it shouldn't hurt this much to be your angel [acceptance]
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Crimson teeth flashed in stark moonlight. A cry rang out and birds fluttered into the sky urgently, escaping a demon. But it was no demon. It was just a child. A child who had just killed one of their brethren. How they managed to do so on their own is a mystery. They were much too young to hunt, but perhaps they were just lucky. The fox kit raised their fangs, blood oozing down their chin as they slurped it down, moaning menacingly at the night sky. Why were they crying? Why were they crying?

They turned to the dead blackbird and ferociously tore into it, ripping feathers and limbs, angrily dismembering it. But they didn't eat. They weren't hungry for flesh. They were hungry for pain. The bird had already given it all up to them in death. There was no more they could take from it. So they moved on, slapping it aside. More. More.

Blood-stained paws dragged the near lifeless demon baby through the woods, a thick mist beginning to linger in the air. The uncertainty of it all brought them comfort. They wanted to stay here forever, shrouded in mist. If only this was their home. If only it had always been their home. They still couldn't stop crying. They were so hungry, so thirsty. The pain felt like it would never end.

With their head lowered to the ground, they stopped in their tracks and began to scrape the earth with their claws. After a minute, they were on their back, cycling their legs in the air as if they were walking upside down. They wanted to see what it was like in a world upside down. They turned their head this way and that, owl-like eyes shining. If anyone were to stumble upon them, they probably wouldn't know what to think. What in god's name was that? What is that baby doing? Why are they still CRYING? It should be put down, no child with this mentality was meant to live. The child would agree.

They heard a rustle nearby, and instantly rose to their feet, baring their teeth and screaming. They turned all around, eyes searching desperately for the source of the noise. They'd scream at them. They'd scream so long and so loud that nothing could stop them. No one would hurt them. No one would ever touch them again. They would take their pain and eat it whole.


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wrong bellamy but its ok lmao

"Well, shit, this kid isn't making things easy," the star-furred fox muttered under her breath as she stared at the screaming child. She had dropped her usual flourishing speech, completely exasperated for just a moment. Seriously? It wasn't as if she disliked kids, hell, she loved 'em. But... a screaming one that looked like a weird clown/mime hybrid? To say the experience was a first was truly remarkable for someone like Bellamy. Shrugging to herself, Bellamy poked her head out of the bushes instead of playing her usual games with newcomers.

This kid had issues and while she was sure she couldn't fix them, she sure as hell could help in some form. Lowering herself to the ground, the vixen flattened her usually fluffy fur to diminish her form and appear far less intimidating than she usually could. She left her freckles on full view, usually too embarrassed of them to really leave them on display. However, she was using all her charisma to her advantage, smiling gently at the kid with a charming twinkle in her eyes as she spoke in a soft tone, "Shh, I'm relatively harmless."

She took a moment of silence to observe them, eyes of quicksilver scanning them quickly. She was right in her assumption that they were some kind of hellish spawn between a clown and a mime. A base color of some sort of off-black with not-quite red and not-quite white. They weren't quite anything, really. Although, they would make a good performer if their talents held up, probably. Maybe some sort of creepy mime for those who enjoyed ogling the macabre. Although, only if the kid wanted to. The vibe they were giving off inclined her to believe so, and also prompted her to begin thinking up nicknames.

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