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That meant home, the place she was born, where she had grown up, surrounded by family. The beginning had been bleak, the leadership of a tyrant, the loss of a brother. New leadership came and gave way, and even more Arcana became her family, even led by it. Peace had only lasted a brief while, only for misfortune to cast its shadow over the tribe once more. The youngest sister taken in the night, along with nearly half the foxes of the crater by Northern beasts.

Misery took over, but still she grasped at hope. She believed that her brother and her sister, brave Triarches, would bring the lost members home, and things could go back to the tranquility they'd had for such a short time. She'd never thought that it would be the last time she would see them, both Prosper and Cerys leading the rescue. Only stories of them came back. They said there was success, the leaders had created chaos and allowed for the captives' escape... but it was not without loss. She still remembered the icy chill she felt when she'd heard the words of one was witness to Prosper's fall. The fates of others left unknown.

So many did not return, and the terror divided them, some seeking safety among the wolves of Nardir, others simply running. She had tried to stay, after the crater was left abandoned, but struggled to become part of the Nardiri, and found herself also drifting away. Living on her own, Arielle found many obstacles in her path, doing her best to grow and to overcome.

It made that word ever more enticing when she'd heard it, first whispered, sometimes with scorn, but the muttering spread, perhaps not to the most interested parties, but still they spoke of it.


She followed the words, perhaps naive but so very hopeful that they weren't lies, or whispers of a long dead ghost. Treading carefully, even beyond the strewn corpses in the furthest edges of the woods, she avoided seeing them, pressing on, hoping, pleading silently that she would find something. Arielle sought only her family- she would find that in the most unexpected of ways.

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