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Vanessa She/Her
Turned her tears to diamonds in her crown
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       The sun's rays made the ocean water's glimmer in the afternoon. The waves crashed on the beach with a fraction of the strength of the waves that hit the cliffs. The air was chilly, especially for those who were not meant for the northern winds. Vanessa was one of those individuals without natural protection from the elements and was clad in her usual winter-themed cloak that she normally wore with the hood lowered. The sun glinted off of her metal jewelry that she wore around her neck and on her wrists. Her hummingbird hybrids hovered around her each letting out their own sets of trills with the exception of the green and grey male that perched on her shoulders.

       Vanessa marveled at the beauty of the lands she arrived in, so many breathtaking sights were to be had. The ocean itself was a beauty that she desperately wanted to preserve in her art but she lacked the paints necessary to do so herself. She committed every detail to memory, the glittering of the waters and the sun rays looking like they were from the heavens themselves. What else lurked below the watery depths? The girl could only wonder of the worlds that the waters hid.

       The hummingbirds bickered amongst themselves before noticing that the girl had left them.

       The blue-eyed belle found herself walking towards the water, the waves rushing up to greet her like an old friend. She stopped for a second, looking around to see if anyone was watching. It was a force of habit that never quite left her. And then with deft paws she unhooked the pieces of the cloak that clung to her form and left the clothing far enough from the ocean's grasp. The hummingbird on her back was loathed to leave her but he flew with the girls that followed her into the water. And then the fawn-colored fae padded into the water, exhaling with surprise as the water's chill found its way through her fur.

       The birds hovered above the water, questioning the tri-colored maiden with high-pitched trills. La Nocha warned her of ocean monsters, Vita wanted to know if there were fish to eat, L'Carema asked if there was anything shiny, and Warren asked her when she was going to get out. The girl chuckled and told them she would answer their questions later and asked them to watch for others coming her way. The birds obliged and then blue-eyed beauty was left to her own devices.
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