Fight Thread  Vicious Mockery [Ivaylo/Frey]
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Achsul He/Him
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Pronouns: He/Him
Rank [IC]: Slaver
Played By: Corvo


A youngling slammed into him a moment before his jaw would have taken that bitch-mutt’s spine apart. She did little else but to avert his blow, bouncing harmlessly off his heavy frame, but it was enough that the gray bitch was out of his grasp and pursuing her would be a useless endeavor. Achsul turned his singular ruby eye on the interloper, unspent drool dripping off his greasy chin as he considered her. Her eyes darted in the direction of her escaping friend as Achsul closed on her. There wouldn’t be much room left for her to sprint at him as she came at him with her nails.

Hope you feel good,” Achsul slavered. “Hope you feel like a real fucking hero.

It wasn’t the time for words, he supposed, as her paws came at his face he snapped out at her trying to grab one of those slender legs and twist her, confuse her momentum and pin her to the ground. If he got a hold he would press her into the dirt, crushing the air out of her as he had to a smaller pup, and applying the pressure of a steel trap on that weak little twig of a leg, even as her claws dug shallow rivets in his lightly furred cheeks. If that failed, he only had the one eye left to protect and could turn his head away slightly; scratches to the face were next to nothing in terms of pain.

She could have been a slave too: could have grown up to be just like Achsul, learned to keep her head down and play by the rules, but instead she had to die because Achsul wanted to live. How sad. Her pack would kill her this way, sending her to a battle she wasn’t prepared to have, and the old wolf pitied her but not enough to stop himself from hurting her. Maybe as she died she would realize how they had done her wrong, just as Achsul had long ago. No one had come to save him then. Why should today be any different?

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Ivaylo she/they
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Pronouns: she/they

All Accounts Posts: 164

"And I will show you something different from either
Your shadow at morning striding behind you
Or your shadow at evening rising to meet you
I will show you fear in a handful of dust."

Anger and frustration welled up inside the pale warrior as jaws clamped on her swinging foreleg, and completely caught her off guard as her body slammed on the ground. She grunted as wind escaped her and her enemy put his full weight on her and squeezed his teeth down, but that didn't stop her from clinging to his face with all her claws could hold, even when her own blood began to slide down and drip onto her face. Ivaylo was no fool, she knew what she'd be up against the moment she laid eyes on him. And with that, her two eyes were most likely her only advantage. She was not broad enough to topple him over, but she was still muscular and strong for her age and size and she would use all her strength until the last second. Whether she lived or died didn't matter, not in this moment. All that mattered now was that she dealt as much damage as possible, long enough for the children to be freed. She trusted Iaera with this, with her life. And somehow, she knew it would not be in vain. She had full confidence in both of them and their alike minds. History would show that only pushing through loss and toil could allow them to touch greatness.

With her long back legs, she reached as high up as she could until she could feel his belly fur and began to kick and flail wildly as she used her other front leg to do the only thing she could think of; she'd arch it back as far as she could, and throw it down, attempting to pierce her other set of needle-like claws into his blindside, his empty eyesocket. If she was successful, she would dig them in, twisting and tearing, and pull herself up with all her might as to snap at his muzzle and hopefully grab hold. But if her blow did not land, she would use it as a distraction to twist her head and aim her teeth at the wrist of his foot that held her down in a slicing motion, over and over until he decided letting go would be easier than losing control of his paw.

As she lay there struggling against all odds, locked into conflict with this heartless beast, her mind raced with images of herself being the aggressor. Even now she could see it, her snarling face above hers holding onto her own leg. The only difference was, that ugly crimson eye still remained. She was not this monster, she could say that with full certainty (if she wasn't being pinned down, of course). No longer would she hold herself back. In her head, Ivaylo let out a furious wail and the vision of fighting herself vanished like dust being blown away. No more cowering in fear, no more hiding. No more pain for children, for their mothers, or for her. This is where my agony ends. Yours begins now.

Ivaylo gets pinned by Achsul, gets choked a bit
Leg is slightly wounded from his hold
Swings her other leg at his blind eye while kicking to push herself up so she can try to bite his muzzle
Will turn to bite the leg holding her down close to his carpals if she misses ^

If I get anything wrong please pm me and I'll edit accordingly, I'm new to fighting in rps sdfnskdjg sorry

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