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Cal had done his absolute best, he had tried so hard, he had stayed up night after night, trying to keep this little thing alive, and it just didn't work out.  He sat there, with his bottom lip jutting out from under his top lip, and large, fat tears running down his face.  Those tears ran down his long nose, and fell right next to the small figure laying on the ground.  He sniffled once, and dragged his whole arm across his face, clearing it of both tears and snot, before blinking even more tears away.  

He'd found little "Hopper" twitching near a creek bed, breathing so fast and so heavy, and when he approached she tried to run, but she couldn't even hop a few feet before falling over and spasming again.  Cal had made sure she knew he wasn't gonna eat her, cooing to her, and crawling on the ground to her, even offering her berries and some thistle he'd found nearby, but she didn't want to eat, she just laid there panting and foaming at the mouth.  Ever so gently, after gaining her trust, he picked her up and took her to a place that was more hidden from other predators, a little thicket he'd made for himself, and his little 'friends' he would find, and try to help.  

He had tried everything- herbs, webs, water- everything- but nothing had helped.  

She'd died two days after he found her, and it wrecked him.  He loved her- as he did all his little friends, and every time he let one of them down, it broke his little heart.

He found a nice spot under a willow tree, and began to dig a hole.  She deserved somewhere nice to rest, and this seemed peaceful, under the willow tree and by the creek, seemed peaceful enough.  While he dug, he cried a bit, his stuffed nose muffling his words as he sang a little song to remember his little friend Hopper. "Hop-per, hop-per, you were such a good little bop-per. .. Hop-per hop-per, I'm sorry i couldn't help you prop-per..."  Another sniffle, and a little sob, as he continued digging.  

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The morning came like a bull through the den, bright light waking her as the wolfdog finally became coherent. Pale gaze wincing as the beams of light assaulted her vision harshly. She looked for the slumbering form of her boy, resting quietly along her side. How he'd grown so much. Soon he wouldn't be a child anymore, but he'd always remain her little boy. Attention would then shift to another that shared her space, the Knight. With his blue hues and pale face, she was used to seeing him slumbering soundly next to her, but this time he was wide awake and alert.

They met each other's gaze and she gave him a warm, tired smile, and he returned it with his own. Whatever feelings were between the two, needn't be spoken aloud. The pair had been in each other's company for quite sometime, raising a child together. The affections were there, even if they weren't so clearly announced. No one would see a love more truer, or more innocent than their's.

Soundlessly and carefully she got up, becoming a master at not disturbing Cain while he slept, she kissed the boy's head lightly and nuzzled into Templar's mane of plush fur. Her voice softer than a whisper as she looked at him, there was a silent exchange between them and with her leaving the den to get a drink.

A summer's day greeted her the moment she stepped away from the den, bright green leaves shimmering in warm sunlight and spilling splotches of warm honey between the spaces of vegetation. She hummed softly to herself as she walked a path of wildflowers, ears listening for the sound of the nearby brook, instead she'd hear soft sobs instead? Fili paused, brows knitting together in confusion. "Hello?" She called out softly, though the sobs only continued. The brook would have to wait, she decided.

It didn't necessarily take long to find the source of the sniffling and sobbing, but it was definitely not what she expected. A little child sitting under the boughs of an old willow, head cast down to the a small mound of freshly turned dirt. "H-hello?" She called out to him, sunlight catching the gold trim of her collar. "Are you alright, little one?" She wanted to go closer, motherly instincts kicking from all the times she had to mop away Cain's tears, she could feel her heart ache for this new little fellow. "Is it.... Is it okay if I come over to you? You needn't be frightened of me, but I won't approach you unless I have your permission." A breeze picked up through the trees, and ruffled the long curls of her coat, as tired eyes rested upon the boy's small form. A smile as warm as sunlight itself touching upon her lips.

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