Saboro Ring 2  for life in the cage [gray; short form]
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The days had begun to grow shorter, he never could quite catch why that happened, especially when it just felt as if they all ran together in the end. But afternoon was settling on the taiga forest, with a familiar nip in the air. The sky painted in all matter of colors, vivid oranges, pinks, and a smokey purple that faded into a lilac. The star swept youth took a page from his brother Niph's book then, leaving the quiet of the den to watch the skies, unlike his brother, Saturn was full alert. The sound of soft crunching leaves and the brushing noise of grass catching his attention. Someone with very soft steps didn't want him to hear them, he turned then, in the completely wrong direction. "I'm busy sitting right now." He said blankly. "You can sit too though and watch the sky." He'd turn his head then and point it toward the sky. If his company took the time to inspect the large wolf wrapped in stars, they'd notice that Saturn actually couldn't even see the sky. His hair covering his face almost entirely.

Please could you be tender?
And I will sit close to you
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