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It was a beautiful summer in the new territory, slightly more humid than expected, but still very nice. Tall slim birch and maple trees shooting up to create the bulk of the forest, their tree tops like fluffy green clouds. The rustle of the pointed leaves was musical, calming, adding wonderful background noise to the buzzing calls of cicadas during the daylight hours. Pine trees were a new sight, scent, as well. There were so many of them, the bright blue eyes glanced upward at them with awe along the beginnings of a pathway weaving through them. It would be interesting to witness the trails the members used on a daily basis, and how they'd become well worn pathways to show them each the way.

Of course, it was the small boy who wandered off the trail often. Unable to yet comprehend the confusing dreams, and unnatural instincts that tugged him into secluded areas. Today was no different, it'd been a calmer day, of enjoying his own company and songs of birds. He hummed along, exploring the river area quietly. Taking a cold drink that caused dark lips to smack, shoulders shivering as his head ached from gulping the water too fast. A soft sigh, as he turned slowing to glance upstream. Where the light flickered off the surface of the running water.

Something else sparkled there, but Perseus was unable to focus on the stars the began to glow in the distance. There's something here, we must discuss came the hushed, distant, whisper only he heard, eyes widening as tall ears perked forward. Feeling himself blindly moving forward, it all suddenly crashed away. Leaving him dazed with a throbbing headache, squinting as the sunlight suddenly felt stronger than it had before. He wanted Elliot desperately now, tears stung his eyes.

Child plopped down to sit on a large boulder at the edge of the stream, a glance was cast over his tired shoulder. Someone was coming, Perseus couldn't tell if they were real yet, or one of the odd episodes he'd begun to have.

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Would you mind if I joined you?

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Go ahead! Big Grin

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