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       The sky was starting to darken as Perses stared at the border. He didn't feel like he belonged in these lands, not just because he was the only feline but because everything was different. He had never been in a pack or group before and his childhood was spent in isolation making his social skills meager at best. He didn't know what to do with himself as he wasn't very skilled at much and didn't know how to start conversations. His introduction to the pack had been confusing to say the least and he didn't know too much about the pack and lands he now called home. The beast felt as alone, even more alone than before.

       The oversized feline also was a wanderer, he always had been. Borders were a foreign concept to him and he didn't think of asking about the rules of these lands or how the pack worked. Borders to him were simply a claim on the land but it wasn't like a wall to him. Inaria had claimed these lands but he thought that it would be fine for him to leave and come back. He had done so twice already but no one really noticed him. The cream and chocolate cat kept to himself.

       The scarlet-eyed sabre began to pad towards the borders. The scents were too much for someone who had grown up avoiding the trails of other creatures, feline and canine alike. He wanted to feel at home but he didn't know what home really was anymore. Home had been with his mother and she had been gone since last winter. Loneliness was a default setting and he didn't know how it felt to belong, not anymore. He didn't want to be lonely but he didn't know anything else. The crimson-eyed creature was only a few more steps away from the line that separated the pack lands from the lands outside.

OOC: For Dusty! Perses is about to cross the borders. Backdated a bit

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