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Tortuga had been through a lot, it was easy enough to slip off and never be seen again. But the guilt followed him, the wondering plagued him and give him nightmares. Every night he would dream of the brother he left behind, he would see his brutal end. It always involved fire... and too much blood.

He would wake up in the morning and push North, further and further away from them, as if distance could help him out run the nightmares. He'd thought of leaving for so long but responsibility for his brother and sister brought him back when he'd finally had a chance to run. He saved Tripp and Arma from a peril he'd brought down on them. But he didn't do enough for them, he never kept them safe as he should have.

Tortuga was an infection that spread to every thing it touched. The only thing he could accomplish by leaving would be to spread the taint to the innocent and unsuspecting. They didn't deserve it, but now that he was free he couldn't force himself to go back. It didn't matter now... Arma was dead, Tripp would never leave... But Kire had staggering guilt for never asking him, hence the nightmares.

Solitude was driving him mad, it was time to rejoin society. His feet had brought him here, he didn't know anything about this place, just that it was very far away from where he came. He fancied himself a good pretender, he could fake being normal. 

The moon cast an eerie light on the grassy planes and he felt a chill go down his spine and to the tip of the tail that was no longer there. He gave himself a few moments to mull over his decision and then he howled. Turning back and spending one more night alone with his nightmares was more then he was capable of.
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Forget Tortuga, SHE had been through a lot!!!

Everything went to absolute hell in a hand basket with the ugliest bow one could find! Not only had the damn place gone up in flames but it all but sank into the Earth! She had tried to stay but too much went on and too little remain to keep her from getting swept up in the waves and whisked away to far away shores. 

Figuratively speaking of course.

She was on her own again, like nothing had changed in her life since she left Tortuga's borders as a pup. Of course she'd restored important relationships with family, mostly, and built up other ones that were just as important but the world had other ideas for so much karma building in one place like it was. She felt lighter, like a feather on the wind, while she was alone and exploring. She'd run into some unsavory types but she'd learned how to deal with them long before she'd even matured into the beautiful mixed beauty that she was. Fate would not have her remain such, however, and the familiar scent of salt water and spices caught her nose only like one of them could. 

She smiled, and set off, a lot of ground needing to be covered and cover it she would! 

Which brought her to the here and now. She was so very close and of course, the landscape was familiar as well. They just couldn't stay away from coast and large bodies of water, not that she minded. She was finally closing in and it mattered little so long as she got what she was aiming for. 

Speaking of, the howl grabbed her attention and her course changed ever so slightly until she came within sight of her prize.


She felt her heart flutter and her chest puffed out with probably her 22nd wind of this long journey, it was finally about to pay off! She trotted the distance between them, not able to get there fast enough but not wanting to come off as too terribly desperate. "Kire, is that you!?" Of course it was, she knew but her Spanish accent and the desperate hope of a lost and scared damsel slapped on top would be enough to convince anyone she was actually surprised to run into him by complete and utter coincidence at the border of this new land.

She would stop short, only a few feet separating them both, her blue green hues focusing on his handsome and rugged face. She hoped she looked good, not that she had to worry, she always kept her coat immaculate. It was something she'd learned in her younger years, stay pretty even while working hard, catch the right eyes in a dangerous world. Her curled tail high and wagging, she gave him the most dazzling smile she had, not that it was fake, he really did bring that smile to her face.

One's muse could do wonders.

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