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actions - “speech” - thoughts

It had been a blow to those who had not seen it coming. He did though. Hakan had seen the wear accumulate on her shoulders. Weighing her down to impossible lows. The old healer was silent when the announcement came, his bi-colored eyes had watched the former queen with a soft understanding. Trying to will and gather his own energy to lift her up while she gave the speech, to shield her from the onslaught of confused and stricken voices. He could see again the child she had not had a chance to be.

Now they were on their way to the lands of her birth, her sister at the head, leading them, the next Queen. He was sure Alana had gotten her fair share of words and support and derision from the others. He though sidled up to her, hopefully a comforting presence with his warm smile on his muddy brown lips, and tried to place himself shoulder to shoulder with her, matching her pace as they travelled. Would she stay with the pack or go her own way? For a time he was silent as they walked, he was trying to shield her from the onslaught of the packs emotions over the change, as he was sure there would be questions, complaints, and downright anger from feeling abandoned by the leadership from some of them. Especially so soon after Puffin left.

Eventually he turned to her and tried to catch her green eyes. "Are you ok?" He asked softly, knowing full well she was most likely not.

ooc I'm assuming much of others reactions, but I tried to keep it fairly vague!

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