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    After Arcana had fallen, he had found himself with a wandering artist. Hum wasn’t his pet, but more of a friend. No, the guy already seemed to have someone that would be considered a pet. ”We grew up together.” They both would say, and look at each other wise some kind of connection Hum didn’t share. But it helped to keep him happy. Some animals also joined in on their journey, learning to paint and create while going towards their destination. Two others had been with the human longer than Hum, and were still there when he left. They spent their nights around a bonfire, sometimes painting on another, sometimes making a blanket, or general crafting and arts. What they did gave Hum a bag to carry his supplies with him. He started to feel human, almost too human, but he went with it.

    Then he had some calling, and he and his little hummingbird left. The human gave him some smoked jerky for their travels, making it so he didn’t have to hunt on his way. Eventually he had come across Arcana reforming, and had rejoined. Now, with lands in their paws, he was relaxing in a den he had claimed. He had found it and then dug around to make it bigger, giving enough space for all the things the human had given him. Paints dyed his paws now, with some kind of paper in front of him. No, he wasn’t that good of an artist, but it had made him happy. This time,though,  he stared at the paper with some kind of anger or annoyance. It wasn’t the same, painting alone. Or at least not without the others around him. Hum sighed, walking out of the den.

    Little Friend landed on his head, cocking his head to the side. “I just, can’t paint.” Little Friend jumped around some, and Hum continued to walk, grass sticking to his paws were some of the wet paint still remained. The fox went down to a creek, walking into the water. Greens and yellows swirled in the water around him, with a tiny bit of blue. Little Friend sat on a rock beside the creek, hopping around. “I need inspiration or something, I dunno.” He took a comically big gulp of water. He walked back onto the shore, not even shaking his pelt, and sat down in front of Little Friend. “Any ideas?

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