance to the den as still as stone. His last birth was helping Sara's, this was a strange perspective for him. He had always been in the middle of the fray, making the calls, watching the littles take their first breath of life.

Here he stood outside waiting for baited breath.

Then suddenly, a face from his first Nardirian birth appeared, plagued with worry, asking about moss in a hurry. He didn't like that. He didn't like that at all, moss meant either helping someone unconscious to drink or to sop up too much blood.

"It'll be on a rock, most likely. Just scrape it with your claws. Should work just fine - Make sure you get a good sizable clump but several smaller ones are fine!" He shouted after him. He probably didn't hear the last bit. Hakan turned back to the entrance, worry now all over his face but he knew he'd lose it if she was having trouble and he would be no help at all, just get in Jase's way.

This was how it was always meant to be... Hakan thought, caught in the moment as he watched Alexander barrel back in, dripping moss clumps as he went. He thought back to years ago, training these two... His daughter not even a glimmer in his eye yet. Things had changed, massacres happened... they were lost... and yet here they all were... Welcoming the next generation, the first litter in their old lands since they had been chased out of it... full circle. He would be a grandfather... Again, his son-in-law right now inside, with his own heart break living so close by. Hakan's granddaughter, oblivious of her ties to either of them, his granddaughter nonetheless.

He sighed and swayed on his paws, sitting was making him sore, and they weren't calling for him yet. Maybe he should check...

The red woman was too exhausted to lift her head, or open her eyes. She was vaguely aware of something wet on her nose and felt her tongue automatically lick it off, only to get wet again. She just wanted to sleep, but it was wet again and threatening to make breathing difficult, so she licked again. She didn't know how long this went on.

At the next time Jase breathed into the tiny pink white maw a loud *SQUEAL* would erupt from her tiny body at an exhale, most likely startling even the dead.

And it did, the tiniest of pups screamed so loud, and continued to squeal, it brought Kyra's head up like a shot, urgently looking for the child and making her dizzy.

"Where!?" She shouted trying to see through her haze as the moon continued to appear on the other side revealing the world around them. She was trying to stand and nearly knocked her son away, without seeing Jase or Alex she grabbed the tiny screeching glowbug and tucked her near her teats she scooted the larger black one back in as well. As soon as the little girl began to suck she stopped screaming. And Kyra did as she was told, drank the tea as much as she could, before letting her hurting and dizzying head fall dazedly and slipping into a heavy sleep. It was over. They were safe. She was done.


Hakan nearly bolted inside, not at the puppy squeal but at his daughters shout. Though the squeal made him jump, he lingered at the doorway listening as hard as he could.

ooc: She'll need a regimen of those herbs for the first few days and Hakan will suggest adding Usnea and Fenugreek to the mix!

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