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Adder walked around the strange place he had been brought. His nose filled with familiar yet odd smells. He seemed to know this place, but he could not recall how. In his mind he cursed those fickle humans that had left him here, abandoned and alone. 

He had been a Zoo animal, and had lived a comfortable life there. He had not been born in captivity but had been raised there. Though he did not know it this was the home of his mother and forefathers. A place that was relatively unknown to him. A protest over keeping a bear in a zoo had brought him here, far from his comfort and life of ease. 

He wandered aimlessly unsure of his location or future.
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Her head was low to the ground and her nose was almost touching it. The ground was warm and dry, but the grass seemed new, green, and filled with water. Not only was the sun raising but the raven that had been following her had gone away. ‘Today is a good day’ she thought. She lifted up her head and saw a large looking figure, she let out a low growl. ‘Hmmm... maybe I should..’ before she could finish her sentence her feet seemed to take over. She was walking towards the shape, and the raven appeared again. With its thorn like claws, the raven clamped onto her back. ‘Today is not a good day’ she corrected herself.

Um.... excuse me? Is anyone over there?”

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