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It had been a busy first day.  She had let the pack explore, with specific instructions to return by sunset.  She had filled her own hours by completing one quest after another.  First, she had sung them home, given her speech, and started helping with the dens.  Then, Arik had called her to show her the Isle.  They had found an Oracle in residence, and she had been given the first new piece of her destiny.  A lot to think about there, but no time to do it.  Ayliyra had come rushing to tell her Adolph was missing.  With a search party already underway, Mercury aided the rescuers in seeing the elder safely to the dens.  Then she tracked down Akutan, giving him the next mission in order to bring the pack home.  As she entered her den, she found herself dragging her feet before flopping down onto the furs that made her bed. Darkness, she was tired.

Had this pack always caused this much chaos?  The Dark Queen could not recall.  When Nardir had been stable, before the White Demon and the Fall, she had strong, able adults who had provided support to their leadership. When they had been exiled and the pack splintered, she had been so focused on their survival that she had not had the means to keep an eye on them.  Alana had done that.  And then... she knew nothing.  It had been so little time since she had returned, apparently ushering in a new calamity in her wake.  Was it she who caused misfortune to Nardir?  Or was it simply her duty to meet it when it arose?  Like the tale of the young Moon, Mercury was a creature who knew Darkness, and did not fear it.  But that did not mean she was not cautious.  There was still much to do...

The sunrise brought forth a new day, and with it a new to-do list.  In the morning light, Akutan began assembling his volunteers.  While he did so, she called the elders, her Star Council:  Byakko, Adolph, Raka, and Hakan.  The path up to the den she had chosen was wide on one side, making it easily accessible despite its height.  Furs from the dens had been made into makeshift cushions, and now they were all comfortably lounging on the large stone overhang.  Mercury had greeted them all as they arrived, letting them take their time in getting settled. While they mostly were relaxing in the sunshine, there were things she wanted to discuss, and now seemed like a good time.  It would be a casual meeting.  Adolph was recovering from his latest adventure.  Byakko, while somewhat restored with their return, did not have much time left. Sshe didn't expect Raka to take part in much at all given her mental state.  Hakan alone was still intact, having fared well with little more than sore muscles and achy bones.

"Thank you." Mercury began. "I know this has not been an easy journey for any of you."

She locked eyes with Adolph for a moment, then smiled at him with a bit of mischief in her eyes.  He really was having the worst luck in his elderly wanderings.

"Tell me, how do your families fare?"

She paused, as Akutan, Kyra and Vienna walked past them, heading south.  Only the three of them?  She knew for certain that Kastra and Kodiak had also joined the expedition, and she had no doubt that Aylie would throw herself at any chance to go wandering.  But where were they?  An eyebrow rose as she watched them, but she did not make any comment to the Ursa and his companions.  Turning her head, she refaced the Council.

"I have dispatched Akutan to assemble volunteers to map and secure the territory. Until their mission is complete, I am enacting an edict.  The pack will remain here, at the Castle, and a curfew set for sunset."

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Byakko saw Merc heading for him and the other elders and sent Sara away with her pups and Ticon. This wasn't for them. He was tired and more than a little impatient to get back to the family den site. He shared that with Akutan but because he was much older and was tempered by experience, the elder wolf was more able to exercise patience. His nephew/son seemed to have come to a realization on his own and was now working to ensure the family got back to where they were meant to be in full. Byakko just hoped it wouldn't be too late. The funny thing was ever since they returned, he had a strange feeling like someone was keeping him in the mortal coil, refusing to let him die until the land was reclaimed in full. He spent much of his time thinking about that. At the least, it kept his mind away from the question of why they were stuck in this place. He knew Merc had a reason and it was justified. Who knew how much the land had changed since Asylum took over and then disappeared.

"Tell me, how do your families fare?" Merc asked as Adolph, Hakan, and Raka joined them. Byakko's gold eyes slid shut. His sight was beginning to deteriorate, making the sunlight harder to manage, and his vision was starting to blur a little. Sara figured his old age was bringing about photosensitivity, meaning his eyes weren't able to handle the sun as well as they had in his youth. He didn't foresee living long enough for full-on blindness to set in, though, so he wasn't worried. "They're faring well enough. Tired mostly and two of us are eager to reclaim our own little niche as you're aware. I'm trying to be patient all the same." Byakko replied. He wasn't about to throw Akutan under a bison and pretend that he didn't share his nephew's impatience. His exhaustion was growing by the day and the delay, however justified, wasn't helping matters either. His tone was light but neutral. Neither critical but not overly optimistic either. Merc would understand. Byakko was better equipped to speak for the Clan as a whole because of his even temper and experience so Mercury likely valued him over most others. Akutan was coming into his own as the patriarch but he still needed experience to get on the same level. He needed the patience of those around him in order for him to grow.

"I have dispatched Akutan to assemble volunteers to map and secure the territory. Until their mission is complete, I am enacting an edict.  The pack will remain here, at the Castle, and a curfew set for sunset." Merc then said. Byakko just flipped his tail to indicate he heard. He had a feeling whatever he had to say had already been said by his nephew. He had nothing to add unless he was asked for input. Sara was going to stick to him as was her duty as both a healer and his daughter. His grandpups were in an alien place and even Rapture didn't seem inclined to sneak off. Ticon would do his duty and stick with them as well. The only Clan member who was going to be walking around the land until sunset was Akutan doing his job. The Clan as a whole wasn't going anywhere.

Byakko knew Mercury meant well but she had a lot to learn about her pack. A lot had changed since she disappeared. Indeed, Akutan had given a little insight into their private meeting when he came to tell the family what the plan was and he sought advice. Byakko was in no state to pass judgment on either of them because both of them screwed up. Both reacted to the other because they didn't know how the other ticked. Akutan had fallen in line quickly enough when he came to understand what the move back to the Mother Hills really meant so the ball was in their alpha's court. She lacked the experience necessary to navigate Akutan's thought processes. He perceived the move as a backhanded way of stripping the pack of their right to their old haunts. The oldster was inclined to believe both were a bit too reactionary, which was the fast track to a communications breakdown such as the one they apparently had.

Both would learn in time to rein it in once they got used to each other in their respective roles. Akutan was young and somewhat brash but he wasn't Aylie by any stretch. He was actually rather mellow nowadays, all things considered. The old man had no intention of getting involved unless Mercury asked him for specific insight regarding how his nephew ticked. The young Ursa Major was simultaneously simple and complicated as all hell. Byakko knew that the best of anyone there with only Sara outstripping him. Any insight he could share was for another time or never at all. He had a feeling there would be more Mercury would want to discuss that involved the plan regarding the pack as a whole so he filed his thoughts away for later contemplation. All he could do anymore was just think.

Yeah, Byakko's not privy to the entire thing. Only as much as Akutan volunteered so he's not aware that Merc still sees him as Clan patriarch despite having stepped down. 

This is also him being an incredibly boring old man.

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The stores of herbs were understandably low, the old healer swished his tail back and forth as he looked over what was left. Kyra had left for the mission and he was left... with this. He took a deep breath trying to calm the uncharacteristic raging wind in his head. Why had this made him so... Angry? Was it anger? Honestly he couldn't put into words at this point. What he had heard from Byakko made his own fur rise. They had come so close and yet... barred from going further. Maybe it was the hope that if he could return to the willow she would be waiting for him there, or at least answers, at the very least a good source of willow bark for these damned aches and pains from the journey!

At the last thought Hakan actually raked his claws into the den floor with a sour face... which made him pause.
Oh... Maybe these weren't just from the journey... He was... coming face to face with mortality again. There was nothing he could do when he lost his first love to the plague, he had worked day and night to find a cure and all for nought. Now, he was faced with the very natural end of his best friend... and if he would allow the thought... his own mortality was creeping up on him. Not that he was anywhere near deaths door, no he had many more years left ahead of him he was sure, but... certainly a lot less years lie ahead than lay behind. Was he becoming impatient in his... "old age"?

He was no longer the youth that he was when he was in these lands last, that was for sure. What did he think? That he would somehow become young again as he walked these lands? That he could turn back the clock on his body as his mind was transported through the memories? With a sigh he shook his head, answering his own rhetorical question.

When Mercury called, he squared himself up. Now was not the time to dwell on death, now was the time to meet, and discuss, and put forth actionable plans. First on his list would be to find the old garden Prince Alexander and Jase had found once... long ago... My... would it be overgrown by now.

He felt in a much better mood, though still fogged a little by pain, as he made his way up to Mercury's balcony and settled comfortably on a seat. The climb was easy for him but he made note that it would not be as easy for the others.

He watched his old friend with a heavy heart, answering the new Queens question with his eyes shut, as if too tired to keep them open, or perhaps his eyes were starting to fail him. Byakko made a comment about the state of the union and Hakan couldn't help but flick his tail.

"The journey was rough. I'm glad to be here. Kyra isn't any worse for wear." It was strange... He had imagined to either be coming home with his own entourage to rival Baykko's, and here he was with just himself and his daughter, who was more a part of Byakko's clan anyway, and Hakan was nigh adopted into it as well.

Hakan shifted his gaze over the precipice to watch his daughter and son-in-law and Vienna below. He saw his daughter look up at them but he couldn't tell if she was sending him a face or a shrug or just a curious look. He didn't turn back to look at Queen Mercury as she made her edict but he flicked an ear. Perhaps the most disrespect he had ever shown royalty in his life. It was not what he was about and he didn't understand why he was being so surly himself. Before a new moment could pass he turned away from watching his "to-early-to-be-official" pregnant daughter and back to the Queen.

"Forgive me My Queen." Ah, there was the normal formalities, "I had been made aware of this." He flickered his gaze to Byakko, then back to Mercury. Where had this relational wall come from? Was it because he had a better relationship with Alana? Or perhaps he felt guilty for letting Mercury out of his sight after her battle? Was she still a kid in his eyes? Surely she had proven herself by now. She certainly wasn't standing between him and finding Firebright, because Firebright certainly wasn't here. She merely said that they needed to wait a little longer, and in all his years hadn't he waited long enough? He could feel this wall he put up between himself and Mercury and he didn't actually want it there. He wanted to be cordial, relaxed, warm, fatherly, but here he was feeling cold and stressed and stand-offish. Nothing like his usual bedside manner.

He looked away again to watch his daughter, another layer of stress and worry. They were low on herbs.


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Raka stared fixedly at nothing, her pearlescent orbs gazing at a midpoint between anywhere and nowhere. She breathed softly, carefully, as if she was scared to disturb something. Her memories - was it wishful thinking? No. No it was real. But faint, oh so very faint, like the caress of a butterfly's wings. She remembered. Not everything, but where there were gaps, now there were blurry outlines. And where there'd been blurry outlines it was all crystal clear. She remembered! She...

A howl. A summons. And like too thin ice on a lake the moment of clarity shattered into a million disorganised fragments. A snarl ripped through her throat and she was on her feet ready to attack before she fully realised what she'd heard. Shutting her eyes she tried to recall the moment ... but it was gone. She'd been known for her expressionless features, had used it to great advantage, but as her senility had progressed she showed her feelings more and more. And frankly the older she got the less she cared about it. It took a moment for her to calm down. She smiled sadly at Sare who was staring at her, probably wondering if she should stuff more herbs down her throat. The black wolfess sighed deeply and angled her footsteps towards where the howl had originated.

Who had howled? Oh right, Mercury. Hey she remembered something! But why on earth did the child summon her to this council of elders? Perhaps she yet held hope that Raka could be a valuable participant. Hah. As she came nearer she saw Byakko lying with closed eyes, and caught the conversation already started. Her gaze softened as they studied her mate - his eyes were more sensitive to light, and she knew in her bones and in her soul that he was nearing his time. And thus she was nearing hers. She shifted her gaze to the other old timer - Council of elders is right. Perhaps a better description would be council of decrepid, tired, wolves.

As she passed Hakan she gave him a quick lick on the shoulder, murmering his name in greeting before seating herself next to Byakko. She frowned and glanced back - yeah she did remember him. One eyebrow raised in amusement. Well now, perhaps she might not be so useless after all. Then her gaze settled on their new leader. Young but not green. Strong. A warrior.

She liked her.

"It's a good plan." she said, her soft voice and body language respectful, though she didn't use Mercury's title. She had been a Queen, too, and viewed Mercury more an equal. "Though some may find that restriction too - ah - restrictive, I agree that it's a necessary precaution until we know the lay of the land and established security around the borders. After all, we've waited this long, a few more days isn't going to matter." Then her ears did flatten slightly and she grimaced, muttering under her breath: "It's a tad overwhelming to have everyone so close to each other, but maybe that's just me."

Her piece said, she fell to grooming Byakko. It could be that this grooming had become slightly obsessive, Whatever - Raka ignored all opinions and advise and herbs. She had YEARS of grooming to make up for. And if Byakko voiced any objections she just pretended to forget he'd said something.
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