[Acceptance] Well sometimes I go out by myself and I look across the water
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       The sun began its fiery descent, painting the sky and the sea in a plethora of reds and pinks. The ocean waves beat against the cliffside with fury only befitting the winter's fury. The air was crisp and the winds bit and nipped at those who were short-furred and tossed the snow into drifts.

       A lone figure could be spotted several paces away from the cliff's edge. A white cloak painted with butterflies hid the cream and fawn fur and distorted the shape of the feline padding towards the border. The neck and the head of the female was left uncovered from the cloak and brightly-hued feathers could be seen in the hood of the cloak. Her neck was covered with thick fur and from her jaws gleamed sharp ivories - sabres. Her body was decorated in a multitude of jewelry: an elegant wire wrapped around her left forelimb and was decorated with butterflies and other shiny objects, a leather bracelet bore beautifully carved and painted flowers, a corded bracelet housed beautiful beads and carved pears, and a corded necklace held a beautiful centerpiece and a butterfly pendant. A long tail flicked behind her, looking exactly like that of a lion's tail. The scent of flowers and hummingbirds preceded her and she walked with an uncertain step.

       Vanessa wasn't sure about this, not at all. She was unused to being around so many and was uneasy for other reasons. Her hometown had shunned and mocked her, would this place do the same? She was worried about how they would receive her and while Callisto had been more than helpful, it had been a long while since the girl had met someone without Callisto at her side. It was frightening to say the least when she thought of what her brain could imagine the reaction of the pride she had heard about - Stoneclaw - but hoped that she would be accepted.

       The tri-colored maiden stopped at the clearly marked borders and took a deep breath. She heard the squeaks and trills of the hummingbirds in her hood, asking her what was going on and she replied in her own set of hummingbird-like sounds to tell them that she was going to make a call. They replied with words of encouragement which lifted her spirits. The squad of hummingbirds - well, hybrid hummingbirds - were the blue-eyed belle's closest companions now that she was without Callisto.

       The fawn-colored femme let out a call with the simple message of "I'm here"
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