[MON PLOT] Chapter 2: Gemini
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Chapter Two

The rain is heavy, the night is dark, and screams ring out. It is difficult to see through the intensity of the downpour - the storm is relentless in it’s fury. Something charges through Gemini’s territory, reckless and dangerous, squealing in anger. Small groups of wild boars rampage about, their eyes completely black and the same tar leaking from their nose and mouth. Their fur is covered in the ink blood that was found on the carcasses on the beach, but the boars never stop squealing.

(Like they’re in pain).

Two stumble around the faerie pools, sometimes crashing into each other and dirtying the pools more and more with their behaviour. Another two attack the castle that stands tall in the centre of Gemini. They bounce off of it’s walls again and again, but they never stop. They continue to charge, the noise echoing through the forest and fields.

But those near the Glass Fields spot something worse. Lightning strikes light up the land - the only visibility the night can provide in the storm - and they catch a glimpse of something large, with multiple black eyes that stare back with white irises. With every flash, it appears a little further ahead.

(It is moving back beyond the wall, and fast)

There are THREE events for Gemini:
Two corrupted boars in the Faerie Pools
Two corrupted boars attacking the Dilapidated Castle
Monster Sighting by the Glass Fields.

Information about the monster sighting and the corrupted creatures can be found in the general thread - HERE

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The voice boomed within his head, shaking him awake as he gasped sharply and watched around him for signs of inky blackness covered in clacking muscle. The sloshing of water was absent in the darkness of his den and he sighed heavily with relief. The demon left him this night, but he wasn't sure why he had woken up with a feeling of anxiety if this was certainly the case.

Grogginess fogged him, but Kol Nidre soon had clarity as he stood, ears catching the monstrous streaming echoing in the forest. Faint at first and nearly drowned by the sound of rain and distant thunder, the screams grew louder with each passing moment.

Something tangible was out there.

With heckles raised, the old King slowly made his way to the entrance of his home, not knowing exactly what was out there. A whisper told him it was nothing good, a feeling of dread washing over him. Yet he could not stray from his instinct to investigate despite the sludge sitting in his stomach. As his nose nearly touched the carpet of rain, other foot steps drew near, golden eyes snapping to the shuffle of feet. He gave a growl of warning, muscle pulling against the scar of his shoulder, but despite the pain he was more concerned with what was coming for him. A beast?

Familiar shapes jumped from the trees and ran to him. Despite his warning growl, the two bodies shuffled and dragged him back into his large den under the rocks and tree roots. Lev Malakh and Maia were both drenched, his granddaughter looking worse for wear as she trembled and shook, eyes wild with fear. She may have been crying, but her soaked face made it hard to tell. Kol Nidre sighed and looked at his daughter. She shook her head, ushering them further inside. He nodded and took Maia with him while the Valkyr stood closer to the entrance in case those beasts tried to come close to their sanctuary.

"They're pigs, mad on something. They're... not right. Something's wrong." she said, strained voice echoing in the hovel. "They sound like they're in pain." Maia looked to Kol as he looked to her.

"We'll be okay." he offered to the girl trembling against him. "We'll be... okay."

✦ ✦ Speech Text ✦ ✦

If any other family wanted to follow Lev you're more than welcome
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You opened my mouth
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forcing your Cancer
down my throat
laughing as I choked
on your pride.

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A v i    T i q v a h

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Thunder cracked overhead as the girl ran, her breaths coming in ragged gasps as she fled from the horrific apparitions. They weren't real...she knew they weren't real. They were just another one of her hallucinations that sought to torment her ever waking moment with their devilish appearance, their bloodcurdling screams, the black ooze dripping from their jaws...the black blood.

"Haven't I told you, deary? You can't escape it...."

He was there beside her again, the wolf-like mirage that incessantly bled the curdled black fluid. He grinned at her, ivory teeth caked in coagulated blood, green eyes glowing with malicious intent.

"They were bound to find you some day, in the flesh."

The girl couldn't speak. Not a word could escape her throat as her lungs heaved for more air. Her legs ached, but she didn't dare stop. She could still hear the screams of the monsters behind her, tailing her. The heavy rain masked the tears that streamed from her eyes as her desperation increased. She just wanted them to go away. All she wanted was to curl into her siblings, her grandfather, her mother, her fa-...

Her feet left the ground as the earth fell away. It was only a second of suspension, but her muscles screamed once she hit the muddy soil. The girl rolled down the hill, trying to grip the earth with her claws, but it was useless. It was much too slippery, and down she went until she reached the bottom. Coughs racked her aching chest as she pushed herself back to her feet. Her heart beat against her ribcage, every breath painful as she gulped more air. However, this was no time to rest. She could still hear the horrific screams of the monsters approaching.

"Run like hell."

The young girl pushed herself off yet again, his gargled laughter quavering down her neck.

Her pace was slowing as the adrenaline started fading, the exhaustion of running for so long catching up with her. A newfound terror gripped her as she realized the bloodied monsters would catch up to her soon, and she clinched her eyes shut as new tears welled up and spilled over. However, upon opening them again, she saw two figures running perpendicular to her. She recognized them....

"MOMMA! SISSY! WAI-" Her voice caught in her throat and a fit of coughs ceased her body, forcing her to slow further. The rain and her tears made it perpetually difficult to see where she was going, but she could still make out her family running in the distance. Quickly pivoting her body in their direction (and slipping in the meantime), a new determination found her as she forced her body to pick up speed again. By now, it felt like her heart was threatening to shoot through her chest, but this kind of pain was better than what those monsters might do to her....

Finally, at long last, she managed to catch up to them. "M-momma!" she heaved, sliding up to the Valkyr and nuzzling her, breaths coming in ragged gasps. Her legs trembled, on the verge of collapsing. Unable to speak, she moved into the den, nuzzling her grandfather and sister in turn before crumpling to the ground. She moved closer to her family, pushing up against Maia, trying to find comfort in her sister's presence. Seeing her family on high alert, her mother guarding the entrance...did this mean...the monsters were...?

"Oh yes."

Avi Tiqvah's eyes turned to glance at him, terror causing the hackles to rise on her withers. No one but her could see him, yet he was here with her. He was always with her, feeding her nightmares...and comfort. Her fears were realized, yet it was relieving to know her mind hadn't conjured more illusions. These monsters were not in her head.

"They never were, you see."

He stepped closer, placing a gnarled paw on her own.

"W-what...what are...they...?" The question was asked to no one in particular. It didn't matter who answered. Her voice was soft, blue and yellow eyes never leaving those of glowing green. Black blood continued to seep from his grinning maw.

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c o r r o s i o n //

He had heard the screams.  

They had echoed across Gemini, some had been drowned out by the pouring rain, but there had been some that had been able to even outdo the thunder.  The screams had frightened his new family, the little ones asking what was happening, what the noise was, how to make it stop. Corrosion had to admit to them he did not know what these noises were, or what creature they belonged to, but as both a father figure now, and as a Vanguard, it was his responsibility to find out what it was, and get rid of it if need be.  Corrosion had grown fond of these children who had been thrown away by their own blood, the same one who had discarded Zehava to the wayside after he had corrupted her, lied to her.  Corrosion had stepped in after Zeke had disappeared, no longer caring what had happened to his brother.  He had abandoned his family, and in Corrosions eyes, that meant he no longer was his responsibility.  

The large, shaggy wolf, stood, shaking off the dirt form his coat, and turned to the golden woman, almost outgrown by all her pups.  "Zehava, I have to go. If I don't come back, seek out Lev Malakh, she is my sister and will keep you and the children safe."  He gave her a small smile of comfort, before bending down to lick the small woman cheek once.  "You will be alright-  I promise."  A whisper, another smile, and a nod, before he turned once more to head out in the pouring rain.  

The storm was unforgiving, the rain and lighting made it hard to see as Corrosion ran.  Large ears still being able to pick up the unearthly screams that resounded in the land.  He wondered if this was the same curse that had once engulfed him to see Kol Nidre's corpse, taunting and belittling him on the cliffside, or if was something completely different altogether.  Whatever it was, it was a threat and had to be neutralized.  Not only to protect Gemini, but to protect the ones he had began to grow love for.  Those children, even though they were not his, were just as good, as he had been to Akki and Kol Nidre.  Zehava was still heaving from her own trauma, and Corrosion had to step for both of them when it came to the kids. He did not mind, and he enjoyed the time he got to spend with her as well, especially when she was back to her old self every once in a while.  

Another scream broke his thoughts, this time they were closer, and louder.  Corrosion skid to a stop on the wet ground, his fur soaked through, and lightning lighting up the skies, and the tree line.  Figures could be seen darting in between the trees, and Corrosion still struggled to figure out what was making the god awful noises, and the smell.  That was new, and it turned his stomach.  Something was not right here.  These- things were diseased, or something.  Something had to be done but what?  He squinted, and saw an opening to a den that was close to these things, and he ran towards it, hoping to get whoever it was out of there, or at the least, protect them if needed.  Keeping a close eye on the screaming creatures, he ran to the den, and as he approached familiar smells hit him in the nose, which made the need to protect even more urgent now.  Again, he skid to a stop right before the entrance, not wanting to startle the others into thinking he was one of those things, and yelled out, "Father!" Hoping the old man would be able to hear him over the rain and screams.  "It's Corrosion, are you guys alright?"  He hoped, he prayed for those few seconds of silence that those things did not get to them.

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