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Toya He
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ooc: in which waka rps with herself, a series of posts that for the most part don't interact with each other besides being on the same day (and besides toya and shuck).
these are my summer solstice posts and each of them are different scenarios.
some of the characters featured in them aren't apart of gem (fini & zasha/ahi), and will most likely be roaming the wilds of the neutrals, but for the sake of storytelling, i'm posting them here too.

some of these posts might be shorter or longer than others.
trigger warning for suicidal intent/ideation in toya's.

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[Image: friendly_crow__f2u__by_corvith-dbhw3nk.png]

The his early morning had begun in the low lands and what a mistake that had been, an ugly little girl charging at him,biting and snapping. She demanded to see what was hidden under his hair and when Toya firmly said no, the pup attacked him once more, until he relented. She then threatened him for his eye, to think she actually wanted such a thing. Coming towards him with a stick in her mouth saying it'd be painless.

He shoved her then, and then again and again. He shoved that child so hard that she tumbled her way down the hillside and away from the wall. "You are awful. You are very awful." His monotone voice said coldly over the whipping winds. "Don't get up. Sorry, and goodbye." Long legs would carry him away from the child, far away but his large ears would hear her shriek out in anger and possibly pain.

When his legs finally felt as if they'd crumble beneath him, chest heaving labored breaths and his tongue lollied from his mouth, that lone amber eye of his spied those pools of death. Many would recoil at the sight, a memory that gripped and ripped at him. His fathers telling them all to STAY AWAY from this place. But Toya moved closer, each step sure and filled with purpose.

A paw would raise to brush long locks and make sure they securely covered that disgusting blemish, and jaws would part as he lowered himself down. His mind wandered to Kol Nidre, he had come back to life, he'd been the only one.Why couldn't it be Aeon as well? Do I care if I survive this? Bury the dead where they’re found. Mouth watered, and he expected to feel fear or uncertainty. And yet, out here on his own, in the earliest hours before the sun even peaked the horizon, Toya felt nothing.

Everything felt painfully slow, a second became a minute into an hour and then a day, and somehow it all felt like an eternity. A small voice called out to him then, unfamiliar. "Wouldn't you rather play instead? We could play a game, you and me?" The young male pulled back then, blinking about the pools to try and spy who had spoken to him. "I can't play games right now, I have to do something." He called out in reply. "All my games are very fun, I promise! Or-or! We could sit and talk?" Toya tilted his head. "I don't want to play games right now, I'm sorry. Where are you? Who are you?" His fur bristled only slightly. "It's okay, I understand. Maybe we can talk like I said. I'm right beside you, can't you see? I'm called Kii." Head whipped around to see a small formless ball of light? The glow was faint, but it felt warm? "Not many people come here, you're the first in a while. You seem to be sad though, I know I can get lonely too." Toya hunkered down, eye drifting back to the pool and then to Kii's formless light.

"I'm not sad, I don't think?? It's just how my face always is. Or maybe... I dunno. There's a lot happening, I guess? I miss someone very much, and I can't see them anymore." He said softly, brows knitting together as his head lowered to rest on his paws. "Oh! Sorry, I didn't mean to assume!" The glow grew brighter for a moment. "Ah, I'm sorry-" "Toya." "Ah! Toya! Whatta nice name! I'm sorry, I'm here if you'd like to talk about it?" He'd glance at the light with the same nondescript expression, even though he'd call it uncertainty. Opening up can open some wounds. "It'll be okay, Toya, I promise. It's good to talk about stuff." His bottom lip quivered, but a smile formed instead of a weak sob. "That's what my dads say too." The light moved closer and he felt a tad warmer, as if reached out to gently lean against his shoulder. "It really does help buddy." Kii's soft voice in his ears calmed his nerves enough, nervous? Was he nervous, finally?! A big fat tear that had welled up in his eye now rolled down his cheek. "Okay, I think I want to talk now."

And from an outsider's perspective looking in, you'd see a hellion boy laying in the grass by cursed pools, in deep conversation with someone or something, yet nothing was there. Though the relief on his face was apparent, and the tears streamed from his eyes. All Toya knew was he had his own special someone to listen to him.

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He had trespassed and she promised, like she did with that three eyed freak, that anyone who dared trespass into HER lowlands would have to pay a toll.

Sneaking out of the den in the wee hours, her original plans were to go back to the smithy. That was until she had spotted another spindly white form. The little girl's first thought was it was that little bitch, that three eyed fucker, and then she thought no it's that other FREAK. Come to pay her a little visit, she'd get him back here and now then.

But as she approached, their form became more defined. The smug little expression on her face wore away to mere distaste. "WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" Came her biting words, a throaty growl erupting from her throat as she charged up to him on small paws. The male turned slightly, he'd call his expression surprised, but honestly he looked completely blank.

"Me? I'm just walking through, sorry." Shuck blinked in confusion for a moment, face twisting into a snarl as she snorted angrily at him. "No the other fucking LONG legged fucker walking through my FUCKING territory!" Toya glanced around in blank confusion. "Oh, is there another here? It's very early, you should be asleep." Completely ignoring the fact she was cursing at him, and she SEETHED. "NO YOU FUCK! YOU'RE THE ONLY ONE HERE BESIDES ME! YOU DUMB FUCK!!" She screamed and charged him, and Toya merely rose a brow moving to the side and dodging her completely. The wind swept up and the pale girl would see something horribly interesting under the male's hair. "You're very loud and angry for no rea-"

"Let me see you gross eye! You got three of them in one eye!!!" She yelled, tail lashing like a mad cat, though her grin was anything but angry now. Toya recoiled. "No. I'd rather that you didn't. I really need to be going, it was nice meeting you, I guess. But-" As he turned to walk on she was quick to cut him off in both sentence and his way. "You wanna leave? You wanna travel through MY area, you pay the toll. You HAVE to, and the toll is that disgusting fucking eye." Her grin only grew wider as she stepped closer to him and he backed away. "No." Came his voice more firmly this time, she searched the ground and snatched up a stick. "And I said YES. My brothers are gonna be so jealous of my new eye. I'mma give it to Croc?? Maybe K. I think Cian would enjoy it too..." She mused.

"I'll make it painless too, what a fucking deal. Just lemme jam this stick into your fucking head and I can pop that sucker out for ya," As she came closer, that's when he shoved her. The stick falling from her mouth and the child making a breathless 'oof' sound, again and again and again. He shoved with hard jabs, until one straight knocked her and sent her rolling down the hillside from the force of it.

Her head hitting against a rock and she yelped, feeling the sharp edge of it cutting into her forehead and she finally landed still with a painful thud. Red oozing from the fresh new wound. She barely heard his words, but finally saw his form far off in the distance by the time she gathered her wits to get up. "YOU FREAK! YOU FUCKING CUT ME!! YOU FUCKING FREAK!! YOU EVER COME BACK HERE AND I FIND YOU, YOU'RE DEAD. I'M GONNA KILL YOU, I'LL RIP YOU APART AND EAT YOUR EYES!!!" Came her vicious little shrieks, fur bristling and eyes wild.

Shuck would raise a paw to her forehead and hiss at the blossom of pain that she felt there. Great, how would she explain this to mom? Tail giving a limp wag, she'd turn back to go home, ultimately defeated.

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[Image: _f2u__moon_by_ghost_echo-daecs0n.png]

Somewhere in a hazy open field, one where it's warm, and far away things are blurry and out of focus. Sunlight rains down on everything, nothing is covered in shadow, but there is no sun. The lulling lap of the ocean tide can be heard in every direction as the waves roll in the sky up above.

The sound of birdsong, bees, and crickets are carried by a soft summer breeze. Wildflowers happily dance in the wind and bask in the warm light. There sits a large figure, the light dulling their blue hued coat to the softest of pastels.

They sit content as if waiting for someone to arrive and as you approach closer you can hear it, the hum that matches the ocean tide. "Hmmmmmmmmm hmmmmm. Hmmmmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm." Came the gentle lullaby of a mother, again and agin.

"Sappaaaaarrrraaa. Hmmmmmmm hmm. Hmmmmmmmm hmmm." The name spoken in the same sing song tune, as the large ethereal sang out. There was far off laughter of children, a smile pulled at the lips of female. As she waits for her children in the shade.

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Fini she
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thoughts and sign are in #6f00ff

Morning shifted into afternoon and it was like any other day out in the wilds, the blue female had awoken hours ago seated outside her little makeshift den. The land between packs was a road traveled by many, and yet she still hadn't encountered a familiar face whilst being outside of Saboro's gates.

How long had it been since she had been without Kroni's presence? To have that peace of mind that the two of them were together and safe? It ate at her each day. One she had tired from very quickly. Kroni was the only thing she had, the only one she knew in these parts. Fini's heart beat for her, and this time apart made her realize just how lost she was without her.

There was a sudden loud rustling, a loud snap of twigs and her head shot up immediately, pale blue eyes wide and fur bristling with excitement. Could it be?? Hesitant paws sprang into action a few moments later, she even thought she smelled a familiar scent drifting into the air and then--

Kroni Kroni KRONI

The blue female's heart sang and she rushed to the source, a wide grin up her face and tears welling up in her eyes. Kroni! KRONI!!! OH MY GOD, I I!! I've been looking all over for- That look of pure joy would melt into of gutted disappointment, for what stood before her was merely a deer. It lifted its head, both frozen as they gazed at one another. It was one when the deer hopped away and into the dark brush that Fini felt that burst of sadness finally hit her. Sobs coming in waves, as tears spilled down her cheeks.

The forest fell silent around her.

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The afternoon moved right along, and here among no one but himself and the dirty old grave of a father, the large male sat. All day he had been here, grumbling and growling about how unfair life was. Frankly, the grave was a better listener than any of his sisters, and honestly Kale would never want to put them through anymore bullshit.

They all had enough their plates.

With their mother still hidden from them, kept as some freakish prisoner, and their family fucking broken. Kaolin couldn't help but wonder how better off they'd be with the old man around, Ma loved the shit outta him, and look where it got her. Saboro ran her and his dad into the fucking ground and he fucking HATED THEM for it. He wanted blood, blood for blood. IT WAS FAIR.

But on this day revenge could wait, vivid pink eyes glanced down at the grave marked with wildflowers, lowering his head he'd drop a single poppy. "I'll be seeing you old man." Came his rumbling reply and with that he'd turn his back.

"Hey! Stand straight, look sharp! And for fuck's sake Kale, look after your ma and sisters. I'm counting on ya son, just like they are! Ya scruffy fuck." A familiar voice made him freeze right in his tracks, turning on a dime as his eyes widened. The sun caught his eyes but he saw the figure before him, bright and firelicked. " Wuh?! D-dad?!" He called out, doing a double take, shaking the fatigue from his body and when he looked back to the grave nothing was there.

A trick of the light? But no, it felt too real. "Y-yeah, I will. I will, Pa. You old fucker, haha."

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[Image: _mist__by_redkuu-daq1ez5.png]

[Image: qWM21dK.png]

In a far away forest night finally settles and with it comes the cool kiss of a evening summer's breeze. The sun had long since set and the fireflies began their dancing with the frogs and crickets chirping along.

Out in the wilds a father and a son now settle for bed, the child nestling into the greasy dark fur of his dad's large form. Red eye would come to rest on the now slumbering form of the pale child, long tail curling around him as if to provide extra protection.

"A beautiful boy." Comes from the darkness, and the large male's crimson gaze would land on a similar pair. Scars burned and his fur prickled, Zasha could never forget a voice, not one like this. Lips twitch, but he said and did nothing. "We both loved the same beautiful thing, didn't we? Broth-" "Go away." A hissed reply, cutting off this demon's words. You will not have this one, not any of my children.

There were many things in this world that were hard to forget, a Dark Brother was one of them, in all the haunting forms he loved to appear in ripping at his decaying mind. But Zasha belonged to Saboro no longer. I can love you, but at a great distance. "Go away, leave." He breathed, closing his eyes for a moment and then opening them, the creature's eyes fading until there was nothing left but the night. I'm so sorry, but it wasn't you, I know I know I know.

In the forest a father curled tighter around his son that night. Nothing will ever harm you, not when I am with you.

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