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War — where the embers of greed sparked against the kindling of hatred. Sarissa had been exposed to the heat early, barely even comprehending mortality as she danced through burned corpses and torn bellies. Even Gods could burn. The smell of brimstone had made an impression on her, that scent forever scorched into her memory and as she waded through the castle of the great Dragon, she came to the realization that those that play with fire also burn. Volatile elements could never be tamed, not even by a God.

"What a shame." she said, the blackened stones that were once laced with green moss crumbled beneath her caresses. She remembered vividly how this was such a sacred place, a place Sarissa hardly ventured in as she was not close enough in blood. A girl of royalty who was pushed back into the common crowd, a strain of anger pushed down into her breast. It wasn't all that important anymore, Daddy was still of nobility, wasn't he? Which meant she was too.

By her logic anyway.

And if she wasn't, would she still be breathing? Sarissa had done her share of mischievous things. Nearly killing a recruit for one, acting as if they had hurt her wrist. Power thrilled her, but was it worth it? Would she wield it true? Probably not, but the passion of rising to that level of greed excited her. It was part of her blood, after all.

Attention shifted as she heard someone approach, her tail swaying curiously as she turned her head to view behind her. A lanky figure she recognized, her lip lifting lightly in disgust that immediately spread into a smile. Those sharp alluring red eyes squinting against that almost perfect, almost innocent grin. "Oh? What pleasure do I have this day, Sun?"

Will my wings melt if I get too close?

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I feel it coming on
You've got nowhere to run
There's no way you'll make it out alive
Oh, when it's after dark
I'm gonna eat your heart
Don't try to fight it, just close your eyes

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