[MON PLOT] Chapter 2: Gemini
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Chapter Two

The rain is heavy, the night is dark, and screams ring out. It is difficult to see through the intensity of the downpour - the storm is relentless in it’s fury. Something charges through Gemini’s territory, reckless and dangerous, squealing in anger. Small groups of wild boars rampage about, their eyes completely black and the same tar leaking from their nose and mouth. Their fur is covered in the ink blood that was found on the carcasses on the beach, but the boars never stop squealing.

(Like they’re in pain).

Two stumble around the faerie pools, sometimes crashing into each other and dirtying the pools more and more with their behaviour. Another two attack the castle that stands tall in the centre of Gemini. They bounce off of it’s walls again and again, but they never stop. They continue to charge, the noise echoing through the forest and fields.

But those near the Glass Fields spot something worse. Lightning strikes light up the land - the only visibility the night can provide in the storm - and they catch a glimpse of something large, with multiple black eyes that stare back with white irises. With every flash, it appears a little further ahead.

(It is moving back beyond the wall, and fast)

There are THREE events for Gemini:
Two corrupted boars in the Faerie Pools
Two corrupted boars attacking the Dilapidated Castle
Monster Sighting by the Glass Fields.

Information about the monster sighting and the corrupted creatures can be found in the general thread - HERE

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The voice boomed within his head, shaking him awake as he gasped sharply and watched around him for signs of inky blackness covered in clacking muscle. The sloshing of water was absent in the darkness of his den and he sighed heavily with relief. The demon left him this night, but he wasn't sure why he had woken up with a feeling of anxiety if this was certainly the case.

Grogginess fogged him, but Kol Nidre soon had clarity as he stood, ears catching the monstrous streaming echoing in the forest. Faint at first and nearly drowned by the sound of rain and distant thunder, the screams grew louder with each passing moment.

Something tangible was out there.

With heckles raised, the old King slowly made his way to the entrance of his home, not knowing exactly what was out there. A whisper told him it was nothing good, a feeling of dread washing over him. Yet he could not stray from his instinct to investigate despite the sludge sitting in his stomach. As his nose nearly touched the carpet of rain, other foot steps drew near, golden eyes snapping to the shuffle of feet. He gave a growl of warning, muscle pulling against the scar of his shoulder, but despite the pain he was more concerned with what was coming for him. A beast?

Familiar shapes jumped from the trees and ran to him. Despite his warning growl, the two bodies shuffled and dragged him back into his large den under the rocks and tree roots. Lev Malakh and Maia were both drenched, his granddaughter looking worse for wear as she trembled and shook, eyes wild with fear. She may have been crying, but her soaked face made it hard to tell. Kol Nidre sighed and looked at his daughter. She shook her head, ushering them further inside. He nodded and took Maia with him while the Valkyr stood closer to the entrance in case those beasts tried to come close to their sanctuary.

"They're pigs, mad on something. They're... not right. Something's wrong." she said, strained voice echoing in the hovel. "They sound like they're in pain." Maia looked to Kol as he looked to her.

"We'll be okay." he offered to the girl trembling against him. "We'll be... okay."

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