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* all animal roleplay, Hominids included: domesticated or wild, extant or extinct, fictional or real; design and develop characters without limits
* no minimum word count
* no character limit or wait time, because no required profiles
* free-form groups and tons of IC boards to explore
* free everything, because no points
* unique combat options: choose between chance, competitive, or cooperative-based gameplay
* switch between two distinct settings at will: a semi-realistic prehistoric setting with the potential to advance society and technology, and an alternate free-for-all setting where full fantasy, modern day, science fiction, and any other out-of-place genres are allowed with no restrictions
* all roleplay styles and levels welcome!

Sounds good, right? We're an animal roleplay with some fun extras so that no matter your schedule, muse or creativity, you can have good ole rp fun. Check us out at:

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