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Current clank members - 13

The King: Roderik gathered the first few members of a new Stoneclaw, established on cliffs overlooking the sea.

The Claw: Second of command, Dahx is the leader of the warriors as well as the king's right hand. In the old days, Dahx served as second in command to Roderik's father but left the pride after his king abandoned his duties. Seeking Stoneclaw once again, Dahx aims to right his wrongs and help bring the clan back to it's former glory.

The Fang: Third of command; Tiberous leads the guarding forces. One of the founding members of new Stoneclaw.

The Loremaster: Passionate of history and lore, Ferdinand is the keeper of Stoneclaw's past. Founding member of new Stoneclaw.

Warrior: A seasoned fighter, Vidar serves his clan to the best of his abilities. Founding member of new Stoneclaw.

Artisan: She may be small, but Dogma has a lot of talent! (and spunk). Founding member of new Stoneclaw.

Healer: Kind and caring, Amabelle is there for you when you need patching up. Founding member of new Stoneclaw.

Elder: Previously a ruler of Stoneclaw, Shai became king in his tender youth after his father Kron stepped down from the throne. Most of his life he dedicated to the pride, striving to do what was best for everyone. Shai made mistakes along the way and harbors some regrets... such as the banishing of his brother Kaosu. After abandoning the crown to go in search of his missing daughter, Shai finds home in a new Stoneclaw led by one of his youngest sons.

Citizen: Daughter of Dahx, Kaija joined the pride in search of others like her.

Warrior: Born in the lands of old Stoneclaw, Fletcher claims her place among the warriors of the new land.

Artisan: Following the rumor of an old pride in a new land, Hikaru finds Stoneclaw once more and decides to lend his talents to the Artisans of the clan.

Guard: Seeking a place to belong, Nightbane decides to call Stoneclaw their home, joining the forces of the guard sworn to defend and protect the clan.

Elder: Returning to the land of her birth, Tala finds another pride has claimed it as its home. No longer having a clan of her own, she decides to join the sabres of Stoneclaw and share her skills and knowledge with them.

For rank descriptions, please see the related section here.
If you need your character added to the ranks, or their picture changed, please contact the current leaders of Stoneclaw.

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For any questions or concerns regarding Stoneclaw you may contact the current clan leaders.
Current leader: Roderik
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