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    He had been at sea for what seemed like over a week now. His food and water supply had run out a few days ago, and now the little beast man laid in his small boat, trying to sleep off the hunger and thirst. Ginko had left his village because he thought he was ready, thought he was old enough. Apparently age and readiness didn’t matter in the ocean, because he was fucked over. The first few days he had a ‘fuck everyone I am king’ attitude, then when that wore off he was thinking of turning back, crying because he missed his family. Then he had been in some kind of out of his mind state, moving like a robot for the next few days until he ran out of food. At that rate he didn’t even know if he could turn around, or if he would make it if he turned back. Then he had tried to sleep until he ran across land. His skin was sunburnt, his shirt painfully scratchy against his chest. The flesh on his shoulders had already started peeling.

    As he felt himself drifting off, he was rudely interrupted by his boat running against something hard. He leapt to his hooves, body sore all over but he still moved swiftly. As Ginko looked around, he saw that he was nearing land. A dark sandy beach was not too far off, with the boat starting to run ashore on what seemed to be a sandbar. The sandbar connected the mainland to an island, which he had little to no interest in. If the bigger land was indeed a main land, then he could be in luck. Ginko steered his boat closer to the beach, until it ran up the shore into the sand and stones. As the man stepped out of the boat, his legs were trembling and his balance was off from spending so much time at sea. Ginko fell to his knees in the sand, tears almost streaming down his face. There was a chance he was going to survive after all.

    Ginko spent a good moment on the beach, just sitting there and trying to get his balance back, and then turned back towards his tiny wooden boat. His talons grasped onto the pelt backpack that carried a knife and a jacket, as well as thread and needle. He slung it onto his back, and then pulled the boat properly onto the beach. If it was a mistake landing on this beach, he needed a quick get away. When he felt confident in what he had done, he put the straw hat that was in his boat on his head, horns sticking out from small holes, and started to make his way towards the land, climbing on the rock. “Come Ginko, you got this.” It was hard to get a grip with his feet as his feet were hooves, but he was making steady process. Part of him hoped to see another human creature, and another feared it. And still he tried to make his way further inland.

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