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[Image: 017_wings_12_by_etkri-dbzaw6c.png] El Dorado [Image: 017_wings_12_by_etkri-dbzaw6c.png]
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The Territory
map & guide

         ZB - Zephyr Beach. A private beach only accessible through Xiuhcoatl's Roost, reserved for the Zephyrs or invited guests.
         SS - Sparkling Springs. In the lowlands of the valley between the mountains, a massive body of water shines and shimmers. Most tribe gatherings are held here, as well as community gatherings or lessons.
         R - Roost. The dens for new mothers and training grounds for the youth. With the pyramids risking cold temperatures, dens are moved here instead where proper insulation protects the young. A variety of natural obstacles in the area also proves to be a useful tool for exercising and training young members.
         BC - Border Cliffs. The southwest region of the territory drops off in a sudden cliff, separating the mangroves from the rest of the tribal lands. A select few cave tunnels weave through the cliff in a maze-like manner. During high tides and monsoon seasons, these caves are flooded and inaccessible. Otherwise they are patrolled by Larks. All outside contact is made here.
         EP - Ember Peak. A mountaintop renowned for its spiritual significance - it is said the first Aviari were born here. Crystals are embedded deep in the mountainside, shimmering and sparkling in the sunlight. Removing any of these stones is forbidden, as they're property of the gods.
         Pyramid Star - Xiuhcoatl's Roost. This pyramid is exclusive for the Zephyrs or any invited guests. It rests against the northernmost cliffside, overlooking the ocean and a hidden pathway down to the shores, accessible only from within this pyramid. At the peak of this pyramid, a massive bonfire rests beneath a hoisted gemstone of giant proportions - at night, the bonfire's light causes this gem to glow brilliantly, acting as a beacon.
         Pyramid 1 - Xiuhcoatl's Keep. The cultural epicenter of the tribe, its highest tiers serving as the safekeeping vault of tribal history and information, guarded by the Council. Its lower tiers and inner chambers are where the Trials are hosted.
         Pyramid 2 - The Nest. The public pyramid, its lowest tiers serving as the marketplace, and the rest of the tiers serving as private living quarters for ranked members. The higher the rank, the higher the tier for living.

      A dense, semi-tropical rainforest/jungle nestled against a cliff-side shoreline that overreaches the ocean. Massive rivers snake around most of the rest of the perimeter, providing a sort of buffer.

      Mangroves and bogs surround either side of these rivers, leading up to stepped rocky ledges that are nearly impossible to scale. The only publicly-known way into the terrain is through cave tunnels that dig deep into the sides of these rock walls. These often flood from the bogs, and are heavily guarded, so without guidance into the territory by a pack member, wanderers are likely to get lost or drown.

      If allowed in, the tunnels weave through the cave, eventually diverging from the waters below, into complete darkness. Only after a considerable distance up and through the darkness do you enter into a semi-tropical jungle. Old growth trees, vines, massive vegetation and incredible wildlife roam. This extends for miles and miles, riddled with unique waterfalls, caverns and caves, and scattered jungle forests.

      Far inland, and higher in altitude, you find yourself at the heart of El Dorado. Ancient ruins, crafted by magnificent and long-gone humans, are now inhabited by clever and crafty beasts. Some small towers or buildings or otherwise homely constructions seem built by massive stones, while other walkways and contraptions seem elegantly carved from a singular piece. Massive statues of unknown creatures are scattered throughout the compound. As you find yourself venturing further in, further up in elevation, the buildings become bigger. More elaborate. More stunning. All equally overrun with trees and plants.

      The terrain all climbs to a cliffside, where a massive, stacked pyramid temple resides. Even in ruins it stands powerful, climbing past the treeline to oversee all. It rests, nestled against the cliff that looks over a tropical shoreline. Only certain, dangerous paths lead down to these beaches. And only select, ranked few know where these paths are - they are exceptionally well-hidden and laden with booby-traps to ward off ill-intentioned strangers.

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