[MON PLOT] Chapter 2: Alteron
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Chapter Two

The beast remains hidden, lurking through the shadows of Alteron’s forests. But it leaves its mark: large hoofprints can be found in different places after each night. Bark from some of the trees has been rubbed away, leaving broken pieces and splinters littered on the ground. Wherever there are tracks, there is blood. The problem seems to be getting worse with each passing night.

Two small herds of deer emerge. A group of three - two does and one stag -  stand amongst the battered flowers of the rose garden. Four more can be found - two does and two stags this time - standing around the edge of Lake Imbrium. From a passing glance, one could mistake them as normal; but stare long enough and no one can ignore the silver muck that stains and sticks to their fur like glue. Perhaps, more worryingly, is that their eyes are black as the void and appears to be bleeding down their cheeks. The same black blood also runs out from their noses and their mouths.

The group in the garden appear content with tearing up the roses and leaving them thrown to the ground, stomping the remains. Those by the lake, however, appear to be bellowing towards something. One of the stags stands in the water itself, and the mixtures of blood ooze out into the lake. They all appear to be focused on the Isles of Crom, and with good reason.

For within the shadows of the trees, the many eyes of the beast stare back - endless black with white pupils.

(The moment someone notices, it will be on the move).

There are THREE events for Alteron:
Corrupted deer group in the Rose Garden.
Corrupted deer group by Lake Imbrium.
Monster sighting at the Isles of Crom.

Information about the monster sighting and the corrupted creatures can be found in the general thread - HERE

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Sarissa had been on edge every night ever since the discovery of the mysterious blood, her father warning her to stay within her den at night to keep her safe. At first she didn't understand. She had heard the howls before and was nothing but a little unsettled, yet now she found herself terrified as they came closer and closer with each night's passing.

Tracks and blood revealed themselves, the putrid smell almost overwhelming the sweet scent of roses she so dearly loved. Sarissa huddled into her den, unable to sleep as eyes bulged from their sockets, ears straining on her head as she listened to coming foot steps. Heart pounded against her breast. She was surprised it did not burst from her chest and run away. Muscles quivered and teeth chattered, a sign of true fear and anxiety, but even though she wished to stay hidden and pray to whatever God that these beasts would disappear, a curiosity was growing.

It took hours for her (or what seemed like it) to muster the courage to inch her way quietly to the entrance of her domain. There she could witness several deer tear into the garden with no remorse. Hooves cutting thorned vines and petals burst into the air. The night was dark, but from what she could see with wide eyes, sparks of silver glistened from their coats and their eyes were pitch black that seemed so vacant. Blood oozed from nose and throat, but it wasn't long before Sarissa pulled herself back and plastered herself against the wall as far as she could muster. Breath oozed words, perhaps a prayer or begging that they wouldn't find her.

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