The way the moth flies [open]
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The moon was full and shining down in patches on a lone pale saber as it walked through the trees. She slipped effortlessly through the undergrowth, she seems to be just aimlessly walking. However, she was deep in thought. She flicked her ears back as she came to a stop. Her green eyes narrowed as her stomach made a slight grumbling sound. She let out a yawn and looked around her surroundings. There was a small group of hares that had come in to feed in a patch of moonlight. Shee neared his eyes a bit and her stomach let out low rubble once again. It had been a while since she last eat. She flicked an ear as she looked over the hares again this time slinking quietly closer through the undergrowth. Her little stub of a tail waged a bit as she lowered her self as she got within pouncing range. 

Like a whip cracking, she made the leap through the trees to the group of hares. She landed with catlike grace and came close to her target, within only a few feet. She let out a low growl as she quickly spun around and chased after a dark hear, which she startled and made scream as it tried to get away. It was no use, Ayame was too quick for it and pounced on it. Ayame came in for the kill; biting down on the hares back. She lifted her head up from the ground holding a limp hare in her maw. It wasn't much of a catch but it would do for now, at the vert lesse, it would quiet her growling stomach. She carried the hare to some cover near the base of a tree before she started to rip some of the fur off of it. Every now and then she would hack on the fur and spit it out. She ripped part of the hindquarter off and crushed the bones in her maw a few times before swallowing it whole. Her meal didn't last long but when she was done she just laid there and let out a yawn. the night was still young and she was bound to find something else to do with her time.

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