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Plum, as per usual, had gotten a new idea. One that required many, many leaves. Thus, she went on a quest. Bouncing from branch to branch, Plum snatched leaf after leaf from the branches as she went, stuffing them into a crudely made pouch hanging from her neck by braided vines. Some of the leaves that she took down by accident got caught in her thick white fur, a few of them even smacking her in the face. Regardless, the child continued her spree of de-leafing tree limbs, proving herself to be stubborn and persistent in even the silliest of endeavors.

That is, until she took a step on the wrong branch and went tumbling from the lower canopy.

She yelped in surprise, trying in vain to keep her leaves from flying from her little pouch before she hit the ground with a hard thump. Admittedly, the fall wasn't too far and the little pup was used to taking tumbles. She was a hardy little thing despite her small and frail figure. However, that didn't prevent her from groaning in frustration when she saw her pouch nearby, its leafy contents scattered around it. Despite her frustration, she calmed herself quickly and went about picking up the leaves and putting them back into her pouch, once again hanging around her neck. Once she was done picking up her mess and kicking away the broken branch, she set off to find somewhere to begin her project.

Sitting in the shade of the canopy with a flock of various birds nearby, the little girl made work of some of the small leaves she'd found. She folded them, working each leaf into a carefully-crafted hat. She was wearing one that was a wee bit too big, dipping over her eyes as she made one for each of her several feathered companions. Hibiscus had caught off, the capybara being subjected to a leafy that that was a wee bit too small. Admittedly, Plum wasn't the best at sizing them. But she was getting better, especially considering almost half of the colorful birds around her were wearing some of her creations.

When she was almost complete with her mini-project, however, she ran out of leaves. Frowning when she reached for a new one and coming up with none, the child sighed and got to her paws. Hibiscus, who had been leaning against Plum as she napped, startled awake, her leaf hat almost falling off. "Be right back, guys!" she chimed, grabbing her leaf pouch and putting it around her neck as she trotted off to find leaves suitable for hat-making. Albeit, she didn't make it far, coming to a stop as she ran right into someone.
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