[MON PLOT] Chapter 2: Hiraeth
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Chapter Two

The zone around the All-Mother’s statue still remains the only place that provides a shelter from the corruption. But it is creeping ever closer, night after night. Sometimes screams can be heard within the woodlands, and any brave enough to venture out would find large scratch marks on the tree trunks and engraved in the large rocks.

But no one can find anything.

One night, the crows suddenly start to caw in excitement again. Hiraeth is suddenly alive with activity, and the statue of the All-Mother appears to have grabbed their attention this time. ”They’re coming! They’re coming!” The birds cry, as the bushes around rustle with growls. Suddenly, they all come charging out; black and white and silver.

The badgers seem to be in pain, the silver blood clotting in their fur. But they are in a rampage, their eyes all black and bleeding, their nose and mouth dripping. They outnumber the members of Hiraeth two to one - but maybe the All-Mother can help her children.

(Their fury seems to be unfocused, as likely as they are to attack the wolves, they could very well turn on each other).

There is ONE EVENT in Hiraeth:
Corrupted badger attack
Monster sighting will happen during the attack.

Information about the monster sighting and the corrupted creatures can be found in the general thread - HERE

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The mystery of the silver blood and disappearing animals was becoming a frustrating one for the Chief Sentry. She could not find a source and each night the screams grew longer. Often, she spent hours at a time answering what questions she could and calming the anxieties of frightened civilians with what limited knowledge she had and false promises she could make. Yes, things would get better, she promised. No, this was not a bad omen for Valen's reign. Yes, the Circle of the Sun would handle it. No, no one's tree had died (to Kit's knowledge none hadn't, at least).

She had been praying quietly at the All Mother's statue with her head bowed in respect when the crowing had begun. Her head shot up, golden eyes flashing in alarm and wariness. The crows were harbingers for something and that something was coming, something that was far from good. Alarmed, the Chief Sentry's hackles stood on end as she watched the bushes with wide, wary eyes.

She took a single step back when the badges came charging, muscles taught as she stood frozen. There are so many, black and white and gray and spattered with silver blood, eyes colored like the night and weeping blood.  They snarled and growled as they went, the crows cheering for their rabid champions as they tore across the earth toward the Chief Sentry.

She lifted her head before they came for her, letting out an alarmed howl before it was cut off with a yelp when one badger decided to bury its teeth in the flesh of her leg. She swore loudly before returning the favor, wrenching the corrupted from her creature before kicking it way. But the moment she rid herself of one, several others were sure to fill its place. She was incredibly outnumbered, even as she continued to defend herself.

Spitting vile blood from her mouth, the Chief Sentry realized that if she continued to stand alone against the hordes of rabid badgers, she might not survive the coming waves.
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