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※ Hiraeth is a Semi-Consent pack. Your character may not be killed, maimed, murdered, without your consent. This does not mean that if you choose to spark a fight or are the one having a fight come your direction that you won't suffer injury or wounds. This pack is a pack of warriors who are always willing to test their strengths and weaknesses.

※ Plots and arc ideas are more than welcome! However if the plot or story arc ideas are too out of left field, i.e. a dragon swooping in then we may have to revisit it before approving such a plot or story arc. Certain longer arcs that take place with multiple packs, or members from outside packs, or traders and or advisors heading out to other pack lands must be approved IC or OC. Just a simple, "I'd like to go ______ to do ______" will suffice. If this takes place during a pack heavy plot or arc, there must be a good reason. Traders and advisors shouldn't be running off to trade or make new relations if the pack is under attack.

※ All ranks may be challenged for, except for the Queen*** Challenges may be initiated in the pack forum (NOT Discord) and the party receiving the challenge must reply within two weeks of the initial post. If the receiving party does not respond within that two week period, or two weeks from the last post, the challenger can claim the other party forfeit and will be eligible to obtain that rank. If the challenger does not reply within two weeks of the last post, they are to be considered forfeit and cannot challenge again for a rank for one month. It is advised that rank challenges be discussed OOCly before IC posts are made.

***Queen challenges may only be accepted after the current Queen steps down and either A. No heir is replacing them, or B. the heir replacing the Queen is about to take charge. (Think similar to Black Panther challenges)

※ Members of the pack are allowed to have litters once they are ranked. If wolves without rank wish to have children, they must first gain the approval of the Queen and the Council of Elders.

※ It is 100% okay if you have to liquid time certain events in pack with other threads out of pack; just make sure they're all chronologically ordered so no one gets confused.

※ Members of certain ranks are required to be active. While all members should be active, higher ranking officers and members should try to be active at least once per week. So long as you're active in the forum or Discord channel and willing to pop in to certain rps as necessary, all will be well. There may be intermittent rank clearings if members of high ranks have disappeared for a long period of time (i.e. over a year)

※ Any non member who trespasses in to the border of Hiraeth is subject to arrest, and a trial. If you are seeking to join the pack but fail to alert a Sentry of your arrival and or intent, this will be held against you in your acceptance. You will still be accepted, but it may affect your rank standing once you take the initiation.

***These rules are subject to be added to and changed***


※Be Cool
※ C'mon
※ Nice

※OC=/= IC: Y'all don't bring your IC nonsense in to the OOC and don't bring your OOC nonsense in to the IC. If you have issues with someone or how something is being done, then talk it out like adults. We're all friends here, so why not love a little more and keep our dramas separate? Love u guys.

※ Don't come begging for ranks or asking for ranks every five seconds: The All Mother chooses the rank, though if you have a specific interest in a rank it will be asked when you have your Initiation. How you do in your trial with the All Mother will depend on if you get the rank you ask for. Ranks are given every Autumn and Spring. If you are an Initiate then you will have to wait until that time to be given a rank within the pack. That will also give ME enough time to see how well you fit in and how active you've been in rps. In short; the more active you are the better the chance the All Mother will respect your request. Higher ranks will need to be more active than lower ranks.

※ Give me a shout out if you plan to be gone for awhile: I know that's super hard to do sometimes when last minute stuff comes up and emergencies come up. I'm pretty easy going so if you can just shoot me a quick "won't be here for awhile bc of shit" I will 100000% understand and leave your character to be off looking for gold in the mountains or something. But if you don't tell me and there's a long period of inactivity, your rank will be lost. Of course if you come back to see your demotion and are in a place where you can rp again just shoot me a message and we can talk it out and get that rank back up and running if possible.

※ Please give me a heads up if you plan on doing something really crazy: For this I just mean, if you decide you want to steal stuff and get a huge plot going with the whole pack, or go start some trouble in another pack that will end up with us possibly going to war, please let me and other alphas know you want to make this plot or story arc happen. I'm all down for most things but not being blindsided by another pack coming to kill us would be wonderful.

※ Please keep in touch with people you are plotting with, or people you want your character to fight: This one is pretty simple. Just keep communication open with people. Let them know 'hey i wanna fight your wolf and take his or her eye out' before writing up a super awesome post about ripping their eye out. This is a semi-consent pack, but certain mutilations or wounds will need to be discussed between players and agreed upon.

※ Have fun, be kind, and do some hella gay stuff: At the end of the day, this is just fantasy world with fantasy wolves. I want to make this pack so we can all have fun, do some really cool stuff, and have a really cool and fun time adding to the multitude of other amazing packs and stories out there. This pack can't happen if it's just me. So just, love a little more on your friends and new members and remember to have fun! We're all in it for the sparkle dogs!!

***These rules are subject to be added to and changed***

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