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      Down below Quail Cliff point where the mountains and the plain meet, there’s a large lake in the shape of an Eagle’s wing. And that’s exactly what it’s called;Eagle’s Wing Lake. A small stream flows from the lake down into the river a few miles north, salmon and trout sometimes swim into the lake, and that’s when it’s easy for Fisher’s to hunt. It’s not hard to miss the pink colouration of the salmon, along with the red streaks and dots of the trout unless you hunt at night. Most likely a Fisher would get eel and giant salamander if they did.

      The morning sun shimmered across the glass like lake, a fish broke its mysterious look and ripples were sent outward and bounced back when they met the bank.Though recently, Birch had stood perched at the edge of these sharp cliffs, she'd never ventured down the dangerous inclines.. until now, of course. She’d been surprised to find at the southern edge of the Mountains that it was possible to actually make her way down into the valley. Was it safe? No, not really, but what in life was ever rewarding that was super safe? Not much, as far as she was concerned. Interested, Birch started her descent down the icy cliffside - she was pleased to find a way down and wondered how tall the larger-than-life cliffs would look once she reached the bottom. Surely it would be a sight to behold..

      But instead of walking and climbing down like a normal animal, she had skidded, fell, and rolled down it. The wolf had managed to make it down the mountain with very minimal injuries, the worst she had gotten was a medium sized gash in her left leg. Birch let her ears fall to her sides as she walked carefully out onto the plain, the unknown was a scary place, and quite frankly unnerving. Something very bright shot right in her eyes. Birch, who felt as if she was half blinded now, moved out of the way and was able to see again. A lake! She ran over to the sparkling water, and her eyes widened. What she saw was a sight to behold, and she cherished every second.

      Birch dipped her raw, swelling paws into the water. A sigh of relief escaped her muzzle , she pulled her paws out and shook them off gently. She twisted her head around, the cackle of a Woodpecker caught her attention and in very little time she was up on her feet, looking around. What a strange bird, she thought. If only I could see it close up… oh never mind! The wolf  shook her head to rid the thoughts, her hair a peachy coloured mess. It had just occurred to her that she hadn’t shaken out her fur, nor had she scraped her antlers in moons passing or so.

    Ugh, she felt disgusting… Her hair was mangled, her skin was greasy and felt as if it was oil. The wolf’s fur was matted and dirty, and scares covered most of the her body. She needed to clean herself, she needed shelter, and she needed space. Well, space was all that was out here. Shelter,this wasn't stressed. The large forest behind her would provide Birch with enough wood for many, many moon passings, so it would only take her a day to collect wood and a day to actually make the shelter. Until then she would lay under the oak tree that stood off to the side lonesomely next to the lake.
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His travels had taken him far.

They had always seemed to take him farther than he had planned or hoped to go.

The forest grew and diminished as he walked ever onwards; his last encounter with a crow being something that shook the dire to his core. Montauk was on the search for was something spiritual and factual and all together something tangible. For him, he sought truth; a truth that would explain his entire being- hell- everyone's entire being on this rock that floated endlessly through the void. It would be the kind of truth that when found out, would serve as a singular basis for all future generations. Was it strictly religious? No. Was it strictly factual and scientific? No. It fell somewhere between a fleeting breath of hope and a foundation hypothesis that both could merge together in to some form of actual truth.

And so he walked on; his mind buzzing with the knowledge of avian speech and the new avenues that had opened up before him, granting him the ability to seek out birds of all kinds in the hopes that another would open up their heart to him and discuss the matters that he so desperately wished to know about.

Nothing ever came readily for him though, and this day seemed to hold no exception. Montauk found himself cresting through a thick patch of forest upon a large lake, the sun hovering ever so slightly above the horizon line as it rose in to the sky. The male took a moment to pause and reflect on the new landscape he found himself in, before a series of unfortunate events began to unfold around him.

The dire found himself on the opposite side of the lake from the commotion; a loud noise, followed by several tumbling objects from the base of a nearby mountain. Ears perked as he watched the scene unfold, eyes darting from the cliffside to the creature falling, then back to the cliffside. He was, to say the least, concerned for whoever had fallen, but his curiosity had not garnered enough warrant for him to approach. It wasn't until the creature stood, that Montauk found himself intrigued to approach. They seemed to be canine, but, they also had...horn? Antlers? Golden eyes narrowed as he tried to catch a better view from his spot, but as his eyes failed at a distance, the dire's body began shifting in to a trot towards the other.

"Hello!" he finally called out as he neared the other canine, a look of concern and intrigue plastered upon his face.

"Hello! Yes, hello! Are you all right? I saw your tumble, and wanted to make sure all was well."

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"I'll know my name as it's called again"
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