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[Image: WtiMwOr.png]
       The sun was high in the sky when Vanessa decided to go out and explore the territory of the clan she now called home. She set out with her white cloak clasped around her shoulders and stomach and in and in all of the jewelry she usually wore. Her hood was pulled down as always - the thick fur around her neck being like a scarf for her - with her hybrid hummingbirds hovering around her. The fawn-colored femme padded through the former prarie, now made a snowy plain in the grasp of winter. Her white cloak gave her a semblance of camouflage but her fawn legs and head stood out from the winter background.

       Vanessa was feeling more at home here than she ever had in her home town. No more strange looks, no more bad feelings whenever they spoke to her because the didn't use her dead name. The felines of this clan were accepting - or at least the few she had met - and the girl was glad to call this place home. But at times she wondered how she could thank them, she wasn't particularly skilled at hunting and fighting, only cooking and painting. Most felines - from what she had observed - ate their meat raw. What could the butterfly-marked fae give to the clan?

       A loud chirp from La Nocha pulled the blue-eyed belle out of her thoughts. The birds spoke in chirps, trills, and other sounds which the girl had learned to speak and understand. The darker-colored female wanted to know if they were going anywhere other than wandering and then L'Carema demanded that they go somewhere interesting. She chided them to be patient and Vita backed her up. Warren as per usual didn't add much to the conversation being as quiet as he was. But the tri-colored maiden decided to see what she could find in the endless-seeming expanse.
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