All Medicines Are Poison ((Healer/Gardener Recruitment))
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Argentum stripped the fur from his kill with quiet efficiency, spreading grey fur around his garden as the wind took it. A large, fat rat had been creeping around Argentum's roses for the last few days. Probably hoping to find hips. It hadn't been stealthy enough tonight.  

The dark fox's little garden was laced with plants that needed special care - wild garlic, eucalypti and twisting wild roses already starting to take over his den. Little gold and red flowers had already started to appear and give off their honey sweet scent, their nectar attracting all types of insects. The buzzing was audible over everything as bees collected what they needed to store. 

It was getting colder in Arcana. With winter coming they needed to fill their ranks if they were to survive. Guards they could live without if those inside their skulk would pick up the slack. All of Fae and Bellamy's pets they could live without if he was honest. But hunters, healers...those they needed for the new Arcana to thrive.

Argentum narrowed his eyes at his kill. Foxes were generally solitary killers, but put against wolves? Wolves and cats with icy prisons saw foxes as prey. Argentum gave a little shiver that had nothing to do with the current temperature. The whole reason he had chosen to recreate his old home was for survival. Fae and Bellamy could hold all the shows they wanted. At the end of the day Arcana needed more than stolen trinkets.  

Standing  and lifting his head to the side Argentum let loose a series of yowls to bring anyone close near. He had a lesson to give.
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