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Excalibur She/Her
And sparkled keen with frost against the hilt...
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The world had so many edges. 

Sky hemmed in above, ground below. North and east mountians reared impossibly high, impassable and cold. South, stood the wall, a boundry counjured from stone no less impassable than the mountain peaks it mimiced. West, cliffs snarled jagged fangs against the grey of the roiling ocean. 

In places the cliffs relented, if only a little, offering passes and passageways down to the thin beach. The paths were few, perilous and crumbling things, often strewn with slippery sea weed and cloying guano. There were probably a multitude of ways known only to those that were wise, but Excalibur had only ever found this one. It was an obvious path, steps hewn out of the cliff face by someone, or something, long dead. Who, or what, they were was a topic that often played on her mind, especially as she circled the empty rooms of crumbling castle towers and scraped back moss and lichen from the carvings there. She was resigned to wondering, knowing that no theory could ever be proven one way or another. Time had erased every trace but stone. It was a painful reminder that memory lasts only as long as flesh. One day no one would remember her, or Arthur... Or Gemini either for that matter. 

The wind plucked at her as she descended the steps, fingers gripping her fur and pulling, threatening to tip her balance and plunge her the remaining fifty feet and dash her memories on the beach below. The last couple of steps had been reclaimed by the sea, eaten away by its teeth, forcing her to leap the last few feet. She landed lightly on the black sand and stood a moment catching her breath, looking back up the way she had come, feeling the thrill of pushing one of her worlds edges. She often felt trapped here, encircled by stone, but now for once she was outside its grip and she could breath so much more easily. She drank in the salty air, cold, fresh and free. No one forced her to stay, it was the simple fact that she had no where else to go that bound her.

She ran out to the ocean and met it where it broke against the shore, splashing into it, feeling the cold water soak through her fur and rise up her body. It pushed against her and she pushed back, striking out until only only her toes touched the slippery pebbles. There she was brought up short by another hard edge of her world. She could go no further. She couldn't swim.

And for every king that died
Oh they would crown another
But it's harder than you think
Telling dreams from one another

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