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[ Event ]

Storm: 2'10" 100lbs. Grey w/ white flecks. Male.
Copper: 2'5" 85lbs. Brown dappled fur. Female.
Titan: 3'1" 150lbs. Beige and white brindle. Male.

The three found themselves coiled around the tree trunks, their satchels ready to burst but their appetites far from sated.

It seemed, however, that time was no longer on their side. Storm grumbled, his dark grey pelt a shadow in the dimming light of the tropical sunset. Glaring over at Copper and Titan, he scowled, "We shoulda fuckin' left when them fuckers first arrived, I done told ya." They'd been in hiding for weeks now, plucking what goods they could while still remaining undercover, but their scents couldn't stay hidden anymore. They were being tracked. "Now we're done fucked." Deep, seething hisses.

Copper watched as her grey companion paced around the palm tree, her silver white eyes glaring with heavy judgement and little patience as she lay under some giant plant, its leaves acting as a canopy for her. With her own satchels neatly tucked beneath her belly, she found little reason to move - such trust between business partners. "So you've said before, Storm. We will just wait until nightfall and make our move the--"

"Get yer head outta the sand and calm your damn teats, Storm!" Titan had never been one to be coy, and his pale, brindled form had little hope of camouflage in these dense jungles. He, too, hovered over his goods like a mother over her new babe, though with his size he was confident enough to take a step here or there to show Storm he meant business. For days that fucking bastard had been running his mouth, and it all but drove Titan running off the cliff. "Chick here's got a plan, we gonna stick to it!" He noticed a small nod from Copper, though her eyes shot daggers. Like he could care. With a huff and a puff he sat back down by his goods, hiding in the shadows of the cluster of palms.

They were determined to run out the clock...

... but it seemed they would meet their new neighbors sooner than expected. Copper was the one to notice, her thin ears pricking up at the sound of someone's approach. The grey male was too busy muttering to himself, pacing, to realize. Titan only noticed through the dappled girl, his gaze slowly shifting. Someone was coming... but from which direction?

Two of the three were prepared to flee, goods in tow.

What Is Happening?

Our first Event! This is an optional event for all Tortugans to participate in, if they so desire. There are three timber wolves camped in the southern region of our domain - they were looters before we got here, and have been hiding out since our arrival. Their intent is to gather as many treasures as they can and sneak out, but we won't let them! Here Tortuga must rally together to chase down - and potentially kill - these trespassers. The Triarchy has placed a bounty of 10 strips on their heads!

How Will This Work?

The Crow's Nest account will act as the NPCs for this Event. We will post as the three timber wolves, Copper, Titan, and Storm and interact with those who come. The first round will establish the posting order. Each round lasts 12 days, with extensions available upon request. We're aiming for maybe three to four rounds, but we'll see how it ICly plays out.
As this is optional, if you miss a round there is no punishment, though those who participate more are more prone to better prizes and earn more strips.

What Do I Get?

All participants will receive five (5) strips per round that can be used at the Marketplace - once we set it up, oops. From the Marketplace you can buy trinkets, tools, favors, and services.

At the end of the Event, via a random number generator, each participant will receive random supplemental prizes. ICly, these will be considered spoils that the looters drop as they either make their escape or meet their demise.

Potential loot includes:
   A map with the location of a narwhal skull
   A map to an inland, unexplored bioluminescent cave.
   One crocodile skin
   One small pouch of precious gems
   One small pouch of precious shells and pearls
   One hellbird skull - a giant raptor
   An exotic array of feather plumes

More loot will be added if necessary.
Those who participate in more rounds will be subject to more goodies from the Triarchy.

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Rove had been smelling something all day. Vaguely Tortugan, yet not, as if it was fading. Unfamiliar and familiar all at once. It left her uneasy. Weaving through a thicket, heading for the borders once more, she'd picked up on it. The scent of three distinct wolves. Or, well. She thought there were three. Rove had decided to follow the trail, careful and quiet. Only upon finding them would she cry intruder and lash out in all her unbridled glee, her body quivering beneath her fur at the idea.

Find them she did, hissing and spatting amongst themselves, satchels full of treasures. She stayed quiet, using her dark fur to mask her presence, dipping under the brush. It seemed she'd been a little too loud however, as the smallest one--female, clutching Tortuga's pearls like she owned them-- was alerted. The largest soon joined her, the two of them all muscles and flight, while the middle one muttered and paced like a lunatic. Rove had to make a quick decision, if she leapt at one of the two ready to go, there would certainly be a fight. She could use her massive size to pin the smallest and call for her pack, or she could take down the one who wasn't paying attention.

She made up her mind quickly, leaping from the brush at the muttering one, cackling madly.


With her momentum, she attempted to shove him over and pin him under her paws, if not her sheer weight, aiming to place a heavy paw over his snout and keep him muzzled. If she missed, she would snap at him, aiming for the scruff of his neck to yank him back, hard. Another attempt would be made then, to bowl him over once more and send him reeling hard into one of the trunks. Teeth would catch and snag upon his throat and she would hold him there.

Oh, no, he wasn't going anywhere.

No matter the outcome, she would stand, teeth bared in a wild grin at the pair. Memorizing their coats, their faces. Oh, she would have fun hunting them down.

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She may have joined this ragtag group of pirates as they found themselves migrating to new lands, but she still felt ever the stranger.

This island and its inhabitants were supposed to be the key for the princess's revival, to find herself out in world and shape who she was meant to be, regardless of those who held her back. She was independent now, truly, forging her own identity in a world entirely unknown to her. As much as she tried to deny it, though, she still felt the need to be praised, to be acknowledged as someone better than those around her. It seemed the only solution at this point was to give these scoundrels something to admire about her, to prove to their filthy asses that Nyx was here and ready for their worship.

Idle wanderings on the southern island left her within perfect range to hear the call to arms, her ears perking up to catch the direction from which it came. Looters.

Limbs flashed into action as the Sailor sprung into the dense leaves and vegetation, exiting the other side to see one of the Watchmen flying towards someone she had not seen, nor did they smell particularly of this pack. As the brown and orange Tortugan aimed for the one male who was standing around like a dumbass, Nyx scoffed and hurried past the two, knowing the true threat lay with those who could flee. Her bold red sights were settled on the larger, brindled male, chasing after him with a stern and fervent determination. No savage growls came from her throat, just the silent, threatening pursuit of cold justice on a filthy criminal.

It didn't take long for the bastard to notice his tail, and as he tried to dip this way or lunge that way, Nyx followed hot on his heels, refusing to be thrown off by so petty a fool. Paws pounded beneath her as the Sailor went in for a quick, vicious lunge to Titan's left side, hoping her sudden move might shake and startle him so that her follow-up - a charge directly into his side - would successfully bowl him over. If able she'd tackle and pin, swiping quick nips and bites at his limbs to encourage his sloppy demise.

If she failed? Well, that wasn't really an option. But the night princess did not succumb to defeat, and would let loose a flurry of snapping fangs in the direction of the bastard. Today would be the day these Tortugans would remember as the first of Nyx's endless victories. They would remember her.

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