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is this a good introduction for specks? yea probably
Speckles couldn't go a day in her life without causing some sort of trouble, either intentionally or not. The kid was a magnet for it, attracting it one way or another. She couldn't help it, but every other day arose another minor conundrum the members of Tortuga were faced with, typically caused by the one and only Specks. And she hadn't even been here that long! This day or that one, she was causing a mess and being scolded for it. A lot of the time, she hadn't meant to cause trouble. Sure, there were her pranks, but she hadn't pulled any successful pranks since coming to Tortuga.
Today, the whelp wanted to prove herself at least somewhat useful. Whelps were expected to carry their weight just like anyone else, and even if she was a late bloomer in growth, she wouldn't let something as simple as that stop her. No, she would do something that would impress the others. Something the other youths and maybe even some of the adults couldn't do. Specks wanted to do something that set her apart, something only she could do.
The idea had started when she had been going about her morning like any other. That is until her thoughts snagged on passing words she had overheard. "Ugh, I just wish the good palm fronds weren't so hard to get!" A few simple words and the speckled female's thoughts were already working quickly. Most of the time, members were too large or not nimble enough to reach the peaks of the palm trees that took root around their territory. However, Specks was glad for how she was still small for her age. Lightweight, agile, if a bit clumsy. By midafternoon, she was dead-set on getting palm fronds fresh off the top of a palm tree.
Dashing off, Speck looked around for any of the telltale trees. She spotted one quickly enough, not far away from where the group made their home. She grinned, looking up at the top and the palm fronds that shuttered lazily in a passing breeze. She studied the tree momentarily, not thinking to form a proper plan before she launched herself into finding a way to shimmy up the tree. She latched around the tree in a death-like hug, worming her way up to where it curved slightly. She slithered across, eventually testing the tree by trying to stand on all fours.
For the moment, her balance held and she smiled. Good, that would make it a lot easier. She carefully worked closer to the fronds, a wind stronger than the previous breeze rocking the tree and testing her balance. She yelped in surprise, nearly falling. Scrambling to maintain her posture, Specks somehow retained her form and remained on the tree. Satisfied with the tree once it stopped shifting, she sighed with relief. She didn't want to make the climb again, only to probably fall once more. Turning her attention back to the mission at hand (or at paw?), Specks studied the palm fronds, searching for the greenest.
They were a bit out of her reach, so she craned her neck forward as far as she could. She huffed in frustration when she couldn't quite reach the greenest fronds, then carefully placing a paw unsteadily on one of the coconuts. She reached forward again, finally close enough that she could clamp her jaw around some of the fronds and yank with all her tiny might. She almost cried out from the reacting force, nearly flying out of the tree if she hadn't flopped back down and clutched the trunk, still close to the fronds. It was then, with palm fronds in her mouth, that Speckles realized that she had not thought of a way to get down.
As she tried to struggle to all fours and regain her bearings, another strong wind rocked the palm tree. Crying out in fear and dropping the few palm fronds she had collected, Speckles fell from the tree and hit the ground, her fronds scattering around her. She sat up in the shade of the tree, rebounding quickly, looking at the leaves surrounding her before grinning triumphantly. She yipped with joy, dancing around as she laughed.

That was until a coconut fell from the tree above her and hit her square on the skull, knocking Specks out cold.

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She was gone again... He knew it. The broody orphan looked up from his nap to see the area devoid of a certain ginger freckled headache. He blew through his nose looking around for a caretaker, the stewardess that was supposed to take care of them. Bah, she wasn't doing a very good job now was she. He was used to it though, no one really cared around here it seemed, they didn't really care about him when his parents where killed for having him.

Kyanite got up with a grunt, almost like an elder wolf, though he hadn't even seen his first year yet, and put his nose to the ground. Her scent was fresh and he might as well make sure she hadn't offed herself or thrown herself into the ocean for giggles this time.

He easily followed her scent and eventually saw a figure scrambling at the top of a palm tree. He didn't even have to continue sniffing her out he just knew it was her. So he huffed and picked up his pace to watch this new shenanigan develop. He watched as the wind blew and nearly knocked her down with a bored expression on his face. What was she doing with those palm fronds? He lifted his eye brows as the wind picked up again, scattered her fronds, and he heard her yip in fear as she plummeted to the sandy beach. Then his expression immediately scrunched with incredulousness as she got on all fours and started jumping around. Shaking his head he started coming up to her,

"What're you-" He wasn't able to finish becuase he watched a coconut descend from the swaying palm and clock her upside the head. He paused and waited for her to laugh and get up. She didn't. "Speck?" He called after her, picking up his pace and sniffing her all over.
"Speck!" Oh no, he should get someone to help! He started Barking for help, pacing up and down the beach,

"Help help! Coconut! Dixie! Alanis! Speckles Head! Surgeon!" He shouted, hoping to get anyone's attention.

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