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There were times when he wondered why he still woke up in the middle of a sound sleep, body shaken, and eyes wide with pinpricks for pupils. Calming only when his senses finally came to him and the land around him stopped contorting and morphing from its previous dreamscape. Trees and den hollows became more familiar, and the hushed sounds of others slumbering caught his tattered ears. What did they call this place? The Mother's Hills? Bah. Nothing was quite as rotten as dreams plagued with constant nightmares, but he put up that silent battle.

Periwinkle skies came to greet him, and a glitter of fading stars shown like tiny twinkling lights in the far distant skies above. First few bits of birdsong would no doubt fill the early morning air. The large wolfdog would give a frown, pulling himself up and shaking out hos coat, feeling the tug of the collar around his neck and grumbling softly to himself as he stepped quietly.

Maybe it was force of habit that he found himself stopping by Mercury's den, head hanging low and peering in at the darkness for an ever darker form. Back where he'd come from, he was always closest to her, a lot of his 'alone' time (if he could eve call it that) was spent talking with her about whatever came to mind, and if there was nothing to talk about he never mined sitting quietly in each other's company. It was a rare quality around here, a few of the members he'd already met were quite the chatters.

"Hey Merc..." His voice was low and gravelly from sleep, but a whisper was a whisper, I guess. "Hey pssst, Mercury... You in there?" Tilting his head to the side to listen for sounds of snoring, everyone usually greeted the dark moon with honorifics. Kodi did too, sometimes. " Queen Thunder thighs, I'm going for a walk." Taking a step closer to peer his head into the den. It didn't necessarily seem like an invitation to some, but to the dark female she knew that it was and she could take it or leave it, no fur off his back.

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"Hey Merc... Hey pssst, Mercury... You in there?"

She was going to have to post visiting hours at this rate.  Luckily for the wolfdogi, they had shared a sleep schedule for a long time, and 'the wolf' was an early riser.  And she did not snore! Her eyes opened instantly, and without the grogginess that came with a deeply interrupted sleep, her brain fog burned away in an instant.  Standing quickly and giving herself a shake, she came to the opening just as Kodiak spoke again.

"Queen Thunder thighs, I'm going for a walk."

"Restless paws so early, Muttface?"

She teased, giving him a grin while she made an elaborate stretch, her spine cracking into place with a satisfying pop.  The walk down from the Castle was short, a now visible crossroads of trails were being worn into the trampled grass.  The first signs of the pack claiming their space.  Right now, most of her members were still in bed, and with a light fog that softened the edges of the world, it appeared as much a dreamscape as any.  The low angled sun sparkled off the dew that clung to the grass, the first few calls of loons echoed through the mist.  Then came the sharp staccato of the dawn birdsong.  Whatever twisted dreamscape Kodiak had visited, this was something very different.

"Race you for a drink." Mercury challenged, and then took off like a shot towards the Beach.  No 'ready, set, go!' for him.  He'd just have to catch her.

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