everybody make a scene[party announcement]
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Their numbers may still have been small, but Fae was plenty determined to give her people a celebration, a night- or maybe a few- of enjoyment before winter began to drag its icy claws across their new home.

"Can you feel it?" Called the little Sun Queen, drifting lightly through the valley. "The veil is thinning, between our world and the next." As if to support her, a wind swept down through the clearing. "The time is coming, to celebrate the life we have and the lives we have lost." For a moment, amber eyes were a little too distant, thinking of Grimsthorpe, the icy caves, the captives who could not hold out, the sacrifice of the rescue party.

"We owe it to those who came before us for what we have found in this home," Shutting her eyes and breathing deep, revelling in the scent of decaying leaves whose hues at times mimicked her pelt. "We will reach out to our lost beloved and fend off the wicked spirits that too will try to cross into this world." A small smile

A creepy story perhaps, tales she herself didn't believe, and maybe no one else needed to either. "We shall dance among the spirits and become the monsters in the night." Food, drink, costumes. She could think of no better first celebration of the tricksters of Arcana, fooling even devils themselves.

"Time is short, prepare your disguises and prepare your offerings... practice your most fearsome roars upon your neighbor..." Fae smirked. "Our hallowed eve quickly approaches."

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arcana halloween is coming! Get a costume, spook ur friends,
Everyone is gonna get drunk and try to talk to ghosts

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