Clean up your dead (Seir)
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Finally. A day in this godforsaken forest where it wasn't raining.

Aves once liked the rain, it was novel to the valley and made the flowers bloom. The first time it rained on their escape it seemed like a cleanse to wash the last of the Oukoku Kai from their pelts. But the second time came, and the third, and too many other times. But today her coat was dry, well, as dry as it could be in this humidity.

Alteron had its charms. The green was nice, as was the shade from the sun. The decor however just had to be changed. Back in the valley when you wanted a wolf dead you tossed them in a tar pit never to be seen again like a civilized society. Here the ground was littered with not only bones, but rotting bits and bodies. Aves understood war was messy. War is what brought them here. But really, time had passed, could they have cleaned up a little? Certainly there were slaves around that could haul this garbage to the bone pit. Perhaps she would run this by Falco later.

"Ugh.." She kicked a bone aside. She may be loyal to Alteron now but those who had fallen to her previous homeland meant nothing to her. Aves plodded along until another body appeared. This one couldn't have been a war causality, too fresh, only a few flies buzzing about. She paused and looked about as she thought of what to do. There was a shallow ravine no more than a few yards away with no visible water source. Perhaps it would like to rest there.

The fringe walked over the corpse and started to nudge it towards its grave when Aves came to the sudden realization that the corpse was warm. And moving.

"Oh!" Head shot up as she backed away.

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