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I think this would be a useful thread to toss up!

So basically this thread is indefinitely open, and is mainly for bringing up and/or discussing anything we'd like to see happen or brought into the pack. These can be IC or OOC things, such as more territory descriptions/landmarks, new rank ideas, plot ideas, etc etc. Feel free to post and discuss as you please.

If there's anything particularly urgent or otherwise important, it might be helpful to ping me so I will be immediately aware and can address it.

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more landmarks! pls

i'll burn that bridge when i get there .
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I second Toby. I’d like to see more landmarks. Maybe landmarks for families or famous ancestors or something.

Like the Crystalline family could have a crystal pond or something like that. Idek.

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mine's lame but i want to know who some of the past/past recent leader names were and some of their info

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