[MON PLOT] Chapter 2: Nardir
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Chapter Two

Nardir’s situation does not improve as the nights go on. Mother Moon still screams, white blood still rains from the sky, and the mutilated bodies still appear dumped on the fields. Prey is still scarce, and the smell of rot and decay still remains.

One night, things seem to escalate.

Within the Shenandoah Meadowlands - where the body pieces were first found - stand the last remaining two members of a herd of horses. They rear up onto their back legs and cry out, their movements aimless and aggressive; randomly lashing out to kick at the air with their back legs. White blood is splattered all over them, but what comes out of their eyes, nose and mouth is black. They do not appear to be able to communicate anymore.

Around Moonstone Lake, the screaming never ends.The dark sky seems to be full of shooting stars at a first glance, but the realisation comes quickly, as bats in swarms of thousands circle around the lake. Parts of their body is covered in speckles of white blood, and they throw themselves at anything nearby: some crash into trees, others spiral and fall into the lake itself. As more and more bodies fall into the lake, the lake turns darker and darker.

(If it continues, the water will be tainted for a long time)

There are many scurrying little feet at Vaidya’s Garden. Raccoons appear to have snuck in and taken over, tearing herbs up from the ground and fruit from the trees. Some seem to gorge themselves, eating anything they can get their little hands on; others try to make a run for it with what they’ve taken. Their eyes have not yet gone completely black like the other creatures that terrorize the pack, but they still bleed ink from their noses and mouths.

There are THREE EVENTS in Nardir:
Corrupted horses
Corrupted bats
Nearly-corrupted raccoons

The monster sighting will occur randomly in one of these events.

Information about the monster sighting and the corrupted creatures can be found in the general thread - HERE

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