[MON PLOT] Chapter 1: Nardir
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Chapter One

One night, Mother Moon seems to scream.

Those that believed in her may think so, but there is no denying the horrifying cries that echo throughout the nights. Those that look to the sky find nothing but their Lunar Goddess glimmering high above them.

(The stars though, they seem to have all disappeared).

Maybe the stars are falling, some may claim, as a snow white substance seems to rain from the sky in some places. It nearly glows in the moonlight, making it easy to spot within the forests and among the meadows. Everything about it is wrong, particularly the smell it’s left behind throughout all of Nardir.

Within the Shenandoah Meadowlands, various body pieces of small prey animals have been scattered around. Legs have been torn off of hares and other small mammals and just abandoned with no real pattern. The rest of the carcasses are found mutilated and torn to shreds.

One thing is for certain; the creature that is doing this is not eating the animals that it kills.

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"Without execution, 'vision' is just another word for 'hallucination'."
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The Eclipse was beginning. A slow, but consistent creep of the dark crawling across the bright surface of the full moon.  But this was not the darkness of the night, the moon glowed differently where the shadow of the land touched it.  A natural, beautiful occurrence.  But then, dark silhouettes of feathers began to fall.  At first, simply one or two, as though from a passing owl in flight.  But then there were more, and more, and the drifting drizzle became a rainfall.  There was a low moaning sound, like that of the wind through a tunnel.  It rose in a crescendo, the eerie call akin to the sound of the wind through the Castle on the day that the pack had returned.  But this time, it was not a sound of celebration.  It was a howl of terror, echoed by the spirits of the stars.

The screams in the night woke her, even though she was entombed far below the surface of the isle in a den hidden by nature and time. Her attendants continued to sleep soundly, but the catamount, could not return to slumber.  Her vision, for now she was sure that was what her dream had been, was a dire thread indeed.  Something new and unforeseen.  A shift in the pattern of threads that were tied to this land.  Sometimes she watched the patterns form, letting the threads dance on their own, but this time, if she stayed silent, it would be too late.  The Mirror Eye rose and made her way through the darkness, leaving the foxes sleeping behind her.  She walked the long, twisting tunnel path, turning from one crossroad to another, and then another, until at last she came through a small crevice and into the open cavern of the Moon Temple.

Moon Shadow had not yet returned, was not yet ready to begin his training.  Mirai had thought he would have had more time to become comfortable with his calling.  Now she needed him as a Bridge, and she would have to accelerate his timetable.  It was not going to be as comfortable as she would have preferred.  But he would be the voice of the Mother until she was ready.  The Silver Light was not yet ready to shine, had not yet completed her own growth.  If this new darkness could not be vanquished, she would never have the chance.  No, they needed to act now.

So Mirai did something she had never done before.  She roared, a wildcat yowl that could easily be heard from the Castle.  The Dark Moon and Moon Shadow would recognize her sound, they would know what to do.  High above her, hidden in the starless night, something shrieked in the distance.

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A r i k,

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Arik slept fitfully, in his den he was running in his sleep, his face twitching. Then suddenly a blood curdling scream filled the air and woke him with a start making him gasp for breath. His pupils pinpricks looking around in a panic. He looked out of his den, his heart beating in his chest and the call of the catamount clearly rang from the isle. He had picked his den far form the others and high up along the cliff, he had a clear view of the mysterious island.

Without hesitating this time he got up and made long easy lopes to Mercury's den, rushing but carefully picking his way along the thin paths and bridges. Passing several dens filled with Nardir members on the way.

His long legs easily took the path to her patio and without stopping at her door to ask iof she was up he shoved his head in possibly running into her.

"The moon," He panted, catching his breath, "The call! Feathers- something... falling! dream! The isle! We have to go to the isle. She's calling." As soon as he knew she was up and ready to go he bolted off to lead the way, barely waiting for her to catch up.

He could feel this level of doom deep in his bones. His dream had been ominous, when the feathers fell across the moon his dream self had started to run, and he had begun to swim in this milky substance the feathers had turned into, that filled his nose and mouth making him drown. On the way he would retell it to Mercury if she asked. Gone was his previous hesitancy, when he reached the waters edge he would splash in, rushing to isle.


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"Being brave means to know something is scary, difficult, and dangerous, and doing it anyway, because the possibility of winning the fight is worth the chance of losing it.
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It would seem that all of Nardir would be running in their dreams that night.  The restlessness of the land had been growing, creating an eerie dread that did not usually accompany Nardir's usual stormy weather.  There was a scent on the wind. A feeling, at first too imperceptible for most of them.  Arik would have been one of the first.  His attunement to the land, to Mother Moon, and to the Isle was higher than most.  But it wasn't just the spiritually sensitive that heard the howls in their sleep.  Much as she had the first night, Mercury heard the voices of Nardir.  Except this time it sounded like the star children were screaming. Except but then she heard it in her ears and not just her mind.  At the same time, a feline roar was sounding. The sound vibrated in her bones, awakening her with adrenaline as she sprang to her feet, legs splayed for a moment on her furs as she scanned the darkness.  Nothing in her den.  The pack!

She was awake and rushing out the door in seconds, but Arik, awoken by his dream before Mirai's call, was already running to her.  Despite his choice of den, he was not far from her.  They collided in the doorway.  She skidded backwards, bracing her weight to keep them from toppling.  Normally they would have stammered awkwardly at each other, now, there was no time.  Arik also seemed not to heed the fact they were practically chest to chest, in each other's faces.  She could feel his heart racing, felt her own pounding in her chest.  No time to think about how it made her feel.

"The moon ... The call! Feathers- something... falling! dream! The isle! We have to go to the isle. She's calling."

Mercury had no mind for riddles, she couldn't make heads or tails of what he was telling her.  But she did know that if Mirai was the one sounding the warning, this was no idle dream.  Arik would be the best to decipher what it was.  He needed to go to the isle.  She needed to rally the pack.

"Go!" she ordered, actually shoving him out the door. "I will follow!"

Then she threw her head back, howling a battle cry.


She yelled, calling for her nephew as she ran along the castle walkway.  She needed swift paws and strong jaws, and someone to collect and organize the pack while she and Arik found out what was threatening them. She would have called Kyra.  As Ursa, it was her position to organize Nardir's defenses.  But she had only just given the Red Bear her mantle, and this was too much, too fast.  Skidding to a stop outside Kas's den, she could hear him inside.

"There is a threat! Assemble the Guard, tell Kyra I want her commanding from here." She would not risk a pregnant female. "You must take her place in the field.  Mirai knows something. I will join you shortly."

She barely waited for an acknowledgement herself before she began running down the corridor and after Arik.

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    He had actually been sleeping rather well. His dreams had been rough, but instead of fearing the darkness that lurked in his mind, he fought it. In his dream he was powerful, teeth sharp and legs fast. The shadowy beasts had failed, and in his dreams he had protected his home. He had lead the fight, lead the pack of Nardir into battle and won. His aunt, his queen, would be proud. Kastra was almost smiling in his sleep, as his legs kicked around like a regular dog, happily. When Arik frantically ran through the castle, Kastra could be seen moving about some, and then he’d roll over, away from the entrance to his room.

    ”Kastra!” The prince was quick to his paws, looking around at where he was. For a moment he thought he was back in his old home that had been ruined by the caverns. It took a few seconds for him to gather his thoughts and bearings, before he twisted around swiftly towards the entrance of his den, coming face to face with his aunt. Something in his belly dropped seeing how she seemed frantic. "There is a threat! Assemble the Guard, tell Kyra I want her commanding from here." From what he understood, she was now the Ursa Major, but they all knew she was pregnant. Neither of the royalty would want to risk her getting injured or sick while she was with pups.

    "You must take her place in the field. Mirai knows something. I will join you shortly." He nodded, getting his senses back to him. This was no time to fear whatever was going on, he had a job to do. Without a word he’d race towards Kyra’s den, not even pleasantly giving warning of him walking in and making a scene. “Kyra.” Kastra’s voice dropped heavily with seriousness, something that would probably make the woman get to her feet. “Something’s going on. Mercury wants you to command from inside, get the others ready for what might be coming.” He wasn’t entirely sure what she should do, and it was obvious on his face. Hopefully she would understand that this was very spur of the moment, something he didn’t know how to handle it. They’d have to all work together for whatever this might be.

    As soon as she would give some kind of word or movement of understanding, he would race away, following Arik’s scent.

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I hope you know what you're getting into...

Kyra // Hakan // Arik

Kyra growled as she was woken by Kastra's alarm. She blinked as she pulled her head up trying to understand.
"Something going- what?" Kyra asked as she blearily pulled herself out of her den. She saw Kastra's retreating form and she could see Arik splashing into the lake towards the little island. Mercury following him. She furrowed her brow and gave a shake of her pelt. She started heading to Mercury's patio, it would be the perfect vantage point. She needed to keep the others calm, she had no idea what was happening, and the unknown was a hell of a lot scarier then knowing their attacker. The last time something like this happened they had to evacuate and leave their home. It would be the first thing on everyone's minds. If Arik was just having a bad dream and alarming Mercury unnecessarily she was going to strip that pretty blue stripe of his off his pelt and use it as a scarf.

She took a detour to the patio and hopped down to her fathers den.
"Hey Dad, wake up. I don't know what's going on. Kastra just woke me up saying Mercury wants me to command from here, and get everyone ready for whats coming, then went off to follow Arik and Mercury to the little island."

"You didn't hear it?" He asked blinking up at her, obviously already awake, he was already preparing something. He took her silence as a negative, "You didn't hear the scream and the cat yell?" He asked her pausing his actions to look at her.

She pinned her ears and shook her head, adrenaline starting to thrum. How was she going to keep everyone calm about the unknown and screams going on?
"Dad, I what should I do?"

"Act, its no time to freeze. You're Ursa Major now. What should I do?" He stated and asked sternly, trusting she could work it out.

Her mismatched eyes danced over the ground this way and that trying to find answers. They had her stay here because she was pregnant. They were considering an attack.
"You... should... Wake and gather everyone up." He was the best candidate to wake everyone without getting everyone too scared, and calm anyone who was already anxious, "Keep everyone calm. Take Sara, Adolph and the Kids up to the higher dens. If something is coming to attack then they'll be safer up there. And Shimmah... and Buck to protect them." There was no way he would head out while his family stayed here, might as well have him on guard duty. He nodded and she let him go do his work, making her way back to the patio.

There would be a guard on the border. They needed to be called in and the others woken up and sent to Mercury's aid. Alex was out there. She didn't like him to have his den so far out, especially now. He needed to be called in right fucking now. And if anyone was out having a midnight stroll needed to come in.

Kyra took a few leaps up the ramp to get up there faster, but immediately regretted it as her side cramped in protest. She arched her neck in pain as she made it the last few steps to the very spot Mercury howled on their first day home. She caught her breath and eased herself into a good calling howl. She sang into the dark pitch sky a crescendo of warning, calling, and alarm. a "get your ass over here NOW" call that should wake even the heaviest sleeper on the furthest border.


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Ticon was already awake when the alarm went off. He nudged Stella next to him. "I'm heading out to see what's up." he told her. After what happened between Kyra and Akutan, he didn't want to make the same mistake as his now-missing best friend. He went out to find Kyra who, ironically, took over Akutan's vacated position. He didn't know if he'd get his place back if and when he returned but that was in the future. Here in the present was a more immediate problem. "Ticonderoga reporting for duty, Kyra. What do you need?" he asked when he reached her. He had heard her giving some orders before he arrived. She started off unsure but her confidence seemed to grow. By getting straight to the point with no questions about what was happening yet, he figured it would provide her with a further confidence boost. 

Ticon figured he was at least going to be on the "front lines" of whatever was going on. Kyra was carrying pups so she would be kept out of action for their sake. The monochrome wolf wanted to do his best to protect everyone. Protecting Stella was his first priority. They had only just found each other and he wasn't about to let her slip away again. He also wanted to show her that he was strong and able to protect her in the event she could not.

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The blue healer slept fitfully, uneasy for some reason. He was awake to hear a blood chilling scream rent the still air. He bounded out of his den, his fur bristling and eyes scanning the area. Then another howl,a cat call giving a warning. When did they have a cat?! Moment ls after he saw Arik enter Merc's den then the two went running. He heard the Queen yelling for kastra to get kyra.

Jase turned back into his den.as he gathered herbs into his pouch he briefly felt a pang of regret that storm,raka and byakko weren't here. They would have been in their element.

Out he bolted with the pouch banging against his chest, making his way to where Kyra was standing. His green eyes noted that she looked scraggly,was she still struggling to eat? He came to her, and briefly brushing his shoulder against hers - she was family and he cared for hecwanted to show her he was there for support but only a brief moment since now was the time to handle things.

"what are your orders." he asked,his usual playful manner dropped and looking quite the hardened professional. Also,he took out some herbs and,making sure nobody was around to see,shoved them at kyra with a look that said: you can take it yourself or I'll force feed it to you.

A big guy came up to them, called Ticonderoga if he remembered. He'd been warned that the resemblance to X was remarkable, and indeed it was. Jase gave him a nod,time for chit chat will be later
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d o r a n,

insecure or in denial

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Sycon. Mercurcy. Buckshot. Guard, Queen, Boss Head Hunter. There are other names, and he’s learning them. He’s learning the territory. His incredible anxiety about being a disappointment won’t let him get to work the moment he’s… employed? Recruited. Found useful, perhaps. He can’t quite internalize the concept of being accepted, even if it only means he’s been taken into the fold of a pack.

Doran’s splotchy hide is moving along the interior of Nardir, sniffing the grasses and the trees to learn about who and what goes by here. In his sniffing, he finds something strange. It is… glowing snow? He hesitates. Should he ask someone about it? He wants to. His ear twitches. It’s kind of pretty and if Moyra was still in his life like he wanted her to be, he might be tempted to bring her a piece since she liked oddities.

His thoughts were interrupted by the shrieking of several things, calls in the dark. Some were familiar; some were enough to raise his hackles and tuck his tail. Kyra’s commanding, calling howl was unnecessary for Doran; he was already headed for the gathering. Safety in numbers and all. He may only know these other wolves as faces and names, and occasionally authority, but they're pack mates, right? That means safety, right?

As he arrives with the group, he looks around for the few wolves he knows are authority, but is conflicted. A few of the glowing, feathery pieces are stuck to his fur and he positively reeks of them. All the same, as he spots Buckshot, he slinks over to the wolf. "Heeey, uhhh, boss? Buckshot. Aquila?" What the hell was he supposed to call the other? "I, uh, saw somethin'? Do you guys get, like, glowing snow, or is that... bad?"

ooc post acceptance with approval! Tl;dr:
- doran is has some of the white stuff on him and smells like it
- tattles to buckshot

uhhh lemme know if anything needs to be changed!

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m o y r a,

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Nardir had only been her home for a short amount of time, and Moyra was already beyond grateful. With the rising threat of this monster, she knew she would be even more terrified if she were still alone as a rogue. Her pack mates were making themselves known one by one in her mind, but she was still struggling to remember all of the faces and names and rankings. It was all so much information, and it made her a bit anxious to think about how much she had left to learn. She hoped they all liked her and wouldn't abandon her if this monster truly posed a threat to their home.

Moyra figured it must be urgent since she heard Mercury's call, summoning the pack. As afraid as she was, Moyra still wanted to do her part in helping the pack if need be. She knew that the guards and warriors of Nardir were strong and capable; but if they got hurt, she could use the minimal training she had received from Hakan. If anything, she could at least be a source of comfort for those who were afraid or hurt.

Padding out from the comforts of her new den, Moyra's sleek frame moved elegantly alongside her fellow Nardirians. She felt an instant wave of security when she spotted Doran in the midst of the gathered folk; she was thrilled to have her best friend sharing a home with her again. He seemed to be acting odd, and the two hadn't spoken much since his arrival, but Moyra chalked it up to her busy days training and Doran adjusting to his new home. They would reconnect soon, she knew.

With her soft, purple fur lightly blowing in the breeze, Moyra timidly approached the group of unfamiliar faces who had also emerged at the sound of their Queen's battle cry. She wanted to make her way over to Doran and stand with him, but she couldn't make eye contact with him at all.

Turning her focus to the others, Moyra asked almost too softly in attempt to control the volume of her voice, W-what should we do?

ooc timid girl is timid and v confused

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