Frosted Pursuits (Moscow/Bellamy)
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Eli found himself alone again. It was an odd feeling, being alone surround by countless fellow canines, but barring one interaction with a talkative pup those canines had proved to be jerks. They ranged from the innocently under educated to the flagrant assholes, but it made life hard on any aspect of the scale. It was a blessing when Gaven had asked him to stay with him at his camp, maybe out of pity, but maybe out of really wanting someone there to watch his stuff. Either way the dog wouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth. But the elven man had been gone for some time now, and even the spirits who were usually a bother didn't come to pester him, perhaps lulled to sleep by the thick layer of snow on this plane. Eli found himself leaving the camp behind for now and venturing into the highlands to hunt. Surely there was prey where he lived, but it was loneliness that force the tripod out of hiding. But why, he thought to himself, why will meeting someone else be any different now? He didn't care. Desperation and haunting memories of his last winter holed up in solitude drove him forward.

There was a decent amount of snow in Gemini. It would have been nearly up to his elbows if it hadn't been crusted over. Eli easily traversed the land, even in parts where he had to plow through. Stomach grumbled simultaneously with his nose picking up the scent of a rabbit. Tracking was what he was bred for, finding it was no problem. The lucky little bastard was gifted with a coat to blend in with the snow every winter. The dog wished he could do the same, though for a brief second wondered what he'd look like all bleached out. Such thoughts were for another time, now it was time to feed. The rabbit, it seemed, as the same idea as it nibbled on some branches, distracted as any prey would allow itself to be. Eli made his move, and it looked good for him. The rabbit started to zig zag as he drew near enough to grab his meal when the crust gave way. Eli gasped in surprised but tried to keep up the pace but the sudden change in terrain was a game changer.

"No!" the dog charged through the snow as the rabbit outpaced him, disappearing into the land of white. He knew when he was beat. "Damnit!"

There was no use expending more energy on this. Eli slowed, looking for a place where he could climb back on top of the snow. Once he did he would sit, looking uselessly in the direction of the fled rabbit. Thankfully the tripod wasn't at a time where he was starving, but it was still frustrating.

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m o s c o w

Being born into a family of misfit children meant that you never truly felt different. Growing up for most of her life within a den that was full of acceptance and love, a mother and father who taught each one of her littermates (and herself!) to be proud and confident, no matter the company they keep.

Her family was sure to thank for the way the dead-legged girl stood with zest as her leg dragged through the muck... and freezing snow. It was a good thing that there wasn't any feeling to be had or else she may have frostbite to worry about.

Moscow leapt through the heavy mounds of snow, far beyond the supportive and welcoming den that she considered home. A distance away from well wishes and praise, a long ways away from the family that loved her... for all she was..............

Little blue watched as a yellow guy with three legs raced through the snow, playing an OBVIOUS game of tag with his friend-rabbit. Considering when she should intervene, or if she should stay and watch, she picked up on a cue of frustration from the yellow guy. His rabbit friend was getting away and he couldn't keep up. She resonated, understanding the feeling that he must have, but he couldn't give up! He couldn't just let his friend leave!.

"DAMNIT!!!!!!!!!!!!" She mimicked, several octaves louder than the dog parallel to her. She'd watched as he kicked snow to try and keep up with the rabbit, transcending her to the chaos to investigate what was happening. The young pup quickly concluded what was happening and wanted to help. "COOOOOOOOOME BAAAAAAAAAACK, DAAAAAAAAMNIT!" Somehow louder than before, she called again.

When Moscow realized that the rabbit would not return, her shoulders hunched forward and she dropped her head, a forlorn guise on her face. "I'm sorry you lost your rabbit... I hope Damnit comes home to you soon."

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A rabbit had skittered out from underneath a nearby brush, escaping from the jaws of one hungry kid … straight into another's. Bellamy crunched its spine in one bite, and proudly carried her kill, making the way to her den.

She heard shouting, and ever the one to investigate disturbances happening on HER TURF (!!!), walked in on Eli and Moscow, both looking quite concerned about something.

Dropping the rabbit to her feet, Bell licked her nose.

“What’s all the yelling for, ya brats?”

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