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You don't remember how you got to this moment; alone and lost deep within the forest. You think back to the fields and valleys that you had wandered through alone, and the thought of the forest calling out to you. You acted on instinct and let your body lead you tirelessly deeper and deeper in to the brush, until all signs of the valleys had left your sight. It was not like you to simply follow your gut but then again when had you noticed that the trees beckoned you in? Like a siren out at sea it sang to you, bringing you closer and closer to shore, and now here you stood overtaken by the darkness of a forest that felt more alive than any forest you had ever walked through. There was something about it that you felt within your gut as you take in the silent world around you; something ancient and powerful about the ground you stood upon. You weren't sure why, but something deep within you urged you to press onward still. Deeper it called; there is more to this world than what you knew- you must walk on.

You wouldn't have seen it if you weren't looking. Ahead of you as you walk on stood a tree; a tree that sat directly in the center of a large still river. It sat perched in the center of an old stone bridge that was clearly man made. Yet you couldn't help but find your heart continuing to tug you towards it. Curiosity? A desire for knowledge? Or were you looking for something? The entrance before you sits stoic and silent like much of the world around you though even now you still feel the sirens song calling out to you beckoning you forward. You take a step but stop. In front of you, sitting on the bridge is a wolf covered in moss. You stare at each other for a moment before the mysterious wolf stands up and nods to you. You take a step forward, and then another. The mysterious wolf smiles.

"Welcome, my child," it says in a voice that reminds you of your mothers when you were just a pup coming up in a world full of darkness and terror, "to Hiraeth." You smile as you approach faster now, only to stop dead in your tracks. In front of you, sitting on a pedestal is the mysterious wolf that had only just spoken to you moments before is no wolf.

It is a statue of a goddess covered in moss and decorated with flowers, but you are certain it just spoke to you.

Soon enough, you find yourself being approached by another who welcomes you in to their home land.

"Who is this?" you find yourself asking them, still puzzled by what you know to be truth and yet what you see before you.

"Oh!" they exclaim with a smile, "That is the All Mother- she finds those who have no home and brings them home."



The pack of Hiraeth is that of a Matriarchal one, where females hold positions of power over males. Typically, females are known to be warriors, guards, and the first line of defense against enemy attacks. The males of the pack tend to be more inclined to becoming hunters, caretakers of pups, and teachers to the young ones as they grow. This is not to say that they are not equal on their own rites, but power, duty, and overall pack safety depend solely on female members. Born from a being known to them as the All Mother, they find that females hold a holier stance than the males of the pack. Females are allowed to hold rank titles and while their mates may also hold the same title, they are not allowed to discuss or be apart of talks that concern the pack as a whole. On very rare occasions, males come to hold rank in the pack on the same respect and level as their female counterparts, but this instance is very rare and must be judged by the Council of Elders as well as the Alpha of the pack.


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